Please tell your child: those who exercise self-discipline are excellent, while those who are lazy are out!

/August 2022

the policy of "double reduction" has officially landed in an all-round way after the beginning of the school term.

in order to respond to the "double reduction" call of the Ministry of Education, teachers begin to assign less homework or even no homework.

there are no unit tests, monthly exams and mid-term exams in schools. It is difficult for parents to grasp the real situation of how their children are doing.

the children's learning problems will not be exposed until the final exam, and it will be too late to change them. Therefore, in the post-double reduction era, family education is particularly important.

under the "double reduction", parents need to be strict with their children, cultivate their children's autonomous learning ability, cultivate their children's self-discipline, let their children learn time management, and master more learning methods and skills.

there was a saying on Zhihu, which once exploded:

"since you don't want to make progress all day, you don't have any goals to speak of, don't have heroic dreams, and be willing to be mediocre."

you should have a bright future and be effortless. Why don't you go to heaven? "

the words are not rough. Every child who is lost in the comfort zone needs to be awakened by his parents. There is no easy success, only day-to-day efforts and self-discipline.

in the new semester, parents must tell their children that there is an immutable truth in this world: those who exercise self-discipline excel and those who are lazy are out!


the so-called self-discipline

is the discipline set by oneself

I often hear parents complain:

when children do their homework, adults have to keep watch. When they play with the computer all day, they have to get up, sleep, eat, and go to school. In short, adults have to watch over all the big and small things. Otherwise, don't expect him to do it well.

in fact, these are all manifestations of children's lack of self-discipline, children who lack self-discipline always need to have a coach-like role around him, otherwise it is easy to slack off.

but learning is the child's own business, if the child does not know self-discipline, then it is very difficult to learn well anyway.

as Li Xuyang, the number one science student in Guizhou Province, said:

there is no achievement that does not require sweat, and there is no success that does not require ruthless persistence.

the so-called self-discipline is the discipline you set for yourself and force yourself to obey it.

force yourself to concentrate on reading when others are out for fun;

force yourself to get up early when others are sleeping in;

force yourself to concentrate when others are uneasy.

Children can only manage themselves, replace laziness with self-discipline, change the ambiguous heat of three minutes into indomitable determination, and change the wavering "I would like to" into a clear "I will finish" in order to realize their ideals.

although you will inevitably feel tired on the way forward, as long as you still have the most sincere enthusiasm in your heart, you will eventually reach the distance you want to go.


the process of self-discipline is very difficult

but the life of self-discipline is very good

I remember someone once asked Dong Qing: "many people ask me, can you always adhere to the habit of reading for an hour before going to bed?"

Dong Qing said very sincerely:

"it doesn't matter whether you insist or not, it's just that you're used to it.

there is no TV, no cell phone, no electronic products in the bedroom. This is one of my habits. I can sleep after reading quietly. "

the early stage of self-discipline is excitement, the middle stage is pain, and the later stage is enjoyment.

the same is true of cultivating children's self-discipline. Before starting self-discipline, they feel impossible. After starting self-discipline, they feel extremely tormented, and after a period of time, it becomes a habit.

those children who persist in reading from an early age will not find it painful to read every day. On the contrary, when they do not read books one day, they will not get used to it.

those children who are used to finishing their homework and then playing will not find it difficult to learn first and then play. On the contrary, if you let him play first and then learn, he will not have a good time.

Real self-discipline is not as "painful" as outsiders see, but as accustomed to eating and sleeping every day.

self-disciplined children, they seem to abuse themselves, but in fact they enjoy the joy of solving difficult problems and the joy of getting good grades after studying hard.

self-disciplined children may seem hard, but they are never frustrated and confused, because they always have their own firm goals.

self-discipline is not "pain" or "discipline", but a way to help you achieve your goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo says that what is worth having is always hard to come by.

son, what you have accumulated today will sooner or later become beyond the reach of others. This is the point of self-discipline.


indulgence is not freedom

self-discipline to master life

there is a problem in Zhihu: what is your deepest misunderstanding?

the most popular answer is to think that freedom means doing what you want to do, but only later found out that those who discipline themselves will have freedom.

Children, they watch TV if they want to watch TV, play with their mobile phone if they want to play with their mobile phone, don't write their homework if they don't want to do it, and don't go to class if they don't want to go to class. these are not freedom, but are held back by desire and controlled by laziness.

it is not that you do not want to make progress, but that you are too lazy to make progress. It is not that you do not want to study hard, but that you are beingTemptation, influence.

Dou Wentao once mentioned in the Round Table fastidious School:

"only those who exercise self-discipline can be called free. You are like an undisciplined person, he is actually controlled by desire, you want to eat, you want to sleep, you succumb to the flesh.

this self-disciplined person, my spirit says let the body get up, it has to get up, let it eat less, it has to eat less. Such people are called freedom. "

unbridled laissez-faire, the freedom gained in this way will eventually collapse in reality, and what self-discipline wins is your sense of autonomy in reality, and it is true freedom.

get up early to study, although the moment of getting up painful, but at the end of the day is full of heart; play, indulgence of the present although happy, but often feel guilty before going to bed.

Learning is inherently anti-human, painful and insistent. Because of this, excellence always belongs to a few people.

the people who can really climb to the top and look out into the distance are always those who have no distractions and insist on moving forward.

so, to be a self-disciplined person, live a high and free life, and do not regret this life.


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there is nothing behind excellence

but self-discipline

Last year, Hunan girl Yao Ting was selected as Huawei's "Young Genius" with an annual salary of 1.56 million yuan.

compared with ordinary people, she does not have smart talent and strong background. Her success depends on ten years of self-discipline.

her high school head teacher commented on her like this:

No one is the child of God. Mortal capital is diligent and self-disciplined, which seems to be helpless to deal with, but in fact it is the wisest choice.

Destiny is fair, the more difficult the road to success, the more easy the road leads to mediocrity.

if you want to achieve something, you must give up something, give up your idleness of pleasure, give up your inertia of love and dislike of work, and give up your half-hearted hesitation.

if you choose far away, don't be afraid of going through wind and rain. With more self-discipline, you will be closer to what you want to be.

as a sentence in "the first half of my Life":

the road has to go step by step, bitter to eat one mouthful, cramp and peel in order to be reborn, otherwise, there are no shortcuts.

behind all the outstanding people, there are unimaginable efforts.

Children, no one is comfortable when he is a teenager, and those who are really excellent are often those who are willing to be hard on themselves.

the sufferings you have suffered, the losses you have suffered, the responsibilities you have borne, the sins you have borne, and the pain you have endured will eventually turn into light and light your way forward.

endure the pain for a while and be at ease for a long time, so that it is worth a trip to practice in the world.