Remember the goodness of others and warm your own heart

/August 2022

Life is in a hurry like a journey, meeting is fate.

some people are kind to you because you are good to them.

some people are kind to you because they know you.

but no matter what kind of goodwill, it is worth remembering.

cherish the person who is good to you, is to install sunshine in the bottom of your heart.


it is not easy to meet. May you cherish

Life is like the four seasons, there will always be a cold winter.

anyone is willing to do the icing on the cake.

not everyone can take advantage of the timely help.

when it rains, we will know who will send you umbrellas and who will only have verbal greetings.

when something happens, we will know who is the true dignitary and who is just a lively audience.

there are not many friends, the most important thing is to go through the wind and rain. No matter how long it takes, the most important thing is to respond to every request.

this is the way life is, choosing true companionship in constant encounter.

it is not easy to meet each other, and it is even more rare to be together.

whoever you meet is the most beautiful accident in your life.

remember that those who are kind to us are the truest feelings in life and the warmest companions in the depths of our hearts.

like a breeze, Tonglang Moon, blowing the wind and dust on my clothes, like a bright light in front of me.

writer Zhang Jiajia once said:

there are not many people who really treat you well. Don't lose any of them.

after all, if you lose it, you may never get it back.

it is better to take advantage of the right time, the years are not old, be grateful for all the kindness and cherish all the giving.


the world is changeable. Don't blame others

Life is a generous gift, one flower, one plant, one person, one thing, is the best arrangement.

but most people often can't remember what others like, but care about all the bad things of others.

I have seen that Zhihu has a question:

how fragile can the relationship between people and people be?

below there is a high praise answer: the coldest thing to get along with people is to help them a hundred times and never be grateful. Once I didn't help, I held a grudge.

people are forgetful animals. Because of one unhappiness, they forget all their previous love.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: people's kindness to me must not be forgotten, and resentment must not be forgotten.

is that everyone has a selfish side. In life, who can guarantee that you can take the wrong step?

clinging to the faults of others will only lead to endless entanglement and resentment and cause serious internal friction to yourself.

to be a man, remember more people's kindness and less people's mistakes.

remember that the best thing about others is to live up to fate.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: do not do to others what you do not want to do to others.

this is a big world, and misunderstandings between people are mostly due to the inability to empathize.

putting each other in the same position as you will only make each other's hearts farther and farther apart.

Why not be more tolerant, keep some trivialities and resentments away from us, and make us more open-minded.

it's not easy to meet. Remember those who are kind to you, don't let grievances take up the time of acquaintance.


how many blessings are there in heart and life

in this world, there is no love for no reason.

for those who are good to you, it is not an obligation, but a concern.

instead of falling flowers and wind and rain, it is better to cherish the people in front of you.

know how to give back, which is a kind of treasure to the beloved.

gratitude is a kind of respect for true feelings.

as the old saying goes: those who come out of love love to return, and those who come and go are blessed.

Life is an echo, a gift of roses and a fragrance in the hands.

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Love can be exchanged for love, and trust can be exchanged for trust.

there is a Buddhist saying: if you plant good causes, you will get good results.

when you want to reap the favor of others, you must first sow the seeds of kindness in other people's hearts.

Human feelings need to go back and forth in order to feel the flow of love.

everyone is a mirror in your life. If you frown at it, the mirror will not reflect a good face.

but if you have a grateful heart, life will reflect more sunshine to you like a mirror.

as the saying goes: when there is a good family, there must be a celebration.

between friends, think more about each other's help, the friendship will be strong.

between relatives, think more about each other's efforts, the family will be harmonious.

between lovers, remember each other's loveliness, and the relationship will last long.

although there is a gale in life, may you always be grateful, be blessed, and be gently waited for by the years.