Let go of other people's mistakes and free your own heart

/August 2022

Turgenev said:

I am deeply convinced that all diseases are caused by qi, which hurts the body and grieves with anger.

things are changeable, and it is hard to avoid things that fail to fulfill one's wishes in life. Don't be disgruntled and resentful, let alone get entangled. You have to face both good and bad things calmly, and good or bad will become a thing of the past.

Let go of other people's mistakes, don't get angry, learn to forgive and let go, not only free your heart, but also be kind to yourself, and live a comfortable and open-minded life every day.


relax your heart and be less angry

the heart you care about is like a pocket, the more you care, the more tired you feel. And a tolerant heart is like a funnel, the more relaxed it is, the more comfortable it is.

as the saying goes: if the mind is relaxed, everything you can see is sunny, and if you care about it, everything you can see is haze.

people live in the world, relax their hearts, we can live a more comfortable and open-minded life.

when people are alive, it is not easy for anyone. They all have unspeakable pain and bitterness, so be more tolerant and considerate.

moreover, with different experiences and different perceptions, it is impossible for everyone to think alike, to be harmonious but different, and not to impose their own ideas on others.

nothing in the world is perfect. If there is no perfect person or thing, everyone will make mistakes. Don't worry too much about everything, try to be tolerant and considerate.

in fact, when you calm down and think about it, you will suddenly realize that your hysterical anger will not solve any problem at all, but will only make things worse.

angry, angry with yourself, the more you care about it, it will only escalate the contradiction infinitely and hurt each other's feelings.

in life, the better people are, the more broad-minded they are, the more tolerant they are, because they understand that anger will only make them angry, and the more they care about it, the more the losses outweigh the gain.

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to be a man, you should relax your heart, be less angry, ignore those who are hypocritical and cunning, and laugh at people with different values.

Don't worry too much about right and wrong, don't pester meaningless things or people, don't argue, ignore the troubles of the world, let go of other people's mistakes, let go of yourself, and feel pure.

with a magnanimous heart, to accommodate, to understand, to understand, to witness your mind with tolerance, to show your character with magnanimity, to let go of the unintentional mistakes of others, and to liberate your heart.


it is the greatest blessing for a person

A narrow-minded person will be aggressive, haggle over everything, and eventually give himself trouble and trouble himself.

and people with large patterns must be magnanimous and tolerant, because he knows that the more some people care, the more they become blocked.

A selfless person at the bottom of his heart must be kind-hearted, know how to compare his heart to heart, observe others' difficulties, and forgive others' mistakes.

the society is very simple, what is complicated is the human heart, everyone has his own selfishness, and in the end, the mood is different, and the life he gets is also different.

because of a little petty gain, some people care too much and have to pretend to live less and less of themselves and their original innocence.

but some people are open-minded, do not care about minor mistakes, tolerate the mistakes of others, know how to let others go, look at opening up, and let go of their own hearts.

Open-minded, do not haggle over pennies, gains and losses is the norm of life, no matter how much care can not change the reality, do not return their own a relaxed and indifferent.

people are tired when they are alive. If you take everything to heart and punish yourself for other people's mistakes, you will inevitably add burden to your heart and lose the happiness you should have when you are alive.

people in this life, in fact, sometimes there is really no need to haggle over everything, because if you care too much and think too much, you will only let yourself carry the weight forward.

everything in the world has long been doomed, so it's better to relax your heart, don't care, don't think too much, don't argue, don't give up, and spend the rest of your life calmly.

the more people do not care, the more comfortable they are, and the more blessed they are, because the greatest blessing of a person is that you are open-minded, indifferent, well-behaved and kind-hearted.


Let go of other people's mistakes and get rid of one's own heart

in this life, people will always encounter unpleasant things, people who will not forgive others, people who disagree with them, and people who are not satisfied with themselves.

if you can let go of other people's mistakes, don't pester them, don't worry about them, and smile calmly, you can get a relaxed and undisturbed life.

someone asked Yu Guangzhong: "Li ao finds fault with you every day, and you never respond. Why?"

Yu Guangzhong said: "scolding me every day shows that he can't live without me, but I don't care, which proves that I can live without him."

when a person is faced with the questioning and slander of others, if he can really let go, do not take it seriously, do not care, it is to protect himself, and it is also the most correct way to deal with the world.

Don't take other people's mistakes seriously. The more you care about them, the more serious they are, the more complacent they are. If you don't take it seriously, they can't hurt you.

some people are not important, don't take it to heart, don't invite them into our lives, those who care about us should care more about their company. For those with good conduct, we get to know them deeply, while those with bad character, we stay away.

Open up, let go of other people's mistakes, life will be at ease, look down, ignore the troubles of right and wrong, not serious, not entangled, the heart can be liberated.

learn to relax, learn to be magnanimous and tolerant, and act calmly. The more you don't get angry, the more you have a larger pattern, the more you don't care, the more blessed you are.

your mind is broad enough, your personality is open-minded enough, and your life will be smooth enough!