The cheapest longevity medicine in the world, just one word!

/July 2022

an unabstemious life is a disaster.

when you meet the person you like, you give everything like a moth to the fire, and in the end, you hurt yourself;

when you eat the food you like, you will feast even if you are not hungry, resulting in gastrointestinal damage and out of shape;

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in order to play games, you often stay up all night, which eventually destroys your body and delays your life.

Washington once said, "if freedom flows in indulgence, the devil will invade."

there is a ruler in life, but it is not enough to go too far.

if you want to live a long and healthy life and good fortune for the rest of your life, you must abide by one word: "festival".


there are rules in eating and drinking

Mencius said: "eating color, sex is also."

everyone has an appetite, and eating is not only an instinct, but also a necessity for survival, which is understandable.

but there are always some people who are unrestrained and stuffed into their stomach first, regardless of whether they can eat or are healthy or not.

appetite is satisfied, but the result is accumulated food that hurts the spleen, digestive disorders, and brings unpredictable risks to the body.

there was such a news not long ago.

Lao Wang's biggest hobby is eating, especially meat and lack of exercise. Under the age of 60, his weight has reached 190 jin.

one day at dinner, Mr. Wang's family cooked a "hard dish": stewed soft-shelled turtle with beer. Lao Wang immediately ate heartily and enjoyed it very much.

who would have expected that the next day, he suddenly felt a severe pain in his right upper abdomen, which was difficult to relieve.

the family members sent him to the hospital urgently, and after detailed examination, he was diagnosed as acute pancreatitis and moderate to severe fatty liver. A little later, it may be life-threatening.

with adequate food and clothing, people's attitude towards food has already undergone earth-shaking changes. In the past, people only wanted to have enough to eat, but now they are mostly for enjoyment.

overeating, lampblack stuffing, eating Haisai. It has become the norm for people.

as Fu Shide said, "the common problem of modern people is that they are eager to have everything."

however, eating is something in the abdomen, which should be encouraged by eating and injuring the body.

overindulging our appetite will only increase the burden on the body and eventually get sick because of bad eating habits.

only when you learn to control your appetite can you keep your body healthy.

Modern scientific research has also proved that reducing food intake can reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, slow down the rate of cell oxidation, and help prolong life.

eating a moderate diet is the healthiest way of life.



the reason why people suffer in the world is mostly because there are too many desires.

if you are not satisfied, you will struggle with pain; if you fail to live up to expectations, you will feel resentful.

as the book of exhortation says:

but excessive desire will eventually harm you.

I think of Li Jun in the movie Animal World. Because of a company team building trip to Macao, he was addicted to gambling and kept indulging his desires, resulting in huge debts. In the days after

, he not only did not know how to restrain, but intensified, and also dragged his good friend Zheng Kaisi into the quagmire.

if desire is rampant, it becomes a cage, a yoke, and a black hand that drags people into the abyss.

only if you learn to abstain, you won't be led by it and lose control.

there is a good proverb:

people who really think of themselves know abstinence.

only by self-restraint and self-restraint can one dominate one's own life and reach a higher level.

desire is the highest wisdom in the world.



Modern people are in a state of high physical and mental consumption every day because of the great pressure of life and work, which is a great harm to the body.

therefore, negative emotions are the cause of many diseases in life.

every slight pain in our body is a signal for help in our hearts.

if you want to keep in good health, you must first learn psychological adjustment, try to achieve peace of mind, and avoid excessive emotional stimulation.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic emphasizes:\ "tranquil nothingness, obedience of true qi, internal defense of spirit, illness and peace of mind?"

emotional stability is the best way for a person to keep in good health.

as a sentence in the Capital of Life says:

when you are frustrated, learn to calm your mind so that you will not be disturbed by sorrow;

when you are happy, you should be happy, not too happy, avoid being too emotional, so as not to make your mood restless.

every time I feel emotional, I should learn to warn myself that my time and life are "not for anger".

to be the master of your emotions, you can grasp the rhythm of life.

emotional restraint is the most important way to maintain good health!

in order to live a long and healthy life, in addition to congenital genetic factors, daily lifestyle is also crucial.

knowing abstinence is the best way of life.

have a moderate diet and have a healthy body;

have a moderate desire and have a free life;

have a moderate mood and have a peaceful state of mind.

in this way, the natural life is happy, healthy and long.

the more abstemious a person is, the more advanced he is.