Spend the rest of your life with someone who will coax you.

/June 2022

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there is a moving line in the movie "Beijing meets Seattle":

maybe he won't take me to a yacht for French food.

but he can run a few blocks for me every morning to buy my favorite soybean milk and Youtiao.

the best love is not material giving, but the willingness to spend time and effort to coax you.

the person who really cares about you can tolerate your shortcomings, accommodate your emotions, and spare no effort to give you love and warmth.

Test whether a relationship is reliable or not, just to see if the other person will coax you.


because of acceptance, tolerance

in the popular variety show "Men who do housework", Wu Zhongtian and Yang Zishan's mode of getting along with each other is the envy of countless people.

at the beginning of the program, the staff came to Yang Zishan's home to install a shooting machine.

but Yang Zishan has a severe penchant for cleanliness and has just finished cleaning the room. In the face of so many people walking around the house, she becomes very anxious.

when she saw a staff member stepping on the carpet without shoe covers, she couldn't help but collapse. She crouched in the corner and cried, "I think I've been cleaning for nothing all morning."

her actions are a little too sensitive in the eyes of the staff and program guests.

Wu Zhongtian was very considerate of Yang Zishan. He immediately came over and touched her head and comforted: "We can disinfect the whole body later."

when cleaning, Yang Zishan picked on Wu Zhongtian's way of mopping the floor and blamed him for not being clean.

Wu Zhongtian was not displeased, but said softly, "I didn't put it off well. Can you teach me?"

Yang Zishan ignored him angrily, so he kept looking for topics and patiently communicated with her until she died down.

on another occasion, he accidentally washed and shrunk Yang Zishan's newly bought sweater, and Yang Zishan angrily threw it on the floor.

he immediately apologized, tried every means to restore his clothes, and desperately stuffed his big man into his clothes to make amends to Yang Zishan.

some netizens think that Yang Zishan is "acting" and "hypocritical" and is serious about trivial things.

even program guest Li Shu lamented: "A new man would have been eager."

Wu Zhongtian tries his best to compare his heart to heart, understand her sensitivity and tolerate her small temper.

every time he mentions his wife, he sincerely praises her for being perfect.

but Yang Zishan realized that she was not perfect and that it was her husband's tolerance that made her slowly open her heart and become more positive and optimistic.

Sanmao once said:

it is because two people are not half of each other, so after marriage, the edges and corners of the two sides grind each other patiently with sand, hoping that in the near future, they can grind out a style. if one day, when two people dangle around in a very small home, they won't hurt each other.

A good marriage is not to find a perfect partner, but to accept each other's shortcomings and lack of tolerance.

all your joys and sorrows will be understood by the other party; all your wayward nonsense will be gentle and tolerant.

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willing to coax you anytime and anywhere, take the effort to understand you, let you enjoy being yourself, is the most comfortable marriage relationship.


because I care, I feel distressed

recently, my friend Xiaochen is having a cold war with her husband.

she and her husband have been married for two years, and their relationship has been very stable. She was once the most envied couple in the circle of friends.

in fact, behind getting along well with each other, Xiaochen suppresses her emotions again and again and gives in voluntarily.

whenever they have a conflict, her husband will quarrel with her endlessly, and will not coax her after the quarrel, turn around to mind his own business, or go straight to sleep.

she felt aggrieved and took the initiative to tell her husband, hoping that he could say a few more kind words to coax herself.

but her husband still ignored her, so she had to bow his head and be soft.

once, she took the blame for her subordinates and was criticized by her boss in public, feeling particularly depressed.

when she got home, she found that her husband didn't even cook dinner and couldn't help complaining.

my husband said, "it's just that it's a little late for cooking, don't you need to be angry?" I'm tired at work, too. I don't want to hear your nagging. "

at that moment, she was particularly disappointed that the other person didn't care about her at all.

the movie "he doesn't really like you that much" says:

"if a man treats you in a way that doesn't care about you, then he really doesn't care about you at all."

people who really love you will always pay attention to your emotions and take care of your feelings.

will not turn a blind eye to your grievances or your needs.

Chen Ming once shared the story of making his wife happy in "Strange work":

when his wife came home from work, she saw the shoes at the edge of the shoe cabinet and angrily accused Chen Ming of not putting them away.

but Chen Ming did not rush to make excuses, but immediately thought that something unhappy might have happened to his wife.

he hurried over, kicked off his shoes and said to his wife, "who made you angry today?" It's too much. I'll go to him tomorrow. I'll ask him to apologize to you! "

when his wife heard his words, her heart warmed up and her face turned from cloudy to sunny.

in marriage, if you can understand each other's feelings and accommodate each other's emotions, many contradictions and frictions can be easily solved.

if you try your best to fight for right or wrong, it will only hurt others and yourself; put yourself in the other's shoes to comfort each other.Get closer.

people who care about you will take the initiative to bow their heads and admit their mistakes when they see you in a bad temper; those who love you will coax you to be happy for no reason when they find that you are aggrieved.

being with people who are willing to coax you, you will have the strength and strength to face the torrent of life.


because I love you, I dote on

Zhou Guoping once said:

"Love is heartache without reason and tolerance without premise."

those who like you will coax you for a while, while those who love you will coax you for the rest of their lives.

A few days ago, I saw a touching piece of news.

an old couple go for a physical examination hand in hand in Linyi, Shandong province.

when Grandpa drew blood, he whispered that he was afraid, and Grandma quickly reached out to cover Grandpa's eyes.

the granddaughter who accompanied me was so moved that she filmed the scene immediately.

granddaughter said that grandpa is 98 years old, grandma is 100 years old, and they are very much in love.

usually, grandparents would stick their faces to each other before going to bed, and grandma would say to grandpa, "I love you."

after 82 years of ups and downs, the two old people spoiled each other like children and integrated each other into their lives.

the happiness of growing old together is to seriously fall in love with each other for the rest of your life. You coax me, I coax you, and the relationship will never fade.

the documentary four Springs shows the ordinary and simple daily life of a golden couple.

after fifty years of marriage, they are still close and love each other.

the Don cooked porridge and saw that the old lady was busy with her hands and fed her spoonfuls of food, his eyes full of love.

when the old lady was angry and refused to eat, the old man said nice things to persuade her; the old man had high blood pressure, but he didn't like to take medicine, so the old lady coaxed him in a different way.

Don wants to keep bees on a whim, but the old lady doesn't interfere, joking:

"you treat bees like your first lover."

in them, there is the best appearance of love: your hard work is loved, your capriciousness is spoiled, your fragility is cared for.

A little bit of thoughtfulness and tenderness are incorporated into the trivial routine, and the friendship becomes warmer and longer.

doting on each other is a little romance in ordinary life, a subtle care in firewood, rice, oil and salt, and even the courage to resist the many tribulations in the world.

with you, I will not be afraid; with me, you will not be alone.

Life is too long to meet people who travel together, and it is even more rare to be able to grow old together.

"coax" is to use the sweetest way to resist the chaos of the years, properly place each other in their own arms, and cherish each other in their hearts for a long time.


the best love is to coax you for life

the Golden Doctor says:

most of the time, women lack sense of security, not because of whether the man is strong enough or whether he can protect her.

it depends on whether he will leave him, whether he can accompany her through the short and long road of life, and whether he will be by her side when she is fragile and lonely.

falling in love is a momentary attraction and impulse, but we need a lifetime of companionship and attention. we need to take care of each other and snuggle up to each other.

the best sense of security is to cheer you up when you are sad, to stand up when you are in danger, and to be around when you are vulnerable.

you can trust each other with confidence, and the other party can also protect you affectionately, so that the relationship can be stable and firm.

the rest of your life is not long. Be sure to spend time with someone who can coax you.

tenderness can solve all the problems in life, and warmth will fill all the gaps in your heart.

enough love can make us better ourselves.