Practice Chengfu (good text in depth)

/August 2022

Sun Tzu's Art of War says: "soldiers are deceitful, so they can show that they can't, but they can't use them, but they can't use them."

in a word, the battle has to confuse the other side, and emptiness and reality can take the lead.

the same is true of people and things, and the game of falling children pays attention to the indeterminate form of chess.

everything is exposed, which is both belittling and useless.

all things are kept in mind, so that he can be immobile as a hero.

people who are really good know how to practice Chengfu, accumulate strength quietly, and wait for time to bloom.


endure your desire

during the warring States period, the famous general Wang Jian was ordered to command the army to conquer the State of Chu.

before going out to battle, the king of Qin came to visit Wang Jian and asked him if he had any demands.

unexpectedly, Wang Jian said vulgarly that he hoped that the King of Qin would give him more gold, silver and jewelry for his old age.

the king of Qin laughed and readily agreed.

after the king of Qin left, Wang Jian's confidants were puzzled. They knew that Wang Jian was not a man who was greedy for money, but why he behaved so in front of the king of Qin.

Wang Jian explained that it was to make the king of Qin think that he had no ambition and only wanted to be rich and rich, otherwise he would not be able to end well.

not easily showing ambition is often the way of preservation in the world.

soldiers who want to be generals will only grit their teeth quietly.

A bird with lofty aspirations will only fight the sky again and again in silence.

Cao Cao and Liu Bei talk about heroes in cooking wine. If Liu Bei talks about the dream of Kuang Fu Han Room, his life may be in danger.

it is precisely because Liu Bei is submissive and uses thunder to cover up his mind that there is a situation in the next three parts of the world.

it is certainly a good thing for a person to have lofty ambitions, but shallow people can only boast, while people with a heart like the sea will silently keep their feet on the ground.

instead of making a noise about ambition, work hard quietly and amaze everyone.


take care of your temper

as the old saying goes, "A fool is full of anger, but a wise man is patient."

A person is inferior if he is dragged by his temper.

mature people can stabilize their emotions, tolerate what others cannot tolerate, and tolerate what others cannot bear.

Lin Zexu had a strong temper when he was young. His father, Lin Binri, wrote "controlling anger" hanging in Lin Zexu's study and renamed him "Zexu", which meant that he should control his temper and ease things.

after becoming an official, Lin Zexu remembered his father's teachings and rewrote the plaque of "controlling anger" himself, warning himself from time to time.

on one occasion, Guangdong Customs Supervisor Yu Kun colluded with foreigners to destroy the ban on smoking. Lin Zexu was furious when he found out and broke the tea bowl.

as soon as he looked up, the word "control anger" came into view and immediately calmed down.

the next day, he still received Yu Kun as if nothing had happened. after ingenious twists and turns, he finally let Yu Kun obediently hand over the silver couple that built Humen Fort.

the Godfather says: "releasing anger without thinking is the most dangerous expression of willfulness."

making decisions in anger and acting in anger will often make a big mistake.

small things give rise to smoke, big things get angry, and it is easy to make people despise.

everything can be calm, there will be a tendency to be angry and proud, and only in this way can we map things slowly.

know how to control emotions freely, which is our round wisdom to mediate in complex things.


restrain your edge

Zeng Guofan believes that there are "four taboos" in officialdom, one of which is "those who act arrogantly and ruthlessly lose".

on one occasion, Emperor Daoguang promoted him to an official. Zeng Guofan was not spoiled and conceited, and specially told his younger brother:

"Don't be arrogant just because you have a little knowledge. Always showing respect and fear is the only way to cherish blessings. "

having been an official for decades, Zeng Guofan knew very well that if the water is full, it will overflow, and if the person is full, he will lose.

according to the official system of the Qing Dynasty, when promoted to the third grade, the blue sedan chair can be replaced by a green sedan chair, with two additional sedan guards, and equipped with guides and guards.

although Zeng Guofan is an important member of Sanpin, he doesn't like to swagger and still rides in the blue sedan chair.

with such a low profile and introversion, Zeng Guofan was an official all the way to Governor Liangjiang.

Yang Shen said in his book "the skill of obscure towers":

"Wood is more beautiful than the forest, the wind will destroy it; people pull out the crowd, disaster will come to them, this is the same principle in ancient and modern times."

is so sharp that it is easy to put yourself at the center of public criticism.

as the saying goes, "the talent of a gentleman is hidden in jade beads, which is not easy to know."

knowing the clumsiness of the Tibetan front is the long-term way to settle down.


put aside your grievances

the strong take responsibility, and the weak often complain.

if you are not satisfied with your wishes, complain about your grievances. Everything in your life is a haze, and others will only be far away.

if you blindly complain, you will only make yourself accustomed to blaming others, and it will not help to solve the problem.

on the way of growing up in life, I will taste all kinds of things and carry a thousand kinds of pain by myself.

Lei Jun mentioned one thing in his annual speech.

after the listing of Xiaomi, it once fell to less than half of the IPO price.

investors called Lei Jun over and lectured him like a pupil for more than an hour from product to management.

as chairman of the board, Lei Jun is very frustrated.

but instead of complaining or complaining, he tried to solve the problem, first copying the bottom of Xiaomi stock, then working hard on marketing and R & D technology, and then Xiaomi's share price soared.

as Tai Jaiji said in his book disqualification in the World:

Need a perfect fit white colored satin dress for wedding for every occasion? Just do it and enjoy wonderful shopping experience.

"I still think that complaining to others is futile. Instead of doing so, it is better to bear it in silence."

it is normal to be misunderstood when you get along with others, and it is hard to avoid bumping.

in our work, leaders do not know the whole context and will mistakenly blame you for not being conscientious enough;

colleagues will dump your mistakes and let you be scolded for nothing.

customers may pick bones in their eggs and embarrass you everywhere.

but life is ultimately your own life, the grievances you experience, swallow by yourself, and the difficulties you encounter, go over by yourself.

the weak complain about their grievances, while the strong take it calmly.


hide your likes and dislikes

We are surrounded by all kinds of people, some of whom are always offensive.

emotional people make an undisguised face to each other.

mature and dignified people will not act according to their own preferences.

Liu Bang rose up against Qin and followed his Yongya teeth in the same county.

Ke Yong teeth always despised Liu Bang. When Liu Bang led his troops out to war, he offered Fengyi to join the State of Wei.

Liu Bang hates his guts.

but when Liu Bangping was in the world, he did not kill him to vent his hatred.

in order to take into account the overall situation and win the hearts of the people, Yongya was deliberately named as a Marquis.

when the officers and soldiers saw that Liu Bang was so kind to his men, they all sincerely supported him.

those who have a view of the overall situation, have the universe in their mind, and keep their likes and dislikes on the table.

during the Ming Dynasty, Yan Song covered the sky with one hand, and although Xu Jie did not like it, he pretended to be obedient.

even though Yan Song's son, Yan Shifan, was rude to him many times, he did not sulk.

such worldly sophistication has made Xu Kun and Yan Song live in peace with each other for more than ten years.

when Xu Yancheng became a leader and assistant, and Yan Song was ordered to retire, Xu still showed good intentions.

he understood that the emperor's orders changed from time to time, and he wondered when Yan Song would make a comeback.

Ma Weidu, a cultural scholar, once said, "you can only be able to work with people you hate."

people come and go, and we can't decide who to work with, but we can decide what attitude to take.

broaden your horizons and don't confine yourself to momentary love and hate.

the pattern is bigger, and you know how to consider the longer-term gains and losses.

those who have far-reaching plans will not be sentimental, but will consider them all and carefully.

the way of saints lies in concealment and concealment, according to  Ghost Valley .

this is also the way to be a human being.

the purpose of practicing Chengfu is not to intrigue, but to put on armor and better fight the world.