The 5-year-old girl was "changed" after missing for 7 hours

/July 2022

another child is missing!

on the morning of January 12 this year, the 5-year-old daughter of the owner of a snack bar in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, played in front of her shop as usual, while her parents were doing business.

at 1 p.m., the parents found their daughter missing! They hurriedly called relatives and neighbors to look nearby, but there was still no sign of them, so they called the police for help.

after the police rushed to the scene, they quickly transferred the surveillance near the snack bar and found that the girl was taken away by a 50-year-old middle-aged woman at about 09:30 in the morning.

the police urgently expanded the search, and the couple also used all their contacts. Fortunately, at around 4 p.m., the clerk in the store told the parents that her daughter had been sent back to the store by the strange woman and had the woman under control.

after rushing back to the store, the shopkeeper found that his daughter had changed greatly!

hair has been cut short and clothes have changed dramatically.

the middle-aged woman said, I saw the poor little girl, so I took her away.

then shut up.

Police investigation found that the woman was suffering from mental illness, and the specific situation is still under investigation.

behind this missing case, is it really just that the woman is suffering from mental illness?

in particular, the operations of cutting hair and changing clothes for children are obviously the modus operandi of human traffickers!

coupled with the strange woman's claim that "she was taken away because of the pity of the child", this reason is also unreasonable, and it is likely to be a temporary lie!

Video surveillance shows that children follow strange women without crying or making noise. are they usually neglected to educate their children on safety awareness?

although the child has been found back, the memory of the lost child is still frightening!

what kind of life will children face after they are abducted?

be adopted, sold, treated as child labor working day and night, beggars begging along the street, more children will fall to the point where life is worse than death.


after 32 years of searching for her son, she has never given up too many human trafficking tragedies. Like the above example, the whole family is really lucky that the child can return home safely.

and many families, after searching for it all their lives, may be in vain.

do you remember Li Jingzhi, the abduction mother who has been looking for her son for 32 years?

on October 17, 1988, Li Jingzhi's husband Lao Mao, with his son Jiajia, visited near the Jinling Hotel on Xi'an West Street.

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Jia Jia was tired and wanted to drink water. Lao Mao took him into the hotel and asked the waiter for a glass of water.

but within 1 minute of asking for water, Jia Jia was directly taken away by human traffickers.

at that time, Li Jingzhi, who was on a business trip, was nervous all the way. After learning the news of her child's disappearance, Li Jingzhi collapsed.

how cruel it is for a mother to lose her child.

at the age of 28, she seemed to be a teenager overnight, with tears on her face and inner pain overflowing from her eyes.

Li Jingzhi is determined to find her child.

but this search is 32 years.

she has traveled all over the mountains and rivers of the motherland, printed hundreds of thousands of missing person notices, and found her son, which has become her whole belief in life.

even, she helped 29 families retrieve their abducted children, but her own Jia Jia, where are you?

someone advised her to forget it and give up. You have been looking for it for more than 30 years. There is no hope.

she responded on Weibo:

the child is a piece of meat falling from the mother and the heart in the body. Without the heart, it's like I don't have the body like a soul. I'm in a panic all day. How can I give up looking for my precious son?

finally, the emperor lives up to the dedicated man!

in 2020, when she was 60 years old, the 30th child she found was the Jia Jia she had in mind.

Li Jingzhi is unfortunate. her young son was abducted by human traffickers. At a young age, she embarked on the road of finding her son with almost no return, and spent nearly her whole life.

but Li Jingzhi is lucky. after 32 years, she finally "put aside the clouds and see the sun" and found her favorite son, the family, and finally reunited.

now Li Jingzhi has become a volunteer on a "help Children go Home" public welfare website, continuing to help countless lost children find their way home.


once the child gets lost, please call the police immediately!

the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League also took advantage of a real case of loss to remind all parents and friends:

if your child gets lost, call the police as soon as possible! There is no such thing as "waiting for 24 hours"!

here, I hope that all parents can reverse this misconception, because the opinions on punishing crimes of trafficking in Women and Children in accordance with the Law stipulates:

and the original intention of the so-called 24-hour rule is that very often, the so-called "lost" is the temporary loss of contact of adults, and the police resources are limited, so it is difficult to transfer.

but the child is different. Whenever you find your child lost, you can call the police for help as soon as possible!

especially when there are signs that a child may be abducted, the police will immediately organize a police force to file a case for investigation.


in addition to calling the police

, please keep in mind that the method of "ten people chasing four"

is the most important thing to find a person in the 24 hours when the child has just got time.

Dr. Wang Dawei, a professor at the people's Public Security University of China and an expert on juvenile crime prevention, proposed to us the law of "ten people and four pursuers."

this method is simple, fast and delicate, and the search for people is "fast and ruthless"! The specific measures are:

first, stay where you are, second broadcast to find people, and third, use the "ten people and four chase method".

Mom stayed where he was, while Dad mobilized 10 relatives and friends to look in four directions: northeast, southeast, northwest.