Leave your seat. Who are you? (good text in depth)

/June 2022

people are self-aware.

the hardest thing for a person in this world is to recognize his or her place correctly.

in real life, what we often say to ourselves is either "I'm great" or "I can't".

do not know that these are not put in their own position of the behavior, a person, only put in the right position is a character, once put in the wrong position can only be waste.

therefore, people still have to see themselves clearly, be impartial, not proud, not self-abased, keep a clear head, and strive to improve themselves.

if you mistake your seat for your own height, you are bound to accomplish nothing.


"who are you?"

French thinker Montaigne said:

A person who cannot recognize himself, even if he has a prominent position and a successful career, it is difficult to live clearly and enjoy simple happiness.

because of their inner confusion, they can only rely on external material and false name to satisfy their inner emptiness, which leads to that they can only be paper tigers with "external strength and dry work" forever.

it is not difficult to live. The difficult thing is to be able to live confidently after recognizing yourself and the world.

George Bernard Shaw, an English writer, is idle all day, playing and chatting with a little girl he doesn't know.

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when dusk came, George Bernard Shaw said to the little girl:

did not expect that the little girl was not surprised, and immediately replied:

George Bernard Shaw was very ashamed at that time.

later, George Bernard Shaw told this story many times on formal occasions, saying, "Man, you must not take yourself too seriously."

people tend to grasp the high point and become complacent, thinking that they are invincible.

forget that the reason why you can catch something high is not because you are tall, but because you are already standing high.

when you are full of glory, your contacts and resources are sometimes an illusion, because people are cool and have no real ability, no one will help you forever, and you are the only one who can really help you.

therefore, it is possible for a person to succeed only by recognizing his true heart and putting himself in the right position.


be a man, don't overestimate yourself

eyes above the top, it will only hurt.

I should be most aware of my own weight and weight.

in life, many people lose not in their own ability, but in their character, habitually self-righteous and supercilious.

it is undeniable that a good state of mind is essential to life, but if it is too good, it is not called a good state of mind, which is called overconfidence.

A wandering mouse made his home on the top of the pagoda.

Life in the pagoda is really very happy. whenever good men and women burn incense and kowtow, the mouse looks at the intoxicating smoke rising slowly and smiles in his heart:

"ridiculous human beings, their knees are so soft. Say kneel and kneel!"

one day, a hungry wildcat broke in and held down the mouse with one hand.

"you can't eat me! You should bow down to me! I represent the Buddha! " The noble prisoner protested.

the wild cat sneered. Then it began to enjoy the meal.

there is a day outside the sky, but there is someone else.

most of the time your boasting is nothing but grandstanding like a clown in the eyes of others.

and if you blindly move forward in vanity, you will fall into this bizarre trap, in which you may be buried with a bright future.

therefore, in this life, people avoid excessive fulfillment, grow up in twists and turns, and change in reflection in order to go farther and more smoothly.


never underestimate your potential

belittle yourself, and you will never achieve great things.

in real life, we often see a lot of people flinch when they encounter difficulties, and all problems with some difficulties will be rejected with "I can't".

is it true that they are incompetent? Actually, not all of it.

if a person has suffered a lot of blows and setbacks in the past, and then has habitual self-doubt about his or her ability to accomplish something, it is easy to underestimate his or her ability.

but difficulties are like a "paper tiger". As long as you get tough, he will be vulnerable.

the world famous pianist Michelle. Bechuziani is a dwarf who is only 1 meter tall all his life and suffers from osteogenic insufficiency.

he made unimaginable efforts to practice the piano.

with the help of special instruments, rely on others to hold the piano up and down, practicing for 8 hours a day for several decades.

A reporter asked him, "what is the secret of your success?"

he said: "I seized the second chance of fate."

in fact, everyone has the opportunity given by fate, but not everyone can grasp it well.

it may be a sharpening to help you turn the Jedi around and make a beautiful counterattack. Of course, it can also be a trap to drive you into the abyss when you get carried away.

everything comes from your attitude in the face of difficulties.

when you can pick up the difficulties and make your state of mind strong, all problems are no longer problems, and all difficulties can be easily solved.

so, never underestimate yourself, adjust your mindset in time, be a doer who doesn't think much, don't boast about yourself, and don't feel depressed at will, and success will wave to you.

he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise.

everyone who has an inaccurate understanding of himselfOh, it's all sad.

because others have already seen through their small thoughts and chose to ignore them, while he himself is in the game, but he has lost his way. The end result of

is often to keep them away from their goals step by step.

so keep a clear head at all times in life, neither indulge in vanity, expand yourself, nor belittle yourself in the light of others.

after all, true ability is our immutable strength.