The cheapest longevity medicine in the world, just one word!

/August 2022

nothing in the world is more precious than human life.

since ancient times, from the beloved son of Heaven to a man in white, everyone is longing for a long life and hoping to spend more time in this wonderful world.

however, with all the money and effort, it is still rare to find a recipe for longevity.

that's because the best health care is free, the best medicine is habit, and the best doctor is yourself.

and the cheapest longevity medicine in the world is actually busy.


when you are idle, one person will get rid of

. Many people say that "being idle is the happiest".

but in fact, leisure is not a person's blessing, on the contrary, abolish a person and let him be idle.

once people are idle, they will lust for pleasure, be content with the status quo, and slowly create something out of nothing. They will be wishful thinking all day long, but will not be at peace.

therefore, you must not be too idle, because the leisure you steal now is the bitterness of your future life.

A few days ago, I watched a video of a foreign interview with an otaku.

he said, "I don't have a job or money now. I live with my father." What I like most every day is eating and playing games. "

in fact, at the beginning, he lived the same life as a normal person.

but then he resigned for a simple reason: it's annoying to go to work and don't want to go to work.

so he began to recuperate at his mother's house. Later, having nothing to do, he was driven out of the house by his mother and accepted by his father.

slowly, he opened it. He didn't even wear clothes and didn't go out of the house every day. Apart from playing games in bed, he was looking for something to eat in the refrigerator.

the chief culprit for all this is two words: idle.

"idle people worry more, lazy people get sick, and busy people are happy."

in modern society, everyone expects some free time to live their own life.

such an idea is true, but you always have to pay for your freedom, and freedom without income is unreliable.

this is why those who want to use their free time to fulfill themselves end up being useless.

so, the terrible thing in this world is not leisure, but that you regard your freedom as indulgent capital.


busy is the secret of longevity

busy, which can cure everything.

at first glance, it sounds like exaggerating the advantages of busyness, but when you think about it, this is really the case.

all diseases of people are caused by "qi", that is, from emotion.

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and emotions are all "idle". People are really busy, there are not too many complex emotions at all, and only when they are too idle will they take trifles seriously.

so, if you want to live a long and healthy life, being busy is the best medicine.

Mr. Fang Cheng, a leading news cartoon in China, is also a centenarian.

at the age of 80, Mr. Fang Cheng, with no stoop on his back and no bow at the waist, walks like a bird, swims for thousands of meters, and cycling for dozens of miles is a piece of cake.

at the age of 90, Mr. Fang Cheng can still ride a bike and walk more cleanly than some people in their seventies and eighties.

the 100-year-old Fang is still physically strong and even insists on writing.

and his health depends on one word: busy.

"always have something to do and have no time to think about (unhappy things)." If you are not busy, life will be in trouble.

when you understand the meaning of life, you don't want to be idle any more.

not long ago, I saw this question on Zhihu: what is the one thing you regret most so far?

the answer with the highest praise goes like this: "unwilling to bear hardships in youth leads to nothing in old age, but to eat dirt with tears."

Yes, if you look back on the past in your old age and find that your life is poor and monotonous, has no dream, no desire, and has not worked hard, you will feel empty and boring.

but if you can live a full life every day and always see a progressive self tomorrow, then the value of your life is not just "living".

it is also a day to be idle, and it is also a day to be busy and full, so why not work hard and enjoy it when you turn your head white.


the best life: work and rest

busy and idle are both great knowledge.

many people will take the "busy" or "free" aspect to the extreme in their lives.

but in fact, stealing leisure from busy time is not only the best adjustment in life, but also the great wisdom of life.

Zhou Zuoren once made a summary: "in life, there must be both busy and leisure." The purpose of seizing the hour is to be idle to watch the flowers at sunset. "

therefore, life does not have to work too hard, busy and valuable, idle and interesting, is the best state of life.

Ouyang Xiu, the patriarch of the literary world in the Song Dynasty, was most interested in being half busy and half idle.

when he is busy, he is diligent in government affairs in exchange for wealth and peace; in his spare time, he is accompanied by poetic wine and landscapes to lead a clear life.

being punctual in Chuzhou, Ouyang Xiu finished his official business and loved to stroll around Langya Mountain.

sometimes on the rise, they feast the people in the mountains, drink soundly, and say drunkenly, "the meaning of drunkenness is not in the wine, but also in the landscape."

busy or idle is good, the important thing is to grasp the "degree".

A person cannot be busy forever, nor can he be idle all the time.

if you are not anxious and irritable when you are busy, find an opportunity to sit down and drink tea and wine; don't indulge and indulge in your spare time, don't forgetSort out the status quo and think about the direction.

grasp the rhythm and relax, which is not only the need of life, but also the attitude of life.

therefore, the meaning of life is not between "busy" and "free", but in your attitude.

busy out of meaning, leisure out of love, let the years between busy and leisure, the realm of flowers and smiles, is the best value of life.


everyone in the world has to bear a lot of responsibilities, so most people, no matter what they achieve, suffer more than enjoy.

but there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "if life is too idle, don't try to steal it; if you are too busy, the truth will not appear."

too idle, easy to breed people's inertia, let people decadent, not enterprising, gradually lost themselves, to the reaction, it is too late.

being too busy makes people nervous, mental and physical fatigue can not be relieved, and eventually the body will be unable to bear it.

so try stealing leisure from your busy time, being busy with your heart when you are busy, and relaxing seriously when you are free, so you can get twice the result with half the effort.

May your life be neither humble nor arrogant, be in no hurry, be busy with what the world is busy, be your own master where the world is idle.