People who walk uphill have 10 habits.

/August 2022

Mr. Lu Xun said:

people who walk uphill all have these ten habits, and they must force themselves to form them!


emotional stability

people who walk uphill have already given up their emotions.

those who can control their emotions can control their lives.

Shakespeare said: "if one thinks too much, he will lose the pleasure of being a man."

when the car comes to the mountain, there must be a way, and the boat will go straight when it comes to the bridge.

Let nature take its course and don't make trouble for yourself.

if you are emotionally stable, your life will be smooth.


mindset tolerance

people get along with each other, the most rare thing is tolerance.

people with a tolerant mentality can't help being close to each other.

there is a saying in the Zhuzi category: "compare the heart to the heart, and in this way each will get his own peace."

tolerance is a kind of good deed when we come into this world.

face up to the situation of others, understand their difficulties, understand their difficulties, and respect their emotions.

tolerate others, and others will respond to you.


pay attention to details

there is a saying in Shangshu: "if you are not proud of doing small things, you will eventually be tired of great virtue."

it fell short of success. "

there are many lessons of turning over because of "not sticking to the details".

the rope breaks in the thin place, and the ice breaks in the thin place.

it's like building a mountain nine feet high, and you can't succeed without a basket of soil.

ignore the details, and the details will become a deficiency.

not paying attention to details will eventually damage one's own virtue.


strong will

will is a kind of goal and a kind of determination.

Wang Yangming said: "Fu Zhi, the handsome of Qi, the life of man, the root of wood, and the source of water."

people have to be strong-willed, so that they can have motivation in life and have a rush in life.

even if you encounter difficulties and setbacks, you can have the last laugh.



there is a saying: "always think about your own mistakes, don't talk about others."

everything, first find the reason from yourself.

people who are good at reflection can correct themselves in time.

do not complain in case of trouble, do not evade mistakes.


never procrastinate

I am most afraid of the word "procrastination".

Today's business should be done today.

tomorrow after tomorrow, how many tomorrow?

small things turn into great things, good things into bad things, and easy things into difficult things.

in the end, it ended up with nothing and nothing.

Tao Yuanming has a poem saying:

if you don't do it all over again in your prime, you can't do it again in the morning.

be diligent in time, and time waits for no man.

stop procrastinating and take action right away.

only those who cherish today can grasp tomorrow.


if you want to grow upward, you must first take root.

success is not achieved overnight, but only based on accumulated strength.

Confucius said, "No desire for speed, no small profit."

haste makes waste, and great things fail to see small profits. "

only by working silently and accumulating strength can we usher in a steady rise.


No excuses

it is easy to make excuses, but it is difficult to face failure.

there is only one reason for success, and there can be tens of millions of excuses for failure.

do not make excuses for yourself, do not give yourself a "back road".

there is only one life, so you should go all out to live your wonderful life.


keep focused

Zeng Guofan said: "mortals for one thing, specialization and proficiency, to dispute and break up."

whatever you do, there is only one secret to success: stay focused.

concentrate on reading when you read, and indulge in play when you play.

successful people tend to dig deep in one field and stick to it until the end.

A hammer from east to west will only waste time and energy.


A good beginning and an end

there is a saying in the Book of songs: "there is no beginning, but fresh grams have an end."

most people get off to a good start.

but there are very few people who can hold on to the end.

as soon as the heat of waiting for three minutes is over, there will be no more.

the last part is the most difficult to complete, and most people fall before the finish line.

whenever you start to slack off, remind yourself not to give up easily.

the more persistence, the less regret.

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