The quickest way to get rid of a person is to keep him idle all day.

/August 2022

"Why do people lose confidence in life?"

"it's because I'm too idle."

people are energetic, knowledgeable, and more down-to-earth, but as long as they are kept in bed, they are all the same.

it is a blessing to steal leisure from being busy, but it is hard to be discouraged if you are idle for too long.

if you are idle all day, a person will be useless.


idle, the bad thing

Drucker once said: "if you calculate your time, you will find that you spend most of your experience on meaningless things."

the things you want to do are unlimited, and time is always limited.

I am afraid that time has paid bitter tea and wishes have been given to quicksand.

for people who are idle all day, they already know that it is meaningless without counting the time.

blogger Urben talked about his painful experience of catching up with his paper in his TED speech:

he planned it perfectly, wrote it slowly at the beginning, gradually worked harder, and drew an arrangement chart.

90 pages of paper, divided into a year, looks easy.

but he didn't write in the first few months. He staggered away after browsing movies and watching gossip. He wanted to make progress and flew away in the middle of a few months, and his paper had only a few words.

from one month, two weeks to only three days left, he finally rushed into the study room.

stayed up for two nights in a row, and he hurried out in the last 72 hours and almost failed to hand it in.

recalling the mentor's facial expression and hip pulling results, he stood on the stage and shook his head and said, "Super invincible!"

forced to get black eyes, only get a "super bad", just like the epitome of every idle person's life.

obviously eager, obviously planned, the wish is close at hand, and then disillusioned.

said that life was so hard that it was all ruined by myself.

step by step, steady and steady, no matter how difficult it is, it can be done.

Don't wait for your ambition to run out, and then bemoan that things are fruitless.


idle, then worry about things

A lot of things no one forces you, let alone no deadline, idle has become a habit, there is no motivation to fight.

at the end of the day, when you are idle, you will think that you are working hard.

there is a post on the Internet: "what if I have just worked for two months and want to quit?"

the landlord stayed at home for a whole year last year, fooling around every day, sitting on the sofa, eating snacks, how to live comfortably.

in February this year, his relatives and friends gossiped so much that he finally went to look for a job.

because he hadn't experienced this kind of suffering for too long, he thought of going to work, his head was about to explode, he was drowsy, and he felt uncomfortable all over.

I usually stay by myself. When I see my colleagues and clients, I want to hide back and don't want to talk to them.

he hates the content of his job even more. Whenever he comes to a new job, he feels flustered, just like a stone, and he doesn't do a good job either.

in the face of his complaints, someone pertinently suggested:

"if you are too lazy to get up, too lazy to get up from nine to five, and you can only have fun two days a week, don't resign."

Bad habits are really easier to form than good ones. Leisure and laziness are a cycle.

the more you don't go out, the less you want to move your legs, the less you read, the less you want to turn your brain, and you don't have the courage to look out.

We all want to be indulgent for a while and indulge for the rest of our lives, but this is not the case. Many things are not whether you want to face them or not, but you have to face them.

as the respondent said, "We must learn to live by ourselves."

if you are afraid of things, you will always avoid things. The more you avoid things, the more afraid you will be.

before you get into trouble, you think of escape, and you admit it before you need to fight.

if you are idle, you will waste your whole life.


if you are idle, you will be too lazy to do anything, and those who are too idle to act will always make time for anxiety.

when I talk to a friend, I always feel that others will misunderstand me and can't sleep all night.

when you unintentionally brush through the news, you always feel that the other person is in the meaning of yourself.

sweetheart lace dress wedding are everlasting subject of fashion which show off your exquisite femininity. Your dream garment is just a mouse click away.

what you should do, you don't want to do, and you have nothing to do, so many people can't cope with anything, but it doesn't stop you from asking for trouble.

when writer Li Xiaoyi was a trainee reporter, she met an idle old lady.

when I picked up the phone, I heard her say, "I have a son. I don't have a date in his thirties. I want you to give him a blind date."

"my son is in good condition. He has several houses."

Li Xiaoyi explained patiently at first that the hotline here is for news, regardless of blind dates.

the old lady ignored the gossip and made no mention of news clues.

after 20 minutes, Li Xiaoyi finally couldn't help saying, "We really don't have this service here, and I'm very busy at work now. If I have nothing to do, I'll hang up first."

the tone was decent, but it touched the old lady's fragile nerves.

soon she was complained, and the old man rushed to the newspaper and scolded her.

what puzzled her even more was that the director, knowing that she was aggrieved, coaxed the old man from beginning to end and promised to give away the newspaper.

when the old lady left, the director's words enlightened her: "those who want to do things must not provoke those who are too idle. They must be sent away quickly."

as the Sheepskin Scroll says:

in the eyes of idle people, there are the most people who are against themselves.It is busy and messy, and when broken things become serious things and small things become big things, they are all things in their eyes.

when I get busy, I calm down, and even other people don't take it seriously.

it's up to you to choose what you want.


busy, cure all

all boredom, all hypocrisy, busy, all gone.

people who work hard in a down-to-earth manner are all annoyed and do not feel bitter when they are suffering.

Radio anchor Cheng Yi used to work as a wedding host in Henan.

he was not reconciled to having to shout at the top of his voice all his life, "Love tree, leading a thread, symbolizing romantic good marriage." he decided to go to Beijing to look for a job.

when I first applied for the job, a lot of resumes were rejected, picking out his education, saying that he had poor taste.

but he had no time to worry, so he set up his own radio station early. No matter what the response, he taped and broadcast on time every day, accompanying every stranger.

when the momentum improved, he kept recruiting, advised the venue, and moved the studio to a large office building.

although I do not show my face, Cheng Yi still insists on keeping fit and losing weight, losing 40 jin.

those who said he could not develop shut up one after another, rejected his resume, and even came to his company to apply for a job.

Daily tiredness will inevitably be dealt with, every minute will be enriched, and your memory will only be wonderful.

seeing that all the efforts have blossomed and borne fruit, and the sweat that has flowed has meaning, the heart is really comfortable.

if you stick to it for a long time, you won't feel boring when you get old.

Qi Baishi is over 90 and still insists on drawing five pictures a day. No one will persuade him to rest.

only for his birthday, there were a lot of friends and guests at home, and he didn't stop from morning till night. He didn't have enough energy at night, so he lay down and went to bed.

and the next day he got up and went to paint without having time to eat.

after drawing five pictures, he continued to spread out the Xuan paper and splashed ink. His family was afraid that he was exhausted: "haven't you drawn enough of five pictures?"

he said: "yesterday's birthday, there were many guests, no painting, today to chase a few pictures to make up for yesterday's' leisure'."

at this level, he is no longer looking for a name, and at this age, he is even less profitable.

every day, use your brains, paint, pull the erhu, practice calligraphy, Qi Baishi less thinking, more childlike innocence, but much more peaceful and comfortable.

getting busy is an unrestricted talent.

when you get busy, you will have a positive attitude and be stable and optimistic.

in the midst of busyness, hard work, idle sorrow and sorrow are all cured.


in Cai Gentan, it is said: "if life is too idle, don't try to steal it."

Internet jokes say: "people will waste if they are too idle, and money will inflate if they are too idle."

I just want to say: "in this life, you must find something to do."

idle, idle all day, really does not look like the surface of freedom.

it will make you break your plan with your own hands and start to flinch until there is nothing left in life.

after half your life, you will understand that only busyness can cure all things in the world.