Leave your seat. Who are you?

/August 2022

I have heard a fable.

in the desert, a camel toiled through the whole piece of sand.

an ant, lying on the camel, came over without any effort.

the camel is tall, sturdy and shiny, and everyone you meet can't help but look up and praise it.

the ant said smug, "you see, everyone will pay attention to me when they see me."

the camel glanced at the ant and said, "when you were on me, I had no idea that what people thought highly of you was not you, but your position." Don't take yourself too seriously, who do you think you are? "

Don't take yourself too seriously. You may be nothing if you leave your seat.

the most important thing in life is to see yourself clearly.


Don't overestimate yourself

many people have the illusion that no one can do without him.

in fact, the world turns the same without everyone, and no one really can't do without each other.

the greatest misfortune of being a man is to overestimate your position in the hearts of others.

the British dramatist George Bernard Shaw told a story of his own.

walking in the streets of Moscow one day, I met a smart and beautiful little girl, so I chatted with her for a long time.

at the end, Bernard Shaw said to the little girl, "go back and tell your mother that Mr. Bernard Shaw has been playing with you all afternoon." To his surprise, the little girl immediately replied:

"you go back and tell your mother that Mary has been playing with you all afternoon."

later, every time George Bernard Shaw told this story, he would say, "Man, you must not take yourself too seriously."

you are doomed to be disappointed if you overestimate your status in the hearts of others.

my friend Momo told a story of his own.

A few years ago, as the editor-in-chief of an account, he was close to many of his peers.

there is a boss Xu who often tells him that you are very capable, and you often invite him to share, give him all the scenery and face, and even promise to come to him at any time if you are unhappy here one day.

later, Momo was snubbed by the company because of a dispute with the company, and repeatedly beat the boss openly and secretly, but Mr. Xu was unimpressed.

finally, Momo couldn't help it and jokingly asked, "Boss Xu, how about I work in your company?"

General Xu put aside his smiling face: "there are no job openings in our company for the time being. I'll let you know if necessary."

this incident dealt a heavy blow to Momo, and it also made her understand that

the interaction between people is only the intersection of interests, and the benefits will be scattered as much as possible.

when you are in an important position, people around you always praise you;

when you lose that position, they will ignore you.

Don't overestimate your status with others. When others praise you, they only care about their own needs.

as Yang Jiang said:

when you are in a high position, all you see are flashy dreams;

when you are humble, you have the opportunity to see the truth of the world.


Smart people always "belittle" themselves

the stupidest thing about being a human being is that they overestimate their position in the eyes of others;

people who are really good always don't take themselves seriously.

President Reagan of the United States, as the head of state of a country, does not have a high posture.

once, there was a boy Billy who was seriously ill, and his last wish was to be president.

when Reagan heard the news, he invited the boy to the White House and asked him to sit in the Oval Office and experience what it felt like to be president.

and work as an assistant to the boy and handle official business until the end of the day.

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because of this attitude, President Reagan won the hearts and minds of the people and became the most popular president in American opinion polls.

the greatest wisdom of being a man is to be in a high position and don't take yourself too seriously.

the more capable a person is and the less he or she takes himself seriously, others will take you seriously.

one year, at the beginning of the term at Peking University, a freshman stopped an old man at the door and thought he was the janitor and asked him to take care of his luggage.

when the students came back from work, they saw that my uncle was still waiting for him at the door.

it was not until the next day that I learned that the janitor was Ji Xianlin, vice president of Peking University and a famous scholar of communication between China and the West.

there is a saying in the "three-body":

the low water becomes the sea, and the low man is king.

only when someone else is in his heart, can he win the respect of others and go further.


see clearly that you are most important

never think too highly of yourself and never think too low of others.

the most important thing in life is to see yourself clearly.

when I was in college, I had a classmate, Xiao A, who came from a rural family and always showed inferiority complex.

I used to do very well in all subjects, but I feel like I can't do anything.

the teacher recommended her to give a speech in the hospital, but she quickly refused, saying that she was in a bad state of mind and refused to try.

later, when the teacher asked her to serve as a study committee, she refused again, believing that she could not do a good job.

in the end, the teacher stopped asking her if she had another chance.

Yu Minhong said:

A person with low self-esteem must be even worse than an arrogant person.

because the arrogant person may still be able to seize the opportunity in his life that is not his, but the person with low self-esteem will always lose the opportunity that belongs to him.

everyone is not useless. Self-abased people only see their own shortcomings, but do not see their own strengths.

the more a person has nothing, the more he thinks highly of himself.

think highly of yourself, is to recognize your own position, will not think highly of yourself, and do not improperly belittle yourself.

sociologist Charles Horton Cooley mentioned a theory of "I in the mirror".

that is, people's behavior depends to a large extent on their understanding of themselves.

some people always think too low of themselves, and no matter how good the opportunity comes, they miss it for lack of self-confidence;

there are also people who think too much of themselves and look down on the people around them, causing dissatisfaction from the people around them.

the highest wisdom in life is to recognize yourself.

have a clear understanding of themselves, neither humble nor arrogant, not bothered by other people's evaluation, not worried about their own shortcomings.

psychologist Adler in his masterpiece inferiority complex and Transcendence:

the only correct way to transcend inferiority is to associate your values with social values.

by solving problems for this society, you increase your value by cooperating with others, caring for others, and then making yourself feel that I am valuable in this society. I have made a lot of contributions in this society, and many people like me, so as to reduce my sense of inferiority.

recognize their own strength, in the right position, give play to their own value, in order to support their own life.


it is said in "Fan Si Xun" that only modesty benefits.

No matter how capable and high you are, there is no one else in your eyes, and you are doomed to walk for a long time.

when you are alive, you are self-aware.

recognize your position, see your ability, and explore the nature of human nature.

if you are in a high position, you don't think highly of yourself; when you are at a low ebb, you never look down on yourself.

be a man, not proud, not self-abased, humble and low-key.

get along with others, keep a low profile; gain honor and know how to share the scenery with others.

always have humility in your heart, and the whole world will be open to you.