One life, two luck, three fengshui, four meritorious deeds, five studies, six careers, seven couples

/August 2022



Life is like playing cards, some people are born with good cards, some people are born with bad cards.

some people are born rich and have no worries about food and clothing. Some people are born poor and lack of food and clothing.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: everything is fate, nothing is human.

fate is a destiny, which is decided by everyone before he is born.

fate is unpredictable and makes people feel mysterious and frightened.

"Yi Shi ci": "Lotte knows fate, so don't worry."

the best way to deal with fate is to know fate.

knowing the trajectory of heaven and earth, knowing the laws of life in the universe, and understanding the truth of life in the world, people will not worry.



innate is fate, acquired is fate.

We often say one word: luck without luck.

Xiang Ling, the servant girl in A Dream of Red Mansions, comes from a rich family and is a young lady of a large family.

but when she was young, she was abducted, sold, and exiled as a maid of Xue Xi. She was bullied and humiliated. This is called luck.

Life is like a cloud, and transportation is like the wind. As soon as the wind blows, the clouds may disperse.

Yundao, it's hard to talk about.

Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river.

Shi Lai Yun Zhun (Lucky Dumplings) and no Tai Lai are common things.

and the only thing we can do is to cultivate morality.

as the saying goes: ten fingers are alive, good luck comes first. Three fingers are conscience, seven fingers are sincere.

to be a good person, you will have a good world in your heart, and your luck will not be too bad.



Chinese people like to say: the unity of man and nature.

the natural environment is closely related to people's health.

Building, decoration and graveyard all need fengshui from site selection, construction and orientation.

the land is prosperous, the land is prosperous, and the house is prosperous.

good fengshui can make people's luck flourish.

the emperors and generals in ancient China generally attached great importance to fengshui.

after Zeng Guofan's father died, he went to great pains and spent several years to find a fengshui place for his father.

I hope I can keep my family alive.

Lin Zexu said: bad intentions are not good for fengshui.

the best fengshui is actually the human heart.

A person's heart is not kind, no matter how good fengshui is.

Fu people live in blessed land and live in Fudi Fu.

good fengshui can support people, and good character can also raise fengshui.

Fan Zhongyan's subordinates once recommended a piece of fengshui treasure land to him, but Fan Zhongyan built it into an academy.

all local students can enjoy this fengshui treasure land, and Fan Zhongyan has contributed to the prosperity of local science and education.

although there is no feng shui blessing, Fan Zhongyan and his descendants pass on the family well and relieve the poor, and the family has flourished for more than 800 years.


accumulate meritorious deeds

the ancients said: "the family of morality has been handed down for more than ten generations, followed by those of ploughing and reading, followed by those of poetry and books, and those of wealth and nobility, but for three generations."

if a family wants to pass on, it does not rely on fengshui, but on accumulating virtue and doing good deeds.

A family that accumulates goodness must have Yu Qing; if it is not good, it will have aftermath.

as long as a family is willing to do good deeds, it can prolong its children in the future. if a family is rich and unkind, it will bring disaster to its children and grandchildren in the future.

kind-hearted people have bright hearts and affinity, and they tend to have better relationships.

they are noble in heart and will not do bad things without a bottom line, and naturally they will not incur evil.

Zengzi once said: people are good and good. Although the good fortune has not yet come, the misfortune is far away.

to pray to God and worship the Buddha, it is better to accumulate virtue and do good deeds. Kindness is the best amulet.



Reading is the best habit of a family and the nobility of a person's lowest threshold.

Zhu Xi once said, "for the way of learning, there is no precedence over poor reason. The most important thing for poor reason is to read."

Reading is for understanding, for knowledge, and for progress.

the pattern of one's knowledge depends to a large extent on how many books he has read.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said: "Reading is like visiting a house-- a door-to-door visit.

if you want to see an admired teacher or pay homage to a famous scholar, you don't have to say hello in advance, and you're not afraid to disturb the host. "

in the book, we can easily turn the master's opinions and experiences into our own nourishment.

only those who are willing to read can be rich in themselves, can they not follow blindly, and can be independent and confident in doing things.

the belly is full of poetry and bookishness. one's appearance will grow old, but the soul nourished by books will never wither.


choose a career

as the saying goes: men are afraid of entering the wrong profession, while women are afraid of marrying the wrong man.

everyone has their own interests and strengths, and different people are suitable for different industries.

only by finding a suitable job can you make corresponding achievements.

know yourself accurately, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and be careful to enter the profession.

the ancients said: if you are poor and cheap and have a career, you will not be hungry and cold; if you are rich and have a career, you will not be wrong.

both men and women must have a job and something to do before they can have something to eat.

in other words, work is the foundation of a person. Only when you have a job can you earn an income and maintain an independent personality.

choosing a career is important, but dedication is also important.

if a person wants toIf you get ahead in a certain industry, you have to be stable.

now the problem for many young people is not to choose a career, but to be unwilling to step on it.

persevere, you must get something; wherever you are sincere, stone is open.

what experience can you accumulate if you change your job in a few months?

it is impossible to achieve anything with one hammer in the east and one stick in the west.


choose a mate

behind a successful man, there must be a virtuous woman.

behind a successful woman, there must be a reliable man.

families need two people to support each other, and choosing a mate is a lifetime event. So

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everything from character knowledge to tutoring should be considered.

Marriage is not a family, and the destinies of two people for the rest of their lives must be linked together and must be treated well.

Su Shi's first wife, Wang Fu, knew books and courtesy, was good at judging people, and helped Su Shi avoid many disasters.

the man is the locomotive, which determines the height of the family, while the woman is the regulating valve and determines the temperature of the family. Only by supporting each other can the family be happy.


what kind of person you are around you will be what you will become in the future.

A person's behavior, knowledge and career will be influenced by his friends.

if they can make good friends, the two people can sharpen and support each other.

in this sense, it can be said that choosing a friend is choosing fate.

what is a noble person?

friends are honorable people because they can point out your mistakes and help you become a better person.

good friends are honorable people, because they can lead you on the right path and provide positive energy.

there is another kind of person who is far higher than you, who brings you opportunities and who can determine the development of your career.

they have opportunities, capital, connections and patterns.

when Zeng Guofan entered Beijing, the imperial examinations did not go well. Had it not been for his mentor, Mu Chang'a, he could not have achieved the officialdom miracle of being promoted to ten grades in nine years.

such dignitaries are impossible to find. When you encounter an opportunity, you must seize it.

of course, you have to be hard to strike iron, and if you want to be appreciated by dignitaries, you have to have the ability to show your hands. To improve one's own strength is the last word.


keep in good health

Huangdi's Internal Classic says: treat the disease without curing the disease.

means that before you get sick, it is too late to take precautions and wait until you are terminally ill to start treatment.

the body is the capital of the revolution, the body is one hundred, fame, wealth and money are zero.

what's wrong, don't take medicine.

only when you are in good health can your family and career be guaranteed.

so pay attention to keeping in good health.

Don't stay up late, exercise more, drink less and smoke less. Eat reasonably and have regular physical check-ups.

Health is gold, longevity is a blessing, physical and mental health has happiness and happiness.