The 100 secret recipes left by our ancestors had better be memorized! It's precious!

/August 2022

01. Thousand health care, ten thousand health care, mental balance is the key.

02. Anger hurts the liver, joy and sadness, grief and fear injure the root of life.

03. If you want to live well, do not have a small heart; be good at controlling anger and live a long life.

04. Broad-minded can support a boat and live a healthy and long life for a hundred years.

05. If you want to be healthy and happy, learn to have fun on your own.

06. A good wife is better than good medicine.

07. Misfortune comes from the mouth, and illness comes from the heart.

08. A good man has good health, but a bad man has a short life.

09. A cheerful personality hides sickness.

10. The width of the house is not as wide as that of the heart.

11. A man has a childlike innocence and is young all his life.

12. Smile, less than ten years; sorrow, white head.

13. Life is hard to grow old with three smiles a day.

14. Smile often, youth is always there.

15. A cry relieves a thousand sorrows.

16. If there are tears, the disease will heal naturally.

17. The husband shed all his tears, and the hero shed tears as well.

18. Sleep first, then sleep.

19. Tonifying medicine and food is not as good as tonifying the heart.

20. Food nourishes people, songs nourish the heart.

21. Eat well in the morning, full in the afternoon, and eat late.

22. Overeating will lead to illness, regular and quantitative peace.

23. Eat too much, swallow too much, hurt your appetite and your intestines.

24. If you want to be strong, chew the food into pulp.

25. If you want to be cured of all diseases, you will often lead to hunger.

26. It is better to store it in a pot than to let your stomach bloate.

27. Save one bite per meal and live to 99.

28. Eat a vegetarian diet to keep your belly healthy.

29. Better be without meat than without beans.

30. Eat rice with some bran, nutritious and healthy.

31. If you don't eat green for three days, there will be stars in your eyes.

32. It is better to eat without meat than to eat without soup.

33. It is better to drink soup before a meal than a prescription.

34. Eat more noodles and drink more soup to avoid prescribing a prescription.

35. Drink salt soup such as ginseng soup in the morning and arsenic in the evening.

36. Summer a bowl of mung bean soup, detoxification to summer game Xianfang.

37. Eat three slices of ginger in the morning, such as ginseng soup.

38. Women keep lotus root for three days, men ginger for three days.

39. The radish is out of the ground, but there is no business in the doctor.

40. People say bitter gourd is bitter, but I say balsam pear is sweet.

41. After eating October eggplant, he starved to death.

42. Carrots, small ginseng; often eat, grow spirit.

43. Tomatoes are nutritious, beautiful, young and less sick.

44. Little cucumber is a treasure, so you can't lose weight and beauty.

45. You don't have to ask to eat more celery. You should lower your blood pressure.

46. Green onions dip in sauce, getting fatter and fatter.

47. Garlic is a treasure, often eat good health.

48. Two apples a day, there is a detour.

49. Three dates a day will lead to immortality.

50. Walnut mountain treasure, tonifying the kidney and brain.

51. Iron cannot be made into steel without smelting, and people are not healthy if they do not exercise.

52. Exercise while you are small, don't get annoyed when you are old.

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53. It is better to invite people to sweat than to invite people to dinner.

54. When the sun was not shining, the doctor came to the door.

55. When a knife is idle, it is easy to rust, and when a man is idle, it is easy to get sick.

56. Laziness makes a man old, but industry can prolong his life.

57. The best doctor is yourself, and the best exercise is walking.

58. If you walk a hundred steps after dinner, you will live to 99.

59. Stand like a pine, walk like the wind.

60. If you want to keep your legs old, you'd better kick the shuttlecock often.

61. If you want to keep your legs alive, walk back.

62. Sweating without the wind, running without a dent in the chest.

63. If the sweat is not dry, do not touch cold water.

64. If you want to be in good health, often take a bath.

65. To improve your brain, jump the rope.

66. Ingenuity and dexterity means to strengthen the brain.

67. Practice more and be good, stay if you don't practice.

68. Dance often, dementia won't come.

69. If you want to be in good health, often dance Yangko.

70. Often practice Taijiquan, prolong life and prolong years.

71. Keeping in good health is moving, but if you move it, it will be damaged.

72. It is better to sleep five shifts than to eat ginseng.

73. Sleeping at noon is like picking up a treasure.

74. Sleep in winter does not cover your head, and sleep in summer does not reveal your belly.

75. It is easy to get sick if you sleep more, but less sleep also hurts your health.

76. Eat well and sleep well.

77. Eat and sleep well and live forever.

78. Often insomnia, live ten years less.

79. Do not sleep all night, do not wake up for ten nights.

80. Sit and sleep, sleep like a curved moon.

81. Wash your feet with hot water, such as taking tonics.

82. Cold starts from the feet, and disease enters from the mouth.

83. Eat no words, sleep no words.

84. Cover up in spring and freeze in autumn, and you will not have miscellaneous diseases.

85. Nails are often cut, but the disease is not stained.

86. Wash your face in cold water for beauty and health care.

87. Brush your teeth with warm water and grin.

88. Wash your hands before and after meals.

89. Drink plenty of cold and white, and your health will come naturally..

90. If you make tea with white water, you can live for more than a hundred.

91. After drinking tea on an empty stomach, he crawled on his illness.

92. If you don't wash your cup when drinking tea, Rip will rush his life.

93. Drink as little as possible and take a detour.

94. Quitting smoking and limiting alcohol will lead to long-term health.

95. A cigarette after a meal will do great harm.

96. Eat more salt and live ten years less.

97. Sweet talk and ambition, sweet food bad teeth.

98. Take medicine without taboo, break the doctor's leg.

99. If you want to live forever, the intestines are always clear.

100. It is better to drink soup before a meal than a prescription.