Reading fosters talent, diligence nourishes luck, generosity nourishes atmosphere, indifference raises ambition.

/August 2022


many times, many of the books you think you have read have become a thing of the past and can no longer be remembered, but they are still potential and can be used at any time.

although they can't help you solve problems right away, they can increase your knowledge and make your speech more restrained; they can't make you more beautiful, but they can give you a touch of bookish style and make your temperament more outstanding.

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you and your lover have not only firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea to talk about, but also piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops and hops in your life.

Wang Yangming and Zeng Guofan, two great sages who have made great achievements in knowledge and work, a lot of their wisdom comes from books.

Wang Yangming loves reading. He was demoted to Longchang in Guiyang at the age of 37. The people in this place are very barbaric and have not received any enlightenment. He thought that these savages should be taught to read.

I've lost all my carry-on baggage. How can I find a book? So he wrote silently and wrote out the book he had read word by word. He wanted to teach wild people to read the Book of changes, so he wrote the whole Book of changes.

of course, Wang Yangming does not learn by rote, but emphasizes that we invent our own mind through reading, and the purpose of reading is to cultivate our own mind and body and lead to conscience.

Zeng Guofan said: "Human temperament, because of its nature, is difficult to change, but reading can change its temperament." Those who were good at physiognomy in ancient times also said that reading can change the appearance of bones. "

Reading can change one's temperament, even one's bone appearance.

Zeng Guofan said that there is a difference between reading and reading: "the viewer attacks the city and expands the land, and the reader defends the land and defends the narrow. The two are absolutely two things, neither que nor mixed."

actually means that reading is to expand the scope of knowledge, is the category of extensive reading; reading is to consolidate, digest and absorb existing knowledge, is the category of intensive reading.


diligence fosters luck

it is generally believed that luck depends on chance. Actually this is not so.

the so-called one voice corresponds to each other, and the whole Book of changes emphasizes "induction".

as the old saying goes, there is no way for misfortune and happiness, but people call themselves; the husband's heart begins with good, although good has not been done, and good God has followed it; or the heart begins with evil, although evil is not done, but evil is already evil.

diligence can nourish luck.

A person is diligent and good at making preparations, and he will benefit when the time comes.

on the contrary, some lazy people do nothing but know that when opportunities and luck come, they can only let them slip away, instead of feeling sorry for themselves and complaining about their bad luck.

there is a sentence in Li Ka-shing's autobiography: if you just stand still, you won't hurt your toe. The faster you walk, the more likely you are to hurt your toe, but again, the more likely you are to get a chance.

the most important thing is that there must be a decision or reply in the morning or in the afternoon. If what happens in the afternoon is very complicated, you must reply within 24 hours. My watch always sets forward 10 minutes in order to attend the next appointment on time. It is a habit formed by Li Ka-shing over the years to speed up his watch by 10 minutes.

in Li Ka-shing's view, this is a manifestation of seizing the opportunity. People who have gained something in shopping malls must be hardworking and good at seizing the first opportunity.

10 minutes earlier every day, that means an extra 10 minutes a day.

what is the first opportunity in Li Ka-shing's eyes? When a new thing appears and only 5% of people know about it, do it quickly. This is the opportunity. Doing it is the first opportunity.

when 50% of people know, you can be a consumer. When it's over 50%, you don't even have to look at it! This is an important factor that makes Li Ka-shing invincible.

through this "first opportunity" tip, it is not difficult to find that hurried, early and other words all convey an important message, that is, diligence.


the higher the level of leniency

, the more generous people are, the more magnificent they will be.

low-level people, the realm is narrow, do not know what leniency is, pay a few meters all day, worry about gain and loss.

Cao Jiesu, Cao Cao's great-grandfather, is famous for his generosity in the countryside. Once, the neighbor's pig ran away, and this pig looks exactly like the pig in Cao Jie's family.

the neighbor went to the Cao family and said it was his pig. Cao Jie did not argue with him, so he gave the pig to his neighbor.

then the neighbor's pig was found, and the neighbor knew he had made a mistake and apologized again and again. Cao Jie only smiled and did not blame the neighbors.

the story of Prime Minister Lu Mengzheng is recorded in the Records of Song Mingchen's words and deeds.

LV Meng became a member of the public affairs only a few years after Jinshi, which was equivalent to the post of deputy prime minister at that time.

one morning when I went to court, I heard someone accuse him of being too junior to participate in politics. Lu Meng was pretending not to hear it.

my colleagues in the entourage wanted to track down the person who said this for him, but Lu Mengzheng said, "if I knew this person's name, I would still be bitter about it. What's the advantage of that?" Besides, I have nothing to lose if I don't pursue the matter. "

it is precisely because of such tolerance and magnanimity that Lu Mengzheng helped Taizong consolidate the rule of the early Song Dynasty and become a famous figure.

the value between people lies in harmony. If we condemn other people's small mistakes, expose other people's privacy, and never forget other people's old evils, we will be hijacked and narrow-minded, resulting in a hidden crisis when we get along with others, and make more enemies for ourselves.

on the contrary, a person who treats others with forgiveness is open-minded and forgiving, and his self-cultivation is not only perfect, but also between himself and others.It's friendly. Without the enemy, the disaster would not fall on him.

Yang Jisheng, a scholar of the Ming Dynasty, once said in a letter to his son, "I would rather I let others than others let me; I would rather be tolerated than tolerated; I would rather suffer losses than make others suffer; I would rather suffer anger than make people suffer."

I will never forget the kindness of others for the rest of my life; if others complain about me, I will throw it away in time.

when you see the benefits of others, you praise them; when you hear about their shortcomings, you keep your mouth shut.

someone tells you that someone should be grateful to you, just say that he is grateful to me, but I am not grateful to him, which makes grateful people feel more deeply.

when someone tells you that someone is angry and slanderous about you, say that he is usually the best with me, how can there be any reason for exasperation and slander me, so that the resentment of those who resent slander will be resolved naturally. "

in life, if you want to live with taste and appearance, you can't live without tolerance. And if you want to be generous, you have to be generous. If the heart is not wide, the world is small, the road becomes narrower and narrower, and there is even no way out.

in real life, some men have a bad temper and easily lose their temper. Some men are kind-looking, humiliating and courteous, with a good demeanor of humility.

to cultivate the mind, one must first cultivate virtue, and one must first restrain anger.

in "Zengguang Zi Wen", it is said: "put up with calm for a while and take a step back."

if a person can be magnanimous and tolerate humiliation, he can naturally stay away from right and wrong, carefree, and have a magnificent and carefree life.


indifferent to cultivate ambition

Zhuge Liang wrote in the Book of Commandments: "you can't be clear without indifference, and you can't go far without serenity."

in the 37th edition of the Romance of the three Kingdoms, the door couplet in Zhuge Caolu is: Yupo to clear mind, quiet and far away.

people are always entangled by all kinds of desires. The human heart can easily become a captive of desire. As the saying goes, the heart is a plain walking horse, which is easy to release but difficult to take away. There is also an idiom called distracted horse. Apes and horses are both fast-moving animals that are difficult to control. It can be said that the ancients compared them to our hearts with profound implications.

Chapter 12 of Laozi says: "five colors make people blind; five tones make people deaf; five tastes make people taste refreshing; gallop hunting makes people crazy; rare goods make people feel bad."

if people really want to do something, they must be indifferent and tranquil. They should not indulge their desires and should not kill their will in the pursuit of sensual pleasure.

being indifferent to serenity is not only the only way for us to make our ambition clear and determined, but also a state of life.

Laozi said that cleanliness is the justice of the world.

as the saying goes, mediocrity is true. Only when one is indifferent and pure, can one be free from the dust in his heart.

the spring breeze is elegant, and the autumn articles are not stained with dust.

those who are indifferent must have the spirit of pines and cypresses, not burdened by fame and wealth, not seduced by prosperity, calm, unspoiled, indifferent and tranquil is the best spiritual realm for self-cultivation and clear mind.

only in the realm of indifference and serenity can we really understand what we want.

just like Tao Yuanming, he returned to his garden and lived a leisurely life. This state of life is as described by Tao Yuanming in his poem drinking:

A cottage is in the human world, but there are no chariots and horses.

ask you how can you? Secluded heart makes secluded place.

picking wild flowers by the fence, I accidentally saw Nanshan.

the mountain air is good day and night, and the birds return.

there is a true meaning in this. If you want to distinguish it, you have forgotten to say it.

when we come into this world, we might as well keep an indifferent heart, and we don't have to design the most beautiful itinerary because we don't have to worry about gains and losses.

in this way, even if you return to dust in the future, you will be calm.