The choice of different ages! (epiphany)

/July 2022

A long life,

is the face that grows old, and

is the age that grows.

different faces, different temperament,

different ages, different understandings.

in our lifetime,

has no everlasting youth,

has no long life.

No matter what age you are,

you should know how to choose.

so as not to waste time,

make yourself regret for the rest of your life.


20 years old, not compared, be yourself

20-year-old you,

is no longer ignorant, it is a sensible age.

stop comparing yourself with others.

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work hard if you have the ability, and

fight for it if you have the ability.

keep passionate, fighting spirit is high,

do not bow, do not admit defeat, do not give up,  adhere to the end, there will be gains,

study hard and practice hard, you will achieve something.


30 years old, hold our temper

30 years old,

if you have enough patience with the people and things around you,

won't fight for everything and haggle over everything.

won't get angry and get angry easily.

get along with others calmly,

treat things magnanimously.


40 years old, no, optimistic life

40 years old, is already middle-aged,

stop being distracted by success or failure.

for loss, choose to be bearish,

for failure, let go early,

for gain, don't forget,

for success, keep a low profile.

No matter good or bad, good or bad,

, don't think about it.

always treat it with optimism.


50 years old, do not ask, everything goes with fate

people to 50, approaching old age,

do not insist on things that do not belong to you,

do not entangle feelings that do not belong to you.

cherish what you have,

forget all the losses.

be nice to the people around you.

Love yourself and your family.

Love all the people who treat you well.

Don't ask for anything else.


60 years old, don't panic, smile at life

60 years old,

don't always think about money and status,

don't calculate gains and losses, let alone interfere in the lives of your children and grandchildren.

spend more time on yourself,

read more books, cultivate self-cultivation,

exercise regularly to strengthen the body.

keeping healthy and happy,

living a leisurely life is the most important thing to do.


70 years old, do not worry, contentment

70 years old,

I have experienced great winds and waves,

I have felt great sorrow and joy.

got, also have,

lost, also forgot. At this age, don't sigh.

be kind to your wife,

learn to cherish it, so you won't be lonely.

live the rest of the day,

learn to be contented and be happy.