The best living condition of a woman

/July 2022

Bing Xin said:

spring blossoms in the twinkling of an eye, and it is the Women's Day of the year.

Today, this festival has evolved into "Goddess Day", "Queen's Day" and "Fairy Day".

but no matter how it changes, a woman has to be herself first, and then her wife or mother.

as said in the movie Hello, Li Huanying: "Let's not forget that every mother used to be a girl like a flower."

in life, those women who do not cling to, do not deal with, do not please, do not demand, always bring their own light.


not attached

some netizens on Zhihu asked, "what love advice do you have for women?"

A highly praised answer is: "Don't lose your character just because you love someone." Only if you don't cling to it can you have the confidence. "

climbing is the biggest taboo for women in love.

if two people are not equal in the first place, the relationship is easy to deteriorate over time.

even at first, you can't beat firewood, rice, oil and salt.

A good marriage must be neck and neck.

only by turning looking up into head-up can you grow old forever.

some people think that if a woman does a good job, it is better to marry well.

however, if you place the rest of your life on someone else, you will be disappointed if there are too many variables and too much risk.

A woman who always has her palms up will inevitably look at other people's eyes and act.

as a woman, instead of keeping the misty promises of her lover, it is better to cultivate yourself.

We do not need to borrow anyone's light, maintain economic independence, spiritual freedom, and be our own sun.

as Shu Ting wrote:

there is only one life, we can not only be confined to our husbands and families, but to live soundly and bloom the splendid flowers of life.

May every woman live gently and firmly without relying on or clinging to anyone for the rest of her life.


writer Yan Geling wrote in "Heavenly Bath"

A woman who is perfunctory all day is disgraced and her heart is like stagnant water;

A woman who never makes do with her is always refreshed and refreshed.

Life is your own, so don't make do with it.

because every time you do it, your inner standards are lowered.

over time, you will get used to a low-equipped life.

this muddling along way of life will wear away all your enthusiasm and make every day dull and boring.

on the contrary, those women who do not make do with it will eventually be treated gently by the years.

they work hard, live seriously, and spend every day with enthusiasm;

they are full of heart, beaming, and make the people around them feel very comfortable.

Don't make do with it, it's an advanced way of life.

it doesn't mean spending a lot of money to decorate the skin, nor does it mean deliberately showing off, but devoting itself to cultivating an interesting soul and enriching your body and mind.

A life that doesn't make do with it is more worth living.


Don't please

when we are used to using other people's rulers to measure our lives, the losses outweigh the gain.

in the short film "hear her say", a girl looks in the mirror for an average of 2 hours and 37 minutes a day, just to draw beautiful makeup.

only in this way can she have the confidence to get out of the house.

other people's eyes made her panic all day long, and she was on the verge of collapse.

Life is your own. It is better to please yourself than to please others.

We should stick to our own path and be the big lady of our own life, rather than a dispensable supporting role in other people's lives.

as Jiang Fangzhou said:

whenever, no matter how well you do, there will always be people who don't like you, and there will always be people who keep finding fault.

just listen to other people's comments, don't take it seriously, let alone change yourself to cater to them.

your humble flattery cannot be exchanged for heart-to-heart friends;

your compromise will not be understood by others;  your observation will not win the respect of others.

for a woman, the saddest life is to lose herself in flattery.

you care about others, but no one ever cares about you.

only by loving yourself deeply can you be deeply loved by others.

from now on, you might as well love yourself and live your life at your own pace.


Don't ask

someone on Weibo asked Cai Lan how to deal with the urging of her family to get married, and Cai Lan replied in three words: "Don't ask."

do not force, not pursue, but do not ask for trouble.

there are too many helpless things in the world, many things can not be done if you want to, and you can't get results if you work hard.

especially in a relationship, a twisted melon is not sweet.

instead of being anxious, let nature take its course.

it's yours, and no one can take it away; if it's not yours, you can't catch it no matter how hard you try.

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the more demanding, the more physically and mentally exhausted, the more bruised and bruised.

A really wise woman knows that things are not forced and people are not forced to stay.

this is not because of pussy, but an open-minded attitude, but also an understanding after the events of the world.

sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

it is enough to do everything and listen to God's destiny.

the demand for perfection not only tortures his heart, but also makes the people around him feel tormented..

in this life, all you get is fluke, and all you lose is life.

the past is irrevocable, and there is still room for the future.

when we learn to be strong in frustration, grow up in loss, and face gains and losses calmly, we will be much more calm.


be yourself

Beaufort said: "Women are not born women, but later become women."

in this society, there are too many demands on women.

they have to cut through difficulties in the workplace and take care of their families at the same time.

put life in the whirlpool.

I hope that every woman can become "selfish" in the daily life of chicken feathers in the same place, do things that please herself, and become people who aspire to be.

as Chen Guo, a professor at Fudan University, said: "We can live as ourselves, live a little more authentic, more real, this is the sincerity and kindness to ourselves."

Don't let your appearance worry and kidnap your life;