See through a person from the details!

/July 2022

there is a saying I quite agree with: a person's outside determines whether he wants to know his heart, but a person's self-cultivation can directly reject his outside.

your good manners are hidden in every detail of your life.

Lincoln once said:

No matter how well a person disguises, he will eventually be defeated by all the details of life, inadvertently revealing his true upbringing and character.

you can see through a person from the details.


details can best see that education

the moral Classic is difficult in the world, it must be done in the easy, and the major events in the world must be done in detail.

the so-called details determine success or failure, and this is also true for individuals.

details are always easy to be ignored, and often best reflect a person's true state and self-cultivation.

when Guo Qilin recorded the talk show "09:30 tonight", he poured tea for the host Hua Shao.

the first cup of uncontrolled tea overflowed, and then Guo Qilin quickly moved the tea in front of him and said apologetically to Hua Shao, "excuse me, I'll drink this cup."

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many viewers said they didn't know where to go, and Hua Shao said it was all right, but Guo Qilin said that the tea should be half and the wine should be full.

because in the "tea culture", the cup of tea should not be full or overflow, otherwise it will show disrespect to the guests.

in the past, tea filling also meant "eviction", so Guo Qilin paid special attention.

and during the whole chat, Guo Qilin will take the initiative to continue as long as he sees that the tea in front of Hua Shao is shallow.

Bi Shumin once said, "upbringing is really not how many books you have read."

it has nothing to do with rich or poor or culture, but the accumulation of details in daily life.

the more trivial details, the more can reflect a person's upbringing.

Mr. Mu Xin once said:

details show a person's attitude and reflect a person's quality.

at an award ceremony, the host invited Guo Qilin to the stage to accept the award. Guo Qilin bowed first and then stretched out his hand. The man held the whole hand and the girl held half the hand.

on another occasion, when director Xu Zheng was filming beloved, he raided the RV of ten actors in order to introduce the cast to the audience.

everyone sat in the car or stood at the door to say hello, but Guo Qilin got out of the RV and stood in front of Xu Zheng to introduce himself.

Hu Shi said: "upbringing is not only the level of a person's life, but also the appearance of a person's soul."

of course, it doesn't mean that other actors are impolite. I believe many people have this reaction. It's just that they really know the details, which highlights Guo Qilin's upbringing in his bones.

there is a good saying:

upbringing is the basic principle of a person's life and a necessary basic quality.


details can best see the character

Bacon once said:

character is a person's business card, but also reflects a person's self-cultivation. People often say: time sees the heart, details know the character.

the truest side of a person is often hidden in the details of life.

as the ancients said: if you are not proud of your actions, you will be tired of great virtue. It means that regardless of the self-cultivation of the small section, it will hurt the festival in the end and cause regret.

when Lu Yuanying, a minister of the Tang Dynasty, stayed in Dongdu, there was a virgin who often played chess with him.

once, when the two were playing each other, Lu Yuanying had to leave the chessboard and go to work because of a sudden official document.

the chess player took advantage of the opportunity to move a piece and finally beat Lu Yuanying. Lu Yuanying saw the change in the chess game, but he didn't say anything about it.

on the second day, Lu Yuanying invited the virgin to make a living elsewhere, but the virgin was puzzled.

as the saying goes, the leopard can be seen at a glance, and autumn can be seen with a leaf falling. A seemingly random detail can often reflect a person's real character cultivation.

there is a saying in the Zhuzi category: "A gentleman is careful of his independence." People often take care of places they don't know. This is true in small places, as well as in large ones. "

when people are alone, they also need to exercise strict restraint and pay attention to their own words and deeds.

character cultivation is not an exhibit in a museum. It is only shown to others when needed. It is often more precious in places that cannot be seen.

the dignity and quality of a person is truly reflected in the fact that people can't see and see the details.

Mr. Jia Pingwa once told a story: "A friend stutters and speaks slowly."

on the way, I met a man asking for directions. Unfortunately, this man also stuttered, and his friend looked at him without saying a word. Then I asked him why he didn't tell anyone.

my friend replied, "people stutter, too. I'm going to answer. That person will think I'm imitating and teasing him."

there is a good saying: "words and deeds are character."

the true good character is not deliberately expressed and expressed in words, but is revealed in every detail of life.

details can enhance the good feeling towards a person, on the contrary, it can also see a person's real character, reflecting a person's accomplishment and wisdom in dealing with people.

details can always reflect the flash or gloom of human nature. May everyone meet a good person.