Let people spend their lives by three feet! (benefited a lot from reading)

/June 2022

in the answer paper of life, there are countless multiple-choice questions.

when something happens, most of the time, we make a choice before we have time to think about it, and then we look back and sigh: if we had known this, why would we have done it in the first place?

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in fact, there are many things in life that pass by by giving way to each other.

but at that time, because they could not swallow such a breath, they struggled with each other, and in the end, they both lost.

even sometimes, we get into trouble with each other in a moment of anger, causing disasters for ourselves.

contention is not a skill, but concession is self-cultivation!


good words are warm in three winters, bad words hurt people in June

a kind word can make people happy;

a cruel word can break people's hearts.

when we talk to people, if there is a dispute and our attitude is a little better, then maybe the dispute will be strangled in the cradle.

if there is a disagreement, there will be a big fight, regardless of the occasion or the situation, and the end result may not be as simple as giving birth to a festival, but will kill people.

in this world, how many disputes are caused by a little contradiction, and then infinitely magnified, resulting in an irreparable outcome!

just after one stop, I argued with the driver and the bus fell into the river.

if each had taken a step back at that time, how could there have been such a tragic scene?

people, sometimes there is no deep-rooted hatred for each other.

there are only momentary indignation, and bad words come out!

A problem that can be solved by an apology, why does it have to escalate to an irreconcilable contradiction?


Let people have nothing to lose.

and colleagues, knowing let will not be so unpleasant for the sake of a client;

and lover, know let, won't hold a grudge against each other for many years because of a cruel word;

and friends, know let, won't pass by because of a little dissatisfaction!

the life that does not know how to give way will only become narrower and narrower, and those who have nothing to lose will end up alone.

between people, there is going back and forth. If you give a little more today, I will give more tomorrow. Only by being considerate to each other can we go far, and only by making concessions to each other can we be respectable!

when you get along with others, don't think about dismantling each other. Dismantling each other will only be tiresome and defiant will only alienate people.

everything depends on man, and affection depends on man.

Don't always feel that no one is good to you and no one has an obligation to be good to others.

to those who are sincere to us, let those who come and go frequently have nothing to lose.

when we get along with others, there is really no need for us to argue with each other over a trivial matter and finally lose our feelings.

when we make concessions to others, we also make way for ourselves; when we show mercy to others, we also save dignity for ourselves.

feelings are mutual, and mutual support is always more comfortable than getting along with each other.


the width of the sea is far less than the width of the heart, and the thickness of the ground is far less than that of virtue

in this life, we will meet a lot of people, some people make you happy, give you life, some people make you pain, give you growth.

between people, this is a fate, fate will gather, no fate will break up, how can there be so many grudges that cannot be resolved?

We are kind to others, not to show them to anyone, but to be born to preserve the belief of others.

We are courteous to others, not to be rewarded, but to take a step back.

Why do you always care about being a man?

those who care, those who are tired, those who worry, are haggard. Sometimes the more we care, the more upset we are, the more we can't help our temper, and the more intense it becomes.

people's temper is like a fire, which will go out without adding fuel to it. The more they argue, the more they will burn.

learn to give way, there is no conflict with each other; be broad-minded, generous and popular!

the width of the sea is not as wide as the width of the heart, and the thickness of the ground is not as thick as virtue. The wider the heart is, the easier it is to live, and the kinder the person is, the happier he is.

to make concessions is not only to tolerate others, but also to cross over! If we get out of the way, we don't know how much better our life will be.