The best way of life for the rest of life.

/August 2022

time flies, time is in a hurry, unwittingly, it has reached the half slope of life.

along the way, human feelings, joys and sorrows, have dissipated with time.

count the first half of my life, I have seen the blossoms, walked all the way through the mountains and rivers, and experienced great winds and waves.

looking back on that year, I tasted sweetness, suffered, climbed through troughs, and had scenery, but in the end I was still lost.

sometimes, you and I are like a drop in the ocean, going so far that we forget why we started.

maybe the days have not been satisfactory, but there is no turning back.

in the days to come, may you not waste your time, settle down, keep your feet on the ground, and live your own freehand brushwork and chic.


for the rest of my life, please learn to be silent

sometimes, be misunderstood and don't want to argue, so we choose to be silent.

in life, not all right and wrong can be explained clearly, and there may even be no real right and wrong at all.

then, if you don't want to talk, don't say it. People who need to explain too much are passers-by.

it is written in the old saying: "those who know me say I am worried, and those who do not know me say what I want."

instead of arguing endlessly, it is better to be silent and complacent.

learn to forgive yourself and others' mistakes and shake hands with this imperfect world.

not boasting, not impetuous to show off, life and doing things are more low-key. After all, the really good people just win in silence.

for the rest of my life, I just want to be a quiet winner, not to post too much on moments, but to live a happy and comfortable life.


for the rest of your life, please return to serenity

people do not like the noisy environment when they reach a certain age, and a calm state of mind is more conducive to health and longevity.

for the rest of my life, I don't care about those false names, and I'd rather spend my time and energy on things that make me happy.

for the rest of my life, I know how to keep calm and be indifferent to fame and wealth. I just want to put my soul in order to make my body healthier and my heart happier.


for the rest of your life, please learn to bend

to disagree with your children and cause language conflicts with your friends.

keep an open mind, let go, even if you bend over and apologize, what does it matter?

at this time, you can also go home and wipe the floor, pick up a rag, bend over, and wipe the floor in front of you.

while you work your body, you will find that it slowly calms your mind.

moreover, we also have a smooth floor, which is our second harvest.

learn to be kind and kind to strangers for the rest of your life. Bending over moderately is a great wisdom if foolish, and a kind of low-key good self-cultivation.


for the rest of my life, please don't think that if

life was a long road with an infinite number of intersections, you would never stop making choices.

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but there is no chance to start over in life. If you choose, don't regret it, let alone think about it all the time.

every choice that comes out of the library is not really good or bad.

as long as you regard life as your own unique creation, you won't look back again and again if you had made a different choice.

time gives us courage, but also let us finally understand that the wrong way is the way back, this unique creation of life, they are actually very good.


for the rest of your life, please continue to learn

, keep your passion for learning all the time, don't be abandoned by the times, and don't cause trouble to your children and others.

Reading and reading newspapers, calligraphy and painting, singing and dancing, fishing and playing cards are all one of the ways we continue to learn!

take an old song player with you, no matter at home, or go out for morning exercises, tai chi, etc., while listening to songs and doing other things.

when we do not accept the old, do not admit defeat, the years can only do nothing to us. The water is far away and the mountains are long, so it's too late to be afraid of it.


for the rest of my life, please keep it simple

the childishness of your youth is ignorant. Only after experiencing the four seasons of life, love and destruction, you still simply believe that brave desire is pure.

thinking too much can complicate life. Simplicity is actually a gift from God.

simply live in the present, simply feel the smell of food, simply experience the joy of sports, and simply chat with friends.

No matter how turbulent and changing the world is, he is still a pure, kind and clean teenager at the bottom of his heart.


for the rest of my life, please occasionally be "tacky"

once upon a time, for the sake of figure, I always ate light and never dared to eat meat. Only now do I understand that the most important thing is to fill my stomach, please my heart and keep healthy.

do you occasionally want to eat some big fish and meat when you eat fruits and vegetables and healthy food every day? Then eat as much as you like!

healthy food is good for your health, but you might as well be tacky once in a while.

Life does not need to be tied up so tightly, occasional indulgence and occasional "vulgarity" will be more approachable.

No longer infatuated with the distant stars and sea, I began to understand the happiness of firewood, rice and salt, no longer want the moon in the sky, and began to cherish the happiness of the earth.


Please dress up for the rest of your life.

loving beauty should be our lifelong pursuit. Don't stop dressing up just because you feel old.

Dressing up well is the greatest respect for your life.

while our backs are still straight and our legs can still walk, we should wear more fancy clothes and dress ourselves up to see the most beautiful scenery and take the most beautiful pictures!

"Don't smile when you wear flowers with white hair. Years are never defeated by beauty." you who treat yourself with your heart will live the most beautiful life.


for the rest of my life, please be a little confused

at first, we pretend to be clear; later, we pretend to be confused.

Dear you, the rest of your life is not long, and any relationship that makes you bother is wrong.

those who are forgetful are forgetful, those who are careless are careless, and those who are not clear are not clear. Let bygones be bygones

if you can only remember and never forget, you can only calculate, you won't make a big estimate, you won't miss your salary, you won't miss your salary, you'll be smart and tough, and you won't lose anything. There will be nothing but endless misery in your old age.

Don't get through, don't argue with your family, don't haggle with your friends, don't make trouble for yourself, and believe that "foolish people are blessed, good people are rewarded."


for the rest of your life, please always bless others

how we treat others, what others will do to us.

for the rest of your life, be a person with a rich mouth, learn to find the highlights of everyone, praise your children, lovers, and your friends. Send a blessing to strangers, too!

when you bring happiness to others, you will find that you can even get double happiness!

this is not hypocrisy, but warmth. Your blessing and encouragement, kindness and sincerity will illuminate the lives of more people.

for the past grudges, those who can put down, those who can be relieved are relieved, and those who can bless also send a blessing.

I like the passage in Life

very much:

May we live and enjoy the present moment.

May the best of you live up to this life and remember the way you came.

May we all achieve the above ten points, embrace a better life, and have more peace of mind and happiness.