No matter how expensive the school district room is, it is not as good as teaching children to talk well.

/July 2022

some time ago, my family went out with my best friend's family.

when I passed a roadside stall, my daughter asked for roast sausage, so I gave my daughter ten yuan to buy it herself.

at this moment, my best friend's son suddenly said to my daughter, "go ahead, let the car run you over on the road!"

this sentence is too much.

as soon as I heard this, I immediately sank my face and almost slapped him, regardless of whether he was my best friend's son or not.

seeing that I was angry, my best friend could only apologize again and again: "this is his mouth," he said. "never mind."

at last, I tried not to speak.

later, after climbing a section of mountain road, we finally arrived at the rest hostel.

my best friend inadvertently said, "Today, I'm running around and climbing mountains. I'm tired to death."

who knows, her son answered directly: "then why aren't you dead yet? why don't you die now?"

in an instant, it stunned us all.

my best friend can only pretend to scold awkwardly: "son of a bitch, can you speak?" Who taught you to curse your own mother! "

after these two episodes, I really have deep doubts about my best friend's parenting style.

she always says that "children's words are not bogey", but some children's "children's words" are pure and lovely, while others are uneducated and do not know what to do.

those children who can't speak well often lose completely the moment they open their mouth.


behind the hurtful export of children is the lack of family literacy

in the popular TV series "Tiger Mom and Cat Dad", there is a segment that impressed me deeply.

Zhao Wei's daughter, Xi Xi, is a typical child who "can't talk well".

Zhao Wei and her family went to visit their relatives in the countryside. the adults at the dinner table livened up the atmosphere and wanted Sisi to express herself and dance.

but who knows, the little girl embarrassed the whole table when she opened her mouth:

"I'm not jumping, this is not a palace.

it's the palace. I just jump. It's so broken. "

in front of the host's family, he said that his house was so dilapidated that any child who knew something and could talk a little could not say anything that could easily lead to discord between the host and the guest.

We often use "children's words Wuji" as a shield for children's "hurtful exit".

as everyone knows, behind the children's words, apart from exposing the lack of a child's language ability, it also exposes the upbringing of the whole family.

Cissy, a little girl in Tiger Mom and Cat Dad, blurted out when relatives and children were ready to perform:

in a word, the two families changed from relatives to "enemies" in an instant.

in fact, most of the time, a child cannot speak well, which is often caused by improper family education.

like Cissy's uneducated remarks, it is mainly because Grandma likes to gossip behind her back and always discriminates against relatives in the country in front of her.

language is the most contagious thing. When we don't say "nice things" in front of our children, children will learn the same and get used to not talking well.

psychologist Dr. Susan Foward has said that children don't distinguish between facts and jokes. They believe what their parents say about them and turn them into their own ideas.

the child is the business card of the parents, and everything the parents say and do will be copied by the child.

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deeds are more important than words. If you want your child to speak well, parents should first set a good example and stop them in time when their child's mouth hurts someone for the first time.

in fact, more than once in my daily life, I have seen my best friend's son speak openly against others.

I have mentioned it to her many times, but my best friend always thinks that the child is still young, but he is just not sensible for the time being, and maybe he will be better when he grows up.

and the experience of this trip finally made her understand:

the better her self-cultivation, the more she needs to be cultivated from an early age.

once a child is used to speaking without scruples, it is even more difficult to get him to speak well.


A child who doesn't talk well

hurts others and hurts himself

every parent wants his child to grow up to be a promising person, but the premise of cultivating an excellent child is to teach him to talk well.

those who speak to the point and move people always stand out in a variety of scenes.

and those children who are impolite and can't talk, even if they dress up pretty and lovable every day, they still can't win applause once they deal with people.

do you still remember the countless Princess Huaiji and Huirou in Qingping Music?

in the play, Huaiji is a warm and talented eunuch. The ill-fated regret between him and the princess was once remembered by everyone.

originally, the actor who played Huaiji could take advantage of the fire, but because of his "open mouth", he ruined his good image in the eyes of the audience.

in a live broadcast, he almost turned Ren Min, who plays Huirou, into tears.

Ren Min said she soaked her feet. Bian Cheng said that Ren Min's feet were particularly smelly.

ask for first impressions of each other. Bian Cheng said, she is not very good-looking, not very tall, is a mediocre sister.

ask if you want to cooperate a second time. Bian Cheng immediately refused, saying that he did not want to cooperate, and that Ren Min could play his aunt.

after a live broadcast, Ren Min was mute.Yan drank awkwardly many times, raised his head and tried to hold back his tears.

after the live broadcast, things became more and more intense. Netizens turned black to the fans of the 15-year-old new generation of actors, saying bluntly:

"it's really rude to raise your tail to the sky before it's on fire."

in desperation, Bian Cheng could only send an apology to Ren Min on Weibo, but could not recover the good impression he had lost.

in fact, the birth of a child star has starred in many well-known popular plays:

Baoyu in A Dream of Red Mansions, and Yongqi, a teenager in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace. Every character is very popular and affirmed.

if he continues according to the original momentum, he could have become a hot actor, but after the live car rollover, netizens no longer like him.

as an actor, he does not know how to speak well, which leads to a sharp decline in word-of-mouth, and naturally loses a lot of opportunities for "popularity".

it can be seen that children who can't talk well, whether in school, work or socially, are more likely to stumble and suffer big losses.

there is such a passage on the Internet:

18 years old, unable to say love words, may miss the beloved girl;

22 years old, can not express themselves, there is no way to talk and laugh with HR when looking for a job;

27 years old, do not know the communication skills between superiors and subordinates, unable to establish their own workplace influence;

30 years old, can not mediate the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the family lacks a harmonious relationship.