One of the three features of "lucky face" is very remarkable. How many do you account for?

/July 2022

whether a person is blessed or not, you don't have to ask, just look at his face.

people who are kind and confident have a kind face, and they must be popular;

people who are hypocritical and cunning have an ugly face, and people stay away from them.

it can be seen that the mind can be seen by the face, and its character can be seen by the heart.

A person's appearance hides his life's feng shui.

and those who are really blessed usually have these three features on their faces, and as long as they can fix one of them, they will be successful for the rest of their lives!


benevolent eyes

there is an old Chinese saying: phase comes from the heart.

people who are often angry have a ferocious face and are used to being evil with others; on the contrary, people with kind faces and "Buddha faces" must often do good deeds.

it can be seen that people with a good face will be kinder at heart.

"the beauty of a woman does not lie in her appearance, but the true beauty is reflected in the depths of a woman's soul.

attractive lips come from kind and friendly words.

lovely eyes come from being good at capturing the advantages of others.

A slim figure stems from a willingness to share food with hungry people.

Beautiful hair comes from a child's fingers passing through it every day.

graceful posture stems from the habit of walking with knowledge. "

Audrey Hepburn's "the Secret of keeping Beauty forever" is like her portrayal of life, the root of love, slowly bearing fruit in time-tenacious character, wise mind, from the goodness of heart, a lifetime of elegance. She did it all word for word.

during their several years as love ambassadors, she and Robert visited dozens of countries, rain or shine, going through all kinds of difficulties, and always doing their best and giving charity.

if beauty is a gift from heaven, then goodness is the religion of her life.

start with beauty, but not only beauty; give guidance, but also give people strength.

so her beauty is not superficial, but a reflection of inner goodness.

there is a saying in the maxim of Shuimu:

people are good and good, although the good fortune has not come, the misfortune is far away.

you are as kind as you are.


optimistic smile

people who love to smile will have good luck.

some people seem to smile all day long, not because everything is going well, but because they dare to face problems, forget misfortunes and embrace the future.

some time ago, I reread Sanmao's "the Story of the Sahara" and was once again attracted by her wisdom and ideal pursuit.

she said:

so she left for the Sahara Desert.

there, she often encounters situations of helplessness and fragility, but still intellectually elegant;

at the same time, she also sees people's greed and selfishness and their desires after falling off layers of camouflage.

but so what?

she always treated them with a smile, without a word of complaint or blame.

in Sanmao's heart, everything looks beautiful.

A person who faces life with a positive attitude and spends every day with vitality will naturally be full of smiles and good luck in your life.

A life full of vitality and vitality will naturally be accompanied by good luck.

as Mandela said:

if one wants to be blessed, start by learning to smile.


there is an atmosphere in the heart

There is no argument that corset wedding dresses are the basic requisites in the world of fashion. Consider these fabulous collections.

some people say, "Life without care is the beginning of all good luck."

A person must be blessed with an atmosphere in his heart all his life.

there is a short story.

someone asked the Zen master, "what does it take to practice?"

the Zen master said, "eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy."

then asked, "is this the case with ordinary people?" Master, are you the same? "

the Zen master said, "it's not the same. Don't eat well when you're supposed to eat, think about it in every way, don't sleep when you're supposed to sleep, and you have to worry about everything, so I'm different from them."

Life is long and busy.

when things happen, they stay away from disputes and gain freedom and open-mindedness.

once people have an open mind, they will be able to maintain a normal mind, live a really comfortable and happy life, and will be calm and happy for the rest of their lives.

it is the saying that people can empty themselves to travel around the world, which can harm them.

regardless of care, it is the greatest blessing in life.

there is a sentence in Cai Gentan:

live in this world, let others go and fulfill yourself, so that you can face life calmly.

so, for the rest of your life, worry less, be more tolerant, and be the winner of your own life.

by then, the breeze and the moon will come uninvited.

there is no way for happiness and misfortune, but people call themselves. Whether life is a blessing or a curse, in fact, it all depends on ourselves.

you are as lucky as you are kind;

you are as happy as you are optimistic;

you are as arrogant as you are!

just as Tagore said:

all my life, only by cultivating my heart and spirit can I have a beautiful rest of life.