Know how to stop (good text in depth)

/August 2022

people are actually crossing on their own all their lives.

after a long journey of life, when you are suddenly in middle age, you will really understand that the most important thing for a true wise man is to know.

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in order to build a self-consistent spiritual world, we can do it freely in our heart.


stop greed

the most disturbing thing in the world is the word "greed".

because of greed, the cage of desire will haunt the heart.

people who are really smart should clear their inner desires in time and keep their hearts clean at all times.

once upon a time, a farmer was going to buy a piece of land. He heard about a man who wanted to sell land, so he went there to ask.

the seller told him: "it is very cost-effective to buy my land. In one day, how much land you can circle with your own footsteps will cost only 120 silver." But if you don't get back to the starting point before dark, you won't even get an inch of land. "

the farmer agreed decisively, delivered 120 silver, and then began to keep on his way.

driven by inner desire, I am unwilling to rest for a moment from early morning to dusk, in an attempt to encircle a large area of land.

seeing that the sun is about to set, farmers begin to worry: if we can't get back to the original point before dark, there won't even be an inch of land left!

although he ran back desperately and the road was boundless, the farmer was so tired that he fell down before he reached the origin.

the greatest weakness in human nature is never-ending greed.

when you can't control your inner desires, there is no room for peace of mind.

in the face of the temptation of desire that comes from time to time, only by stopping desire at any time can we have a light life.


stop annoyance

Buddha said: "worry begins with the mind, and all circumstances are created by the mind."

when you are alive, you are always troubled by all kinds of troubles.

if you have peace of mind, you have nothing to worry about; if you have good thoughts, you have nothing to hate.

stop all kinds of worries from the heart, and the murmur of troubles in the world will disappear from your ears.

it is said that there was a monk who felt a big spider lying on his belly whenever he was ready to meditate. He was so annoyed that he could not settle down to practice Zen at all, so he had no choice but to ask Master for help.

Master told him to draw a circle on the spider with a pen when he was disturbed again. After doing so, the monk was sure enough to settle down.

but when he finished, he opened his eyes and found that the circle was actually on his belly.

the monk suddenly said that the trouble does not come from spiders, but from the lack of peace of mind.

most of the time, like the Zen monk, we always attribute our troubles to external things, but do not think about whether we have achieved peace of mind.

worry is also a day, happiness is also a day, life is short, why bother!

the true worry-free lies not in silence in the ear, but in peace of mind.

only by stopping the inner restlessness can we get out of the "annoyance" surrounded by ourselves.


stop grief

Wang Yangming, founder of Psychology, said: "the more difficult it is, the more time it is to cultivate the mind."

in life, no one's journey is plain sailing.

the most powerful force in dealing with setbacks is not the turnaround of the outside world, nor the help of others, but your tenacity to stop sadness and frustration.

the worse the environment you are facing, the more you have to keep your heart, and the way to refine your heart is to keep your heart.

Mr. Wang Yangming will fail the list again at the age of 24.

at the scene of publishing the list, many failed candidates cried bitterly, but only Wang Yangming looked indifferent.

everyone thought that Wang Yangming was too sad and came to persuade him to help him open his heart.

but Wang Yangming said with a smile, "you are ashamed of falling, and I am ashamed of losing my heart."

what really reflects a person's mental self-cultivation is the performance when he encounters bad luck.

when setbacks come, no matter how sad you are, it will only affect your mood.

if you are smart, learn to stop your grief and don't let bad emotions obscure the light ahead.

knowing to stop is the highest state of life.

stop greed, can not be moved by temptation, the heart will be calm;

stop troubles, will clear the inner complexity, thus get a good time in the world;

stop sorrow, will plant forgiveness and benevolence, to convey the energy of warmth and goodness.

only when you know how to stop, can you untie the shackles of the mind, and the spiritual world will be broader.