Put it down, it's the cure for everything.

/August 2022

A lot of troubles in life come from the word "can't get over it".

it is wise to look at things in a different way.

putting it down is the cure for everything.


putting down obsession is a kind of wisdom

Luo Zhenyu said in the "Strange work Theory":

"growth is the gap between your subjective world and the objective world. You fall into it, call it frustration, climb out, and call it growth."

when you grow up, you will have wisdom.

Zhang Defen, a famous writer, went well all the way after graduating from university. at the age of 25, she became a famous TV anchor in Taiwan, lived in a luxury house, drove a famous car, and had a famous husband who lived the life dreamed of by countless people.

but she can't feel love or happiness. She feels that her husband doesn't love her enough and thinks that maybe the man is not good enough. Finding a new good man and having a son and daughter will make her better.

by the time she was 35, she had realized all her wishes and lived in a villa on the outskirts of Beijing, but she thought it was a career problem and felt that her training consultant was not famous enough and her talents could not be brought into full play.

so she went to a well-known company and got a promotion and a raise within a year, but she still couldn't find happiness and eventually suffered from depression.

once she got up in the morning to wash, saw herself in the mirror and suddenly found that her whole face was haggard and no longer energetic.

Who doesn’t love to be a bit more beautiful in her favorite military ball wear with sleeves? Whatever your taste, we have just what you need.

it was only then that she realized that what she wanted had never been asked for from the outside world, and that the pain she had suffered lay with her.

so she began to practice her inner self, let go of her obsession, no longer pursue the standards required by the outside world, but focus on loving herself.

finally, four years later, she stood up again and wrote the best-selling psychological growth book, meeting the unknown self.

now she is no longer obsessed with the evaluation of the outside world, but also gives up her desire and focuses on doing what she likes.

the more one wants, the more fetters one's heart will have.

A lot of troubles come not only from external interference, but also from inner stubbornness.

there is a question on Zhihu: what does it mean to be able to pick it up and put it down?

there is an answer like this: "to put it down is to remove it from your heart, no longer care about something, don't care about it, and treat it with a free and easy, detached state of mind."

I think so.

to let go of obsession is a kind of wisdom.


letting go of desire is a kind of freedom

both gains and losses go with fate, and people with a broad heart are at ease.

Beijing Opera actress Wang Meiyu once won many Beijing Opera awards when she was in her 20s.

because she became famous when she was young, she suddenly lost herself, squandered the money she earned, indulged her appetite, and suddenly gained more than ten jin.

the teacher saw her state and said to her:

"Don't sing for a living, so that you can sing noble and have no material desires, and the rest is the desire for Beijing Opera itself."

then she suddenly realized that she decided to start all over again, stop pursuing material desires, wear affordable clothes, don't eat meat, and concentrate on doing a good job of Beijing Opera.

later, with the help of the Internet, she let more people know about Beijing Opera, and at the same time made herself popular.

she becomes more sober:

"keep a certain distance from fame and wealth, not too red, there will be interference. People's desires are endless, they are even more popular when they are popular, and they also need to have money when they are rich. They need a lot of self-consciousness and practice in order to suppress themselves. "

when people are controlled by desire, they can't do things well.

only by putting aside the obsession and desire of the mind can you be free to be yourself.

once read a story: a rich man was sad and unhappy, so he put on his gold, silver and jewelry on his back and looked everywhere for happiness.

he walked a lot of places, but he still couldn't find it.

until he met a woodcutter with a load of wood.

the rich man sighed, "my family has a lot of money. Why is it always unhappy?"

the woodcutter put down his wood and said to the rich man, "Happiness is very simple. For me, letting go is happiness!"

the millionaire woke up and realized that he had been carrying so much gold, silver and jewelry, and that he would be unhappy if he always worried about too many things.

so he divided up the money, did a lot of good deeds, and finally felt happy.

letting go is not only a kind of mentality, but also another kind of heaven and earth.

sad only for a while, let it go and be open-minded for a lifetime.


Let go of the past, we can move forward

let go

, the heart is broadened, and the road of life is broadened.

Liao Zhi is a dancer who lost his legs in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.

for dancers, losing her legs is undoubtedly a fatal blow, and she has been depressed for a long time.

then she gradually accepted the reality, let go of the past, put on a prosthetic leg, and returned to the stage through constant practice.

since then, she became famous with a dance "drum dance": dancing on the drum, implying the hope of rebirth and encouraging people to live optimistically after the earthquake.

because of that dance, she was also known by more and more people. Many loving people gave her encouragement and care, so she continued her dance dream with her own prosthetic limb.

later, she met a returnee who had completed her studies. The two got married and gave birth to a pair of children, which opened a new chapter in her life.

you can't start a new life if you can't let go of the past.

through the dark days, facing the sun after facing it calmly.

someone once said: "Life, like a journey, is an experience again and again, that is to say, different experiences create different landscapes, such as cold wind, snow, sun and rain." What kind of life you experience will be what it will be. In this way, life will be wonderful. "

the world is changeable, not afraid of difficulties, in order to keep the clouds open and see the moon.

give time to let bygones be bygones.

Life is too short, there is no need to worry too much with life, life can not regret, in fact, you can turn a corner.

Happiness is to stick to what you should adhere to, let go of what you should let go, cherish what you have now, and do not regret what you have decided.