The more diligent a man is, the happier the family is!

/August 2022

Hemingway said: "everyone is born to engage in a certain cause and has his own obligations in life."

A successful man should not only make a difference in his career, but also prop up his family.

stupid men choose to be lazy at home, using home as a safe haven or even an emotional trash can.

on the contrary, smart men are diligent in running families.

because they know very well that family happiness is the ultimate goal of their efforts.


Men work hard and their families are happier

I have seen a video:

Men are under a lot of pressure to work outside and complain to their wives when they come home every day. "the wife doesn't have to work, so she takes care of the children and does housework every day, which is very easy."

the wife was so angry that she recorded her daily life at home:

she got up earlier and went to bed later than her husband, had endless meals, endless housework, and took care of the elderly and children.

in the wife's lens, there is no moment of quiet time.

in life, many women not only have to bear all the chores in the family, but also have to go out to work and play a leading role in the family economy.

over time, numerous grievances will accumulate and become more and more ferocious.

"intimacy" says: "when a wife does all or most of the housework, her marital happiness is negative, and vice versa."

widowed marriage, babysitting wife, is an important reason why marriage becomes the tomb of love.

A man works hard and takes the initiative to do housework, so his wife will not complain.

she will see all your goodness in her eyes, keep it in mind, thank you for your efforts, and return more warmth and love.

as a result, the marriage is happier and the family is happier.


Men work hard, and their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are more harmonious

most men are loved by two women all their lives:

one is the mother who gave birth to you and raised you;

the other is a white-headed partner.

they were strangers, but they became mother-in-law and daughter-in-law because of a man.

in life, some men think that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is between two women and has nothing to do with them.

so in the face of an argument between two women, they sometimes casually advise "stop fighting", and sometimes go out directly and choose to escape.

even use a self-righteous way to find out each other's faults, resulting in adding fuel to the fire.

there are other men who choose to take sides unconditionally, causing the other to have an emotional breakdown.

as a result, the gap between the two women is getting bigger and bigger.

those men with high EQ will put the emotions of the two women well.

persuade them to make peace when they quarrel, stand from their point of view, and understand what they think.

for the purpose of "family and everything is prosperous", we do not blame when things go wrong, but to guide both sides to be tolerant and considerate.

when mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are in harmony, smart men will manage their relationship attentively, giving gifts or caring to each other in their name.

for a long time, the estrangement between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dissipated and the relationship warmed up.

the man in it is the biggest winner.


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Men accompany frequently and educate more successfully

about "fatherly love is like a mountain", I have heard this interpretation: father is like a mountain, motionless there.

many families rely on their mothers for their children's education.

and the absence of the father will lead to the unsound thinking of the child.

Children who lack male education are mostly inferiority complex and sensitive, because their mothers only teach him delicacy and tenderness.

most men are more bold, tough, bold and generous than women, and their children can be more complete through words and deeds.

Yin and Yang complement each other before it can be balanced.

as the saying goes, "if you don't teach, it's your father's fault."

when the children are over and grow up before they go to education, all that is left is rebellion.

in life, many men miss the crucial years of educating their children for the sake of wealth.

when I look back, I find that educating my children well is more fulfilling than accomplishing great things.

excellent children are never born in the air, but are jointly cultivated by their parents.

to be a parent, rather than envy other people's children, it is better to let yourself become other people's parents first.

everything from their own to find the reason, the imperceptible influence on the child, will have positive significance.