Ten cartoons that only people with high EQ can understand.

/June 2022

A cartoon, a kind of life.

Landscape freehand brushwork, cartoons are vivid.

A simple cartoon can depict many truths of life in just a few strokes.

these 10 pictures contain 10 profound truths and are worth collecting firmly!


Health first

perception: safety first, health first, fame, money, status, and so on can only be based on this. Without safety and health, everything will not exist.


concave and convex

perception: husband and wife or friends, when one person's emotions rise and fall like a "convex" shape, the other person must endure to act as a "concave", otherwise there will be contradictions and loss of balance.

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each has its own strengths

perception: everyone's intelligence, physical strength, and all kinds of abilities are limited, and it is impossible for you to be good at all aspects. Maybe you are slightly better in one aspect, but others will be ahead in other respects. We should applaud them.



perception: what is happiness? It can't be seen or touched.

Happiness is a kind of feeling, it needs to feel with heart, feeling happiness, that is, happiness, it is around us. A person always can not feel happy, this is a person's greatest sorrow.


Beauty and Discovery

perception: Rodin said: "in life, there is no lack of beauty, but a lack of discovery." In fact, beauty is everywhere, it depends on whether you have a pair of eyes that find beauty.



perception: we must grasp the degree of everything we do. It should not be insufficient, nor should it be too extreme.

just right is the most appropriate. This is what the ancients called the Doctrine of the mean.


craving and complacency

perception: learning knowledge requires craving, not complacency.

all kinds of knowledge can be learned in a lifetime, and no one in the world can say that he doesn't need to learn.


Power and authority

perception: people with power always have a certain degree of power, but not necessarily authority.

because power can be bought with money, while authority can not be bought, it can only be obtained by its own actions.

A cartoon, a choice, a life.

while piercing the heart, it also tells us a lot of reasons that we want to say but don't say.

May we all understand the world in comics, and then live happily every day!