The bone-deep upbringing is hidden in these 30 details.

/August 2022

cultivation is not only a natural consideration for others when getting along with others, but also self-restraint and spiritual practice when you are alone.

the upbringing in one's bones is not an action that is deliberately maintained, but an act that is done without thinking.

its height depends on one's moral character and inner quality.

the charm of one's upbringing is reflected in the details of life.


when you move a chair in public, you will lift it instead of dragging it directly to avoid making a loud noise or shrill sound.

there is a kind of upbringing called

not disturbing your attention is my greatest tenderness.


after washing hands in public, don't throw water around and avoid throwing at others.

there is a kind of upbringing called

in public, be considerate of each other and preserve public morality.


when I was ready to enter the door, I saw a man in front of me deliberately pulling the doorknob waiting for me to come in, so I quickened my pace and caught the doorknob in time.

there is a kind of upbringing called

hurry up to catch the small kindness of others.


Open the WeChat group and see that someone has sent some key messages, so don't send useless messages at will, which will top up the important messages.

there is a kind of upbringing called

to avoid adding useless work to others.


even if something is inconvenient, you should take the initiative after turning down two invitations from friends.

there is a kind of upbringing called

you have already taken the initiative, this time I take the initiative.


ask someone for help. When you encounter Ta having dinner, find a suitable reason to leave and wait for the other person to come back after eating.

there is a kind of upbringing called

I'll come back when you finish eating.


someone asks for their own help. If they are busy at that time, if they can predict, tell the other person how long to wait; if not, tell the other person that they will come after they are busy.

there is a kind of upbringing called

so that the waiting person has something in mind.


after asking someone for help, if you don't need help, let them know in time.

there is a kind of upbringing called

does not let you do unnecessary thoughts.


someone calls to communicate. If you are eating, you should empty your mouth and put the food away.

there is an upbringing called

that doesn't make you feel disrespected.


when others are talking, even if they want to interrupt again, they should refrain from waiting for others to finish.

there is a kind of upbringing called

I'll talk about it when you finish.


A friend decides to marry someone he likes, even if her partner is not the best suitor. What we have to do is to bless, not to tell her to choose another one.

there is a kind of upbringing called

to judge the happiness of others without your own eyes.


if you talk to someone who is much shorter than you, bend slightly.

there is a kind of upbringing called

try to be "equal" in conversation.


friend A told himself the secret of Ta. If friend B asks, no matter how good the relationship with Ta is, he can't reveal it to B.

there is an upbringing called

Secrets are between two people. I won't tell anyone. I'll protect your sense of security.


when you want to send Wechat voice to someone, ask in advance: is it convenient for me to send voice? Send it again after you get a positive reply.

there is a kind of upbringing called

make sure Ta is convenient before switching contact information.


someone wants to add another friend's Wechat through me. I will ask my friend in advance if he or she would like to add it. After agreeing, I will recommend my friend's Wechat business card to this person.

there is a kind of upbringing:

ask you in advance whether you are willing or not.


if you borrow money from others and pay it off in time, you can also bring a small gift or settle the interest when you pay it back.

there is a kind of upbringing called

self-conscious, and take the initiative to express gratitude.


give due recognition and praise to the efforts of others. It is a simple sentence for us, but it is a great reward and encouragement to those who work hard.

there is an upbringing called

to give back the praise that others deserve.


people around you have done an embarrassing thing. Don't stare at Ta all the time, pretend nothing happened, or deliberately avoid it.

there is a kind of upbringing called

When in boat neck dress low back wedding your look is magnificent and glamorous. Enjoy the combination of simplicity and utility.

to take care of your situation and not to lose face.


do not say you are fat in front of those who are fuller than you are, and poor in front of those who do not earn more.

there is an upbringing called

not to sprinkle salt on other people's wounds.


when having dinner, after pouring water for yourself, put the pot where the other person can easily reach it, and point the handle toward the other person.

there is a kind of upbringing called

, the more convenient it is, the more convenient it is.


when chatting with people, there is a sudden silence around you, so you should consciously start a new topic.

there is an upbringing called

appropriately reduce the embarrassment of the speaker.


do not scan moments, which is also a public place on the Internet.

there is a kind of upbringing:

does not excessively occupy public resources.


to be a guest at someone else's house, don't go empty-handed, bring some small gifts with your heart.

there is a kind of upbringing called

sending goose feathers thousands of miles with light gift and heavy affection.


friends entertain themselves at home, and when they eat, they have to wait for the cooking friends to serve on the table before they begin to move the chopsticks.

there is a kind of upbringing called

when two people eat together, they have to move the chopsticks together.


go out for dinner with everyone. When you meet your favorite food, don't put too much into your bowl.

there is an upbringing called

other people may also like this dish.


have dinner with familiar friends. When Ta asks us what we would like to eat, we should be generous and not shy.

there is a kind of upbringing called

put happiness first when having a meal, so as not to spoil everyone's spirits.


when a staff member or other person asks for advice in public and has something to do with him, give the necessary responses and signals.

there is a kind of upbringing called

don't let you worry, don't let you be ignored for too long.


refuse to ask for help that you are reluctant or unable to do at the beginning.

there is a kind of upbringing:

do what you can. If you can't do it, I'll tell you honestly.


when you borrow someone else's car, remember to fill it up or wash the car in return.

there is a kind of upbringing called

in the face of affection, come and go.


ask someone something, and if you get a vague answer the first time, you won't ask a second time.

there is a kind of upbringing called:

when I am aware of your dilemma, I will stop immediately and stop demanding it.

the upbringing may not be vigorous, but it is considerate and warm enough.

educated people feel comfortable and have no pressure to get along with each other.

such people can see the difficulties of others and think of others.

if you have someone else in your heart, others will put us in your heart.

the philosopher Democlete said:

upbringing is our business card in dealing with the world.

it's like a spring breeze that moistens the people around you