The most advanced display of wealth for the rest of life is to develop these three habits.

/August 2022

once read such a sentence, I quite agree:

"the way you live in the first half of your life determines the way you open it for the rest of your life."

all one's life, one can not avoid the pain of running for a living, but also the joys and sorrows of the changing years.

in the first half of my life, I always thought that happiness meant making money, having company and something to do.

only after going through personnel changes did I have an epiphany. It turns out that these three points are the best gifts for the rest of my life.


No illness, no disaster.

Tsai Kangyong once said, "be nice to yourself, that's the person who will be with you for the longest time."

I still remember that before, a picture of Jet Li in Tibet made everyone feel deeply.

in the picture, he is gray-haired, bent and thin, and he has completely lost the high-spirited appearance of the past.

it turns out that this kung fu star, who was once popular all over the world, has been tortured by hyperthyroidism for more than a decade.

not only that, because of years of overwork, Jet Li's spine has been seriously damaged and has received a "national third-class disability certificate."

Jet Li said helplessly: "I am not Huo Yuanjia, Huang Feihong, or a hero. I am a real ordinary person."

Yes, in the face of illness, no matter how powerful and capable you are, you have to bow your head.

when we were young, we always traded our bodies for temporary pleasures and thought it was okay to stay up late a few times and eat big fish and meat a few times.

little do you know that health is what you fight for in the end.

at the same age, some people can travel freely, while others are stuck in wheelchairs all their lives.

some people wake up from the warm bed every day, while others can only moan in the hospital bed.

some people can spend three meals and four seasons with their families, while others have to face the medical staff who are giving medicine.

what kind of life would you choose to live?

you should know that nourishing body and mind is not only responsible for your own life, but also give your family peace of mind.

in the second half of life, instead of stepping into the ward late at night, it is better to get up early and touch the morning light;

instead of wandering around the wine table, it is better to measure the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas with footsteps;

instead of eating heavy oil and sugar, it is better to have porridge with your family.

the greatest blessing is to go to bed early and get up early, do more exercise, and be disease-free and disaster-free for the rest of your life.


Don't hate or fight.

Mo Yan once said:

nine times out of ten life is not satisfactory, and we cannot always torture ourselves with the knots and regrets of the past.

those who are happy and at ease know that

troubles occur every day, and if you don't pick them up, you won't have them. Living too tired is just because I think too much and can't let go.

once read such a story:

in three days, the young monk saw the grass in the yard withered and yellow. He said to the master anxiously, "sprinkle some grass seeds quickly!"

the master smiled calmly: "whenever it gets cold."

soon the Mid-Autumn Festival arrived, and Master gave the grass seeds bought to the young monk to sow.

who knows the autumn wind is strong, a lot of grass seeds have been blown away.

seeing the anxious appearance of the young monk, the master waved: "it doesn't matter, most of the grass seeds that can be blown away are hollow and won't sprout."

in the middle of the night, the rain poured down. The little monk hurriedly ran to the master and said, "this is terrible. All the grass seeds must have been washed away."

the master just meditated quietly and said two words: "along with fate."

in the twinkling of an eye, months passed and the originally bare grass was covered with green grass.

after seeing this, the apprentice happily told the master that the master nodded slightly and said, "be happy."

Uncle Fan sighs for a long time every time he recalls the magnanimity of this master.

Yes, whether the situation in life is bright or dark, the important thing is not to compete for temporary ups and downs, but to let go of obsession and let nature take its course.

there is no need to cling to the resentment of the past; God has his own plans for the future; only the present is worth your attention.

as Li Bai wrote in the poem: "abandoning what I have passed away, yesterday is irrevocable."

in the days to come, the feelings that do not respond will be far away as soon as possible, the irreparable past will be let go as soon as possible, and the thoughts that disturb the mind will end as soon as possible.

the mind is anxious and helpless; only if you don't hate or fight can you be at ease.


there are many grudges and few grudges.

someone once asked, "what is the most valuable harvest for a person to come to the world?"

the most popular answer is: "throughout the world, only kindness and love can not be disappointed."

as you get older, you will understand more and more that one's good fortune for the rest of one's life lies in what one says and does now.

have a kind and sincere heart, able to cross others, and better able to cross themselves.

the Wenchuan earthquake destroyed the warm homes of countless people and completely changed the fate of a girl named Qin Ling.

when the earthquake struck, Qin Ling had just finished the college entrance examination.

however, her father is disabled, her mother is sick all the year round, and there are two young sisters in the family. In desperation, Qin Ling had to carry the livelihood of the family on her own.

fortunately, the kind-hearted Tan Zhenghua heard what had happened to her and decided to help her.

in addition to instructing Qin Ling to fill in the volunteer, Tan Zhenghua raised 7000 yuan in tuition fees for her in her first year of school.

in the following college years, Tan Zhenghua will be qualified.Send the living expenses at the same time. Qin Ling not only had enough to eat and wear, but also found the job she wanted after graduation.

but who knows, Tan Zhenghua was suddenly diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and needed immediate surgery.

however, the hospital where Tan Zhenghua is located is too small, and his wife is on a business trip and is about to face life danger.

when Qin Ling heard the news, she immediately took Tan Zhenghua to the big hospital where she worked and was busy in front of the hospital bed.

and Tan Zhenghua also saved his life because of timely rescue.

those who show kindness to others will be rewarded by the years.

as the writer Leng Ying said:

all relationships in the world have cause and effect, and to be kind to others is to accumulate blessings for yourself.

I hope that after many years, you and I can smile and say, "it's nice to be a person with more kindness and less resentment."


I like what Bai Yansong said: "learn to return to zero, so that the bad does not affect the future, and the good does not confuse the present."

the most important thing in a person's life is to wake up. People who are really knowledgeable know very well that they should not waste their mood on bad people and things, let alone lose their expectations for the future because of a bad moment.

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in the years to come, I hope you can take good care of your body, cultivate a good heart and do good deeds.

treat the world with optimism and treat everyone around you with the light of goodness.