Ten years later, most of the promising children come from these seven families. Parents are advised to read it!

/July 2022

A good teacher may influence a child for three or five years.

but a good parent can definitely affect a child for a lifetime.

for teachers, your child is just one of dozens of students, but for you, the child is the only one.

People's Daily once pointed out in an article: educating good children is the most important career in parents' lives.

Ten years later, promising children come from these seven families, and parents had better have a look at them.


families who attach importance to education

"tangerine born in Huainan is orange, and orange born in Huaibei is trifoliate orange." It can be seen that the influence of environment on human beings plays a decisive role.

A family that attaches importance to education must be able to cultivate an excellent child who loves learning.

Mr. Cai Yuanpei once said, "Family is the first school in life." Parents are the first teachers of their children, and it is the unshirkable responsibility of all parents to attach importance to family education.

Don't let your child lose in tutoring.


optimistic and positive families

some experts have found that the better a child's character is, he is better than his peers in all aspects and will be better in the future.

parents' positive optimism will imperceptibly influence their children, make them stay optimistic, actively face all difficulties and setbacks, learn to face life with a smile, and feel happy.

the more company the father is, the better the character and logic of the child is. Every family should create a harmonious and happy atmosphere, so that children can find the beauty of life and learn to love life.


families who love learning

"the essence of education is to cultivate habits." We all know that a child's good habits should be developed from an early age, but he may not be able to understand when he is blindly reasonable with the child.

just talking but not practicing fake tricks and teaching by deeds and deeds is the most important thing parents should do.

behind a top student in the college entrance examination, there must be parents who love learning and discipline themselves. Parents should take the lead in reading, learning first, and setting a good example, so that children will be willing to learn from their parents.

the best education is for parents to be good role models for their children.


families with stable emotions

"all are fine". The parents' excessive indulgence and favouritism make the eldest son become cowardly, make the second son become selfish, and make the daughter resent the whole family. This shows how important parents' good mood is to their children's education.

Children who grow up in loving families are destined to be more optimistic, sunny and motivated than those in noisy or even unsound families.

the father's pattern and the mother's mood determine the child's future, and it is the best feng shui for a family.


respect for children's families

every child is a gift from heaven. If you want to make children excellent, you must first respect their souls. Accept all of your child, trust him, and let him do what he wants.

what children do today is to become a better person tomorrow.

respecting everything about children is the basis of all education. Parents' understanding and support are more important than questioning and rejection.

plant a seed in the child's heart, constantly give the child a little bit of enlightenment, a little bit of strength, waiting for the flowers to bloom, the child's tomorrow will be better.

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A family with neat houses

A teacher once said that a student's grades can be seen from his desk. Top students can always clean up their learning equipment and do their homework in an organized way. That is because they have formed the habit of dealing with everything in their lives in an orderly manner since they were young.

tidiness of the house is also an important part of the family environment. Children who grow up in an orderly environment will not only develop organized habits, but also face life more calmly and deal with all problems in the future.

"if you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?" the habit should permeate every aspect of your child's life.


families who pay attention to rules

agree with this sentence: "Freedom with rules is lively, and freedom without rules is presumptuous."

the real love for children is not laissez-faire, but restraint. Loving children and setting rules are never opposed to each other. The coexistence of the two is the foundation of education.

"if you don't teach, it's your father's fault." Parents dote on their children is the inaction of education.

it is the mission of parents to set rules for their children from an early age, to make them abide by the rules, to fear the rules, and to become an educated and disciplined child.


Rousseau once said, "do you know how to make your child an unfortunate person?" The way is to be obedient to him. "

good children must be carefully educated by their parents. Bad children must be indulged and spoiled by their parents.

No matter how good a famous school is, it is not as good as parents' words and deeds! Parents are the best teachers in their children's life! What kind of person you want your child to be, first of all, what you have to be.

educating good children is the most important career for parents in their lives.