The best investment in a man's life: be kind to his wife

/August 2022

there is a saying: "your parents decide your starting point, while your wife determines your end."

if the man is compared to the pillar of the family, then the woman is the Poseidon needle in the family.

the importance of a wife is self-evident, because she holds a weather vane of family happiness.

so if a man wants to do something big, the simplest and most direct way is to be nice to his wife.

being kind to his wife is the greatest wealth in life

Warren Buffett once said:

"the most important investment in my life is not which stock I bought, but who I chose to be my partner."

behind every successful man, there is a good wife who gives silently.

Ang Lee and his wife Lin Huijia have been married for more than 30 years and have never quarreled.

before Li Ancheng became famous, for six years, he cooked at home, picked up children and worked as a full-time "cook."

others say that he "eats soft food". Only his wife says to him more than once, "Ann, remember the dream in your heart."

for a period of time, even Ang Lee himself was about to give up and planned to learn computers to support his family, but his wife stopped him and said, "how many people in the world are learning computers, not without Ang Lee."

so with the support and encouragement of Lin Huijia, Ang Lee concentrated on his movie dream and finally won two Oscars.

after becoming famous, Ang Lee, as before, should cook at home, do housework, and go downstairs to buy food with his wife when he is free.

in an interview, he admitted:

"I have never quarreled with my wife in my 30 years of marriage. I always feel that everything she says is right."

A man's ability depends not on how much money he can earn outside and how much face he has in business, but on his attitude towards his wife when he gets home.

if a family wants to be prosperous, happy and harmonious, the husband's attitude is particularly important.

as Venus said: "Women are water, if you meet me with 0 degrees, I will immediately become ice; if you love me with 100 degrees, I will immediately boil; if you treat me with 50 degrees, I will be neither cold nor hot."

when a man is kind to his wife, he is actually accumulating good fortune and good luck for himself.

Marriage is born out of love. A happy wife fills the whole family like a beam of warm light.

be kind to your wife, no matter how poor you are, you can get rich.

in life, many people often make a mistake:

is to give all their good temper to outsiders and leave the worst temper to those closest to them.

do not realize that family members are the people we should treat most kindly in the world.

in most happy marriages, there is a good husband who respects and takes care of his wife's emotions.

because for the husband, if the wife is safe, the whole family will go well.

when my friend Xiao Han is with her ex-husband, her ex-husband is lazy all day and doesn't have a real job. Xiao Han goes out to earn money while taking care of the family's food, drink and Lhasa.

the two often quarreled about money, but her ex-husband blamed her for not being a prosperous husband. In a fit of anger, Xiao Han chose to divorce.

the man Xiaohan met later, although his family was ordinary, he spoiled her very much. They struggled together, and now they have changed into a nice cottage, and the conditions are many times better than at the beginning.

it is said that women are for water, and water is wealth.

Life will treat you like a man treats his wife.

the husband is kind to his wife, the wife always has a smile on her face, the family has a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, and the children are obedient, so the life of the family will not be bad, and the husband's career will continue to rise.

the husband is angry at his wife, while the wife is sad and resentful all day long. The family is constantly contradictory and often restless. Not only the husband's career will be damaged, but also the wealth of the family will be difficult to accumulate.

the Book of Rites says: "Father and son Benedict, brothers in harmony, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

when a man is kind to his wife, the wife will take good care of the family, educate the children, and take good care of the boring firewood, rice, oil and salt, so that the husband has no worries.

when the wife is happy and the life is happy, the good days will come naturally.

being kind to your wife is the best education for your children

the relationship between husband and wife is the core relationship in a family and the cornerstone of parent-child relationship.

when a man knows how to love his wife, his children can learn how to love from their father.

Huo Siyan and du Jiang are famous model couples in the entertainment industry. The two have gone through the "seven-year itch" together, and the day is sweet day by day.

Huo Siyan filming, du Jiang will try his best to accompany the film, do not complain, do not shout tired.

sometimes Huo Siyan doesn't come home until late at night, while du Jiang gives her a warm hug and serves her Tremella soup.

Huo Siyan said, "he is obviously younger than me, but he always makes me more and more childish."

their son, uh-huh, became a warm man under the influence of his father.

on a variety show, he said:

"it's too hard to be Superman. I don't want my mother to be Superman." My mother is supposed to be a princess in a fairy tale, wearing a beautiful dress necklace, earrings and a princess's crown. "

growing up in a loving family environment, it's no wonder that ahem has known how to love people since childhood.

educator Sukhomlinski said: "if you want to educate good children, you must first really love your wife."

No one is born to know what love is. Parents are the ones who come into contact with children most after birth. Parents' mode of getting along with each other will be engraved in the child's memory intentionally or unintentionally.

A good marriage is not only the most beautiful interpretation of love, but also the best education for children, which will quietly affect the direction of their lives in the future.

the husband loves his wife and the children love their parents. There is nothing better than this.


"it is the best and luckiest thing for a woman to fall in love with and choose to be his wife by a man of good character."

by the same token, it is also a man's greatest blessing to marry a woman of good character.

in this life, money rises and retreats sometimes; fame and wealth disappear like a dream, and only the family is the richest thing in our life.

No matter how busy you are at work, don't neglect the companionship of your children; no matter how tired you are, you should be considerate of your wife's efforts.

learn to run a family well, and you will be half successful in life.

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for the rest of my life, laughter is full of magnanimity, love is full of sunshine.