The price of anger

/August 2022

when I was a child, I often saw a hanging picture with the formula "Don't be angry" written on it.

Life is not as good as expected, and it is inevitable that something bad will happen in life.

anger is a common emotion, but anger is not an act of being kind to yourself.

all the bad moods, you are the last one to pay the bill.


anger can make people ugly

"murmur" says:

someone taunts you bitterly, you immediately respond acerbic to him;

someone looks down on you for no reason, you immediately despise him;

someone is indifferent to you, you are cold and distant to him right away.

being angry, it's so easy to make you look like you used to hate it.

mood, although not the whole of life, determines what kind of people we become.

not only internally, but also externally.

Hu Shi once said, "the most abominable thing in the world is an angry face."

No matter how good-looking it is, it will be exhausted by bad mood.

someone on the Internet asked: "how much does frequent anger affect a person's appearance?"

A netizen showed up to tell her story, saying that she would cry angrily almost every day throughout 2018.

things may be trivial in the eyes of others, but she just can't help it.

over the past year, she felt that she had changed a lot. Her skin was dark, the dark circles under her eyes became heavy, her nose became bigger, her legal lines deepened, she looked a little fierce, and she began to lose her hair.

she laughed at herself mercilessly that she had become ugly.

"when a person's heart is dark, how can his face be bright?"

Studies have shown that smiling requires 14 muscles on the face and frowning on 72.

this is about the reason why you have been smiling for less than ten years and your head is white with sorrow.

as the old saying goes, the face of an adult is adjusted by every emotional ups and downs.

people who are often angry look bad-tempered, and people who smile often feel comfortable at first sight.

people with a good mindset are more likely to live the way they like, regardless of appearance or state.


anger is a chronic suicide.

there is an idiom called "I am so angry".

this is a sentence that many people often say.

in fact, this is really not alarmist talk.

there is a medical theory of respiratory alkalosis.

normal people breathe about 15 times in a minute, but when people are angry, they can breathe more than 30 times.

due to rapid breathing, a large amount of carbon dioxide is exhaled out of the body, causing respiratory alkalosis, which can slightly cause headache, dizziness, irritability, giddiness, lip numbness and other symptoms, and may seriously cause systemic tremors, convulsions and even cardiac arrest.

I originally thought that anger was just an emotion, but I didn't expect it to become serious and could be fatal.

according to the statistics of the World Health Organization, there are more than 200 emotion-related diseases.

traditional Chinese medicine also said: "all diseases come from qi."

Bad mood is invisible, but its influence is huge.

just like the famous one: the Mustang ending.

bats that feed on the blood of animals often sting on the Mustang. No matter how grumpy the Mustang beats, the bat is entangled on it, and eventually the Mustang is tortured to death.

zoologists have found that the blood-sucking capacity of bats is not enough to kill Mustangs. The Mustang died of his own anger.

as the saying goes, "when the enemy starts a fire, you burn yourself to death."

for a person's health, the best care product is peace of mind.

the health of a person who eats delicacies but sulks every day may not be good.

on the contrary, people who live a light meal but laugh a lot tend to be in good health.

relax your emotions, take care of your heart, and keep yourself from being in negative emotions, is the greatest kindness to yourself.


not angry is the best amulet

Confucius said: "Don't get angry, don't make mistakes."

anger is the worst deal.

being angry with relatives will hurt feelings;

getting angry with evil people will lead to disaster;

being angry with outsiders is even more meaningless.

decades of life, in a flash, the life is the mood, the life is the state of mind.

I have read such a short story:

there is a young monk who is ready to go out to make love.

as soon as he went out, he was knocked to the ground by an aggressive man.

the little monk's knee was bleeding and his palm was skinned.

the big man thought the little monk would be angry enough to cry, but instead of being angry, he calmly comforted the big man: "I should have walked more carefully."

the big man felt guilty and said, "it's my fault first. Why aren't you angry?"

the little monk smiled and said, "because Master told me that it is useless to be angry, and my pain will not be reduced by half. If I argue with you because of this, I will form a bad relationship."

the angry man was going to seek revenge on a man, but when he heard the words of the little monk, he immediately calmed down.

Yes! Acting in anger can easily be a bad relationship.

if he goes, he may teach others a lesson, but he may also bring himself prison at the same time.The disaster.

as a saying goes, "every time you get angry, apart from hurting others, you hurt yourself the most."

A lot of things are caused by anger on the spur of the moment, and if you allow your emotions to expand, you are likely to regret it.

the hurtful words you say when you are angry can be an invisible thorn even if you make up.

when you overreact on impulse, if you calm down, you will often regret it.

Don't be angry, it's the best amulet. When you have a good state of mind, your happiness will follow.


the rest of life is very expensive, less angry, live well

Gumi said in "several degrees in the World":

Life is a passer-by, ups and downs are a taste, do not lose a smile, do not lose the mood.

"when the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets in the west mountain, there is a day of sorrow and a day of joy."

whether the road is easy or not, we may not be able to decide by ourselves, but it is up to us to decide how to go.

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there are no thousands of knots in the heart, there is spring everywhere.

years are ruthless, and the rest of our lives are very expensive. May we all relax our hearts a little bit later, enlarge our spirit a little bit, be more happy and less angry, that is to say, we are free and free in the world.