No one is stupid. I just don't say it.

/July 2022

take advantage of others and get the favor of others, many people think that they deserve it, but in fact, they are only lenient.

as the old saying goes, "it is better to cheat than to be honest, but sincerity can win the hearts of the people."

No matter how clever the calculation is, it is not as good as sincerity.

Life is often not as smart as kindness, the truth can only be seen from the heart.

if you rely on the kindness of others, blindly calculate; if you see that others are talkative, you will deceive wantonly; then the trust given to you by others will only happen once.

in fact, no one is stupid, just don't say it.

some people give way to you because they care about you; some people treat you well because they cherish you.

be a man, don't cold your heart and cool your true feelings.


No one is stupid, just don't say it

clever, not a calculation.

those who look a little silly are just willing to be honest.

Sand and foam says: "deception sometimes succeeds, but it often commits suicide."

deceiving others as fools may be able to deceive temporary benefits, but this is not smart, it is stupid.

because of your deceit, you hurt the kindness of others and lose your own conscience. As a result, you will only suffer the consequences.

in the TV series "Twenty No doubts", Duan Jiabao is well-off and very generous to his friends.

because she liked the same idol, Jiabao felt very congenial when she saw Xiao Bing for the first time, so he sent her a set of idol pendant.

after that, Jiabao took Xiao Bing as his bosom friend, often invited her to dinner, gave her gifts, and bought her concert tickets.

but Xiao Bing only thinks that many people are stupid and always thinks of ways to spend it.

once, Xiao Bing invited a group of friends to sing and eat, but she wanted to be generous with her family treasure.

she distributes the humanoid pendant from Jiabao to her friends. In her opinion, the humanoid pendant is like the treasure of an ATM.

at the party, Xiao Bing spent money without scruples. But did not think, at this time Jiabao has seen her clearly, cold heart to her.

Jiabao quietly left the singing room under the pretext of going to the toilet.

when the waiter checked out, Xiao Bing was faced with a high bill and found that she had hit herself in the foot this time.

No one is really stupid, and most of the time others just don't want to care.

whoever it is, if what he has been giving is not treated well, he will take it back.

if a person chooses to be silent in the face of your deception, either because he still cares, or because he has given up.

German poet Lukert said: "True friendship should be the same in terms of pros and cons. It is impossible to see a rose from the front and a thorn from the back."

any relationship is mutual.

if you take people for fools, no matter how kind they are, they will be stingy and sincere to you; your eyes are full of calculations, and even a generous heart will build a high wall against you.

there are no people who are really fooling, only people who are willing to treat you.

Don't underestimate those who look stupid, their hearts are more precious than anything else.


the goodness of others is not taken for granted

in life, what we are most likely to remember is the faults of others, and the easiest thing to ignore is the kindness of others to you.

because you are used to accepting good intentions, you take it for granted.

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but in fact, no one owes anyone a lifetime.

Zeng Guofan said: "A gentleman is unforgettable if he does not receive favors from others."

everyone should have an emotional account in his heart. If you receive a favor, you will remember a love.

Ni Ping once supported a poor college student named Cui Yong.

during his four years in college, he insisted on reporting his life and study to Ni Ping by email or text message.

during the holidays, I don't forget to call Ni Ping.

Cui Yong will also bring some specialties and agricultural products from his hometown and give them to Ni Ping.

maybe some people think Cui Yong is silly, because Ni Ping is not short of these humble things. Someone said to Cui Yong, "people don't help you in return."

but Cui Yong does not think so. He said:

in Ni Ping's eyes, although these things are inconspicuous, they are their hearts, so they are very valuable.

in life, no one should be nice to each other. We accept goodwill and sincerity, and remember to repay our sincerity.

Bi Shumin said in "the woman I love":

the relationship between people is the same. Only when you get something in return and know how to give can it last long.

every kind of giving is worth seeing; it is taken for granted that no one is good.

Don't think too highly of yourself in any relationship, because kindness can't stand waste, and you really can't afford to live up to it.

people are not like steel and concrete. If they are much disappointed, they will feel pain.

feelings are more like growing flowers and planting trees. Only by watering them with sincerity can they bear fruit.

people's emotional accounts have to go in and out, and don't ask for them wantonly based on the kindness of others.


people change their hearts, so you really

people are complicated and simple.

it's like a blessing bag. What you put into it is true, and what you get is often true; what you put into it is fake, and most of what you get is fake.

there are also many relationships between people, people change people's hearts, and you are true to yourself.