The most comfortable relationship will always be these three sentences.

/June 2022

I saw a question the other day: what is the most comfortable relationship between people?

someone replied that there is a degree of closeness, never tired of looking at each other, and never tired for a long time.

this is true when you think about it.

A comfortable relationship is bound to make two people open their hearts and get along freely.

in front of him, you don't have to beat around the bush, you don't have to be duplicitous, and you don't have to do what he likes.

as Gu Cheng said in the poem:

so, how can we have such a relationship?

in Uncle Fan's view, a comfortable relationship is often hidden in these three sentences.

A comfortable relationship lies in not caring about

. I don't know if you feel this way or not. There is always a group of people around you, always fighting over big and small things.

when you asked him a question, he asked: why do you ask me such a simple thing?

when you asked her to go shopping, she said to you, "what are you shopping for? is your job not saturated?"

when you recommend new cosmetics to your colleagues, she comes up and crushes you with a first-line brand.

haggle over little things and chatter endlessly.

to get along with such a person, you have to wear a mask and be patient.

get along for a while, physically and mentally exhausted.

the other party uses all his strength, as if to tell you: you can't, you are not as good as me.

there is more to it.

A few days ago, my friend Xiaoya told me a story.

said he broke up with a friend who had been dating for more than ten years.

the reason is simple: this friend likes to haggle over everything.

having dinner together, we agreed to have AA. As a result, she didn't eat much because she had a bad appetite, so she simply transferred 1/3 of the money to Xiaoya.

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when we go shopping together, we always encourage others to buy things, don't spend a penny, and take a few items with us when we leave.

not to mention hanging out, Xiaoya said that the coat she wore a year ago has not yet been returned to herself.

whenever money-related matters are involved, this friend will always try his best to give less.

over the years, Xiaoya has seen her true face and decided not to associate with such people.

because Xiaoya knows that she is the one who loses money in the end with such a haggling person.

with penny-pinching people, life will have its ups and downs.

the most important thing in a comfortable relationship is not to please

there is another kind of people in the world who always make themselves very tired.

in the recent hit TV series Dear self, there is a stay-at-home mother named Zhang Zhizhi. She is such a person.

after marriage, all her life revolves around her husband and children.

she tries to please them, buy them the best clothes, cook the best meals, and keep the house in good order.

regardless of the fact that my bag is old, I haven't changed my clothes for years.

but even so, I can't get a little thoughtfulness from my husband Liu Yang.

Liu Yang will dislike her job, saying that even a pupil can do it.

she will deny her efforts and feel that she earns all the money in her family on her own.

Zhang Zhizhi will also be criticized for trivial things, as if she were just an accessory.

even after Zhang Zhizhi found out that he was having an affair, she was not defending his wife, but maintaining the other woman.

gave Zhang Zhizhi a slap in the face in front of everyone.

this slap shattered all Zhang Zhizhi's self-esteem and pride.

also made her completely disappointed in the family.

I can't stand it any longer. In the end, Zhang Zhizhi chose to divorce in each other's indifference again and again.

A relationship in which outsiders seem to have a great relationship just broke up.

people say that husband and wife are the people who are not related by blood but have been together for the longest time in the world.

but the relationship between husband and wife will not last long if they only rely on their own grievances to please others.

Su Cen said a very reasonable sentence:

A really good love is effortless. There is no need to please, two people are comfortable to let nature take its course.

if a relationship, a person, you have to spend a lot of energy to please, this is not destined to accompany you to the final fate.

speaking of this, I think of Zhou Youguang and Zhang Yunhe.

at first, a fortune-teller asserted that they would not last ten years.

unexpectedly, they have been holding hands for 70 years and have been rated as "one of the hundred loving couples of the century".

Zhou Youguang once described their daily life, saying that they drink tea at ten o'clock in the morning and coffee at three or four o'clock in the afternoon.

each time you raise a glass, you should touch the cup gently, accompanied by a small ceremony: lift-lift-toast-receive.

although life is dull, it is these small details of ordinary life that give birth to flowers and nourish the love between two people.

at the end of the song, the white heads do not part with each other.

the best ending of a marriage is not how appropriate it is for two people to be together, but how comfortable they are to get along.

A comfortable relationship lies in sincerity.

has always liked Zhuangzi's sentence:

means that the communication between gentlemen comes from the understanding of mutual leniency. In this understanding, each other is not demanding, not forced, not jealous, not clingy.

this is the relationship between Gao Xiaosong and Pu Shu.

remember there was a time when Gao Xiaosong led a tight life. Let's go.When there was no way out, he sent a text message to ask Park Shu to borrow money.

Pu Shu didn't say a word, but replied with two words: account number.

later, when Pu Shu was short of money, he didn't even think about it, so he sent a message to Gao Xiaosong directly. The full text is still in two words: return the money.

Gao Xiaosong returned the money immediately after receiving the message.

you don't go to curry favor just because the other person is famous.

you will not lose face because you are down and out.

the relationship between them doesn't even need to be maintained, but I'm always there when you need it.

such a relationship is sincere, comfortable and reassuring.

as I get older, I feel more and more that the greatest blessing in life is to do comfortable things with comfortable people.

once saw a figure saying that we would meet about 29.2 million people in our lifetime.

the probability of two people meeting is only 0.00478%, and the probability of acquaintance is only 0.0000005%.

and from meeting, knowing each other to loving each other, the probability is infinitely close to 0%.

isn't it incredible!

what does it mean?

shows that everyone who can come to our lives deserves our attention.

but at the same time, everyone's life is no more than 20,000 days.

therefore, it is not necessary to invite too many people into our lives. If they do not come into our hearts, they will only disturb our lives and make them crowded.

when there are not many friends, it lies in sincerity; when the family is not rich, it lies in harmony; lovers do not need sweet words, it is good to understand you.

the rest of your life is expensive, so you don't have to waste time on ineffective socializing.

the rest of my life is long. Remember to be with people who are comfortable with you.