Push yourself (this article is priceless)

/July 2022


the college tutor talked about a personal experience.

he made great efforts and finally won an opportunity to go to Russia for study and exchange.

opportunity is rare, but there is still one of the biggest obstacles before travel-language.

he even stumbles in English, let alone Russian.

because he particularly cherished this opportunity, after a psychological struggle, he still wanted to force himself to have a try.

so he took great pains to find a high-level tutor and began to learn Russian from scratch.

during that time, he was preoccupied with learning Russian, and the first thing he did after work every day was to rush to the tutor's house to study. When I got home, I found a video from the Internet to study late into the night.

after studying for more than half a month, his Russian has improved by leaps and bounds, but the Russian teacher can't stand it.

the Russian teacher wanted to back down. He repeatedly persuaded and specially hired another Russian teacher to study with the two teachers in turn.

later, it took him only more than three months to overcome the language barrier and go abroad smoothly.

the mentor admitted that he had no talent for language and that all his potential was forced out.

likes an analogy very much. Human potential is like a spring. The more serious the compression is, the stronger the rebound is.

people are forced out. If you don't push yourself, you will never know how good you are.


before, an employee working in Ali revealed on the Internet that he had graduated for three years with an annual salary of one million.

as soon as the post was posted, it was immediately questioned.

later, netizens came off the stage to give an explanation.

said he performed extremely well. Ali's performance appraisal was divided into 3.25, 3.5 and 3.75, and he got the highest grade for three years in a row.

not only got the bonus, but also got a lot of stocks, so I got an annual salary of one million dollars.

Why can you get an annual salary of one million after only three years of graduation? from the picture below, maybe you will find the answer.

the appearance of this photo was accidental. A reporter was bored to check on Ali's overtime work.

it was found that the Alibaba beehive from 19:55 to 00:00 was brightly lit.

behind all the fights, there is bitterness. Behind all the lives you envy, you force yourself to take the initiative to endure hardships again and again.

in the silent night, when you are watching a drama on your mobile phone, someone cheers up and knocks down the first line of code.

A lively dinner, when you are drinking, someone refuses an invitation from a friend to work at a desk.

enter a good company, when you use the platform as a fish pond, someone is always improving their professional ability.

there are always people in the world who are better than you and work harder than you.

when you persuade yourself to relax a little again and again, those who are better than you are forcing themselves to run faster and faster.


whenever I am discouraged, I always tell myself:

push myself, not just to seize an opportunity, not just to get a better-paying job.

We push ourselves because the option is expensive and you have to earn it on your own.

push yourself in order to have the right to say "no" to a life that is not good enough.

know a girl who majored in engineering. After graduation, she became a unique scenery of the construction site.

there are all five big and three thick men on the construction site, but she is a thin and weak girl.

once, the tower crane took her to a height of more than a dozen stories, and built a passage of bamboo boards between the unfinished buildings, through which people needed to walk from one building to another.

her legs were weak when she stood up, the passage was rickety, and people were in danger of falling at any moment, so she could only cry and walk over carefully.

over time, she got tired of this kind of job and thought of changing her job.

she is eloquent and comforting, and her psychological counseling friends deliberately woo her.

after all, I don't have any experience. From scratch, the difficulty can be imagined.

she decided to start with reading, declined almost all invitations and gave up all recreational activities.

force yourself to focus on only one thing, and that is to read, read, read.

in the past two years, she has read almost every book on psychology on the market.

later, catching up with the rise of short videos, she began to record videos and talk about psychology.

now, she has already quit her job and become a short video blogger.

while she brings comfort to many people in need, her fate has changed greatly.

do you, like this girl at first, have a lot of dissatisfaction with your current life and always want to make changes:

you are engaged in a job you don't like, or in a company with no prospects. I have the idea of leaving my job 100 times a day;

I feel that life is irregular, stay up all night, overeat, lack of exercise, and want to return to a healthy life.

I feel that I am not self-disciplined enough. I spend my spare time browsing short videos and watching TV shows. I also want to recharge and learn.

but in the end, you are just a giant in thought and a dwarf in action.

you never have the courage to force yourself to take that step, because you know that change is painful.

but you have to understand that change is painful, but not change will be more painful.


self-media porridgeZorro talked about a friend of his.

his friend found a job with a monthly salary of 7000 after graduation.

his work is leisurely and has a low sense of value. even so, he is one of the graduating classmates.

there are often people around him who advise this friend not to covet temporary interests, but to take a long-term view and do more challenging work, which he turns a deaf ear to.

on the contrary, those students with a low starting point are constantly jumping out of their comfort zone, making changes and getting better.

some people's wages have increased several times, some people have started a business, but he is standing still.

when he tried to make a change again, he found that he had been in his comfort zone for too long to adapt to the cruel rules of the world.

there is a saying quite right: "people who really see through the world are practicing with suffering."

A professor from the University of Chicago, a famous American university, also mentioned during his visit to Peking University:

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to change your life, you should take the initiative to force yourself to jump out of your comfort zone and do things that make you feel painful.

whatever makes you better, there will be pain in the process.

it's right to feel pain, because comfort is for the dead.


author Shuimuran summed up a law of conservation of suffering:

"suffering is the basic feature of life.

the total amount of hardship suffered by each person in a lifetime is constant, it will neither disappear out of thin air, nor happen for no reason, it will only be transferred from one stage to another, or from one form to another.

the more you choose to avoid it now, the more you have to pay for it in the future. "

in the world of adults, there is no quiet time.

if you don't push yourself today, life will certainly force you tomorrow.

people always push themselves for once.

if you want to have a good body and a healthy body, force yourself to keep your mouth shut and spread your legs.

if you want to live the life you want, force yourself to work hard and make money;

if you want to enrich yourself, force yourself to sacrifice your entertainment time, read more and study more;

if you don't like your current state, force yourself to jump out of your comfort zone and try and break through.

Hemingway once said:

every time you experience pain, you complete a transformation and meet a better self.

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