It's more important than anything else to take care of yourself.

/August 2022

Margaret Thatcher said:

on the way of life, we encounter the biggest obstacle to growth, not money, not ability, but our own habits of words and deeds.

indulgence, the days will only spend indiscriminately into the eye, restraint, life will be more extreme.

the best posture in life is to take care of yourself and do what you should do.

to take good care of yourself is a kind of upward order, a growing sense of proportion, and a responsibility for your own life.


Watch your mouth

A senior monk once said, "it is better to say nothing than to say what is right and wrong in others; it is better to say nothing than to say nothing."

A person's life has its own direction, its own ferry, and each has its own reason.

Wisdom comes from listening, and harm from speaking.

in dealing with people, words should not be reined in, but should be controlled.

in the movie the Beautiful Legend of Sicily, Malena is the most beautiful woman in the town.

whenever she walks on the streets of a small town in a skirt and high heels, she becomes a scenery of her own.

but this beauty brought disaster to her.

when her husband went out to fight and lost news, almost everyone felt that a beautiful woman like her would not be willing to be lonely.

because of this prejudice, gossip came at her face one after another.

the women in the small town said behind her back that she was slutty, seduced men, and even took her to court for something unwarranted.

it seems that if there are too many rumors, it becomes evidence that she can be convicted.

as a result, Malena's father refused to let her in, she also lost her job, her reputation was getting worse and worse, she couldn't even buy food, and her survival gradually became a problem.

some people say:

Yes, a soft tongue can break a person's bones and muscles, and language can sometimes hurt people more than violence.

keeping your mouth shut is a lifelong learning task.

as Hemingway said, "it took us two years to learn to speak, but it took us sixty years to learn to shut up."

know or not, don't say much; know and don't know, don't talk nonsense.

if you don't talk about things in the world, there is nothing in the world.


manage mood

Mr. Ji Xianlin said:

A person's mood is good or bad, which often determines the way he sees the world.

A good mood makes people enjoy the beautiful flowers and sigh the willow Yiyi, while the bad mood makes the sad flowers wither and wither, and the angry willow catkins fly.

what kind of mood people have, what kind of state of life they have.

Lou Shide, a famous minister of the Tang Dynasty, paid homage to the prime minister twice in his life.

his ability of emotional management has been widely praised by later generations.

Lou Shide's younger brother was appointed to Daizhou as a stabbing history. before leaving, Lou Shide asked him:

"I am the prime minister, and you are also the state shepherd. Such honor and favor will inevitably arouse envy. How can it not lead to disaster?"

my younger brother said:

"I will control my emotions and not be evil with others. From now on, even if someone spits on my face, I will not return my mouth, but wipe off my own saliva silently."

Lou Shide shook his head and said:

No, no, no, no. If you wipe your saliva, it shows that you are dissatisfied, which will infuriate the other party even more.

the right thing to do is to accept it with a smile and let the spit dry without wiping.

this is the origin of the idiom "dry noodles".

Lou Shide taught his younger brother this way, and this is what he used to do in his own life.

in Zizhi Tongjian, it was recorded that once, Lou Shide went to court with a colleague. Lou Shide walked slowly because of his obesity. His colleagues stopped and waited for him many times, but he still couldn't catch up.

my colleague scolded angrily, "you hillbilly!" Why are you so slow? "

Lou Shide said with a smile, "teacher morality is not a hillbilly, who is a hillbilly."

the anger of my colleagues dissipated in an instant.

Social psychologist Festinger once had such a theory:

A person, no matter how smart he is, will appear clumsy when he is controlled by his own emotions.

one thing, no matter how small, once the emotional reaction is strong, then the small thing may become a big thing.

manage your emotions so that you can better control the development of the situation.

A truly mature person does not have to have much achievement, but to become a person with temperature and emotion.

as the old saying goes, "the weak are as angry as a tiger, and the strong are as calm as water."

the smarter people are, the more they know how to manage emotions.


manage health

A girl complained in a program that her boyfriend didn't look like a young man.

the reason is that my boyfriend never stays up late, basically doesn't drink, must have three meals on time, exercises regularly no matter how busy he is, and studies making soup to keep fit when he is free.

Girls feel that these things are only done by the elderly, and they have no flavor of young people.

but the program's mentor said:

everything in the world has cause and effect. Depending on the youth today, every time you ignore the body, it may become a bomb buried in the body tomorrow.

I have seen a question: "Why do most people start to keep in good health when they reach middle age?"

someone replied: "because people don't realize until middle age that young people will die without health."

when people are young, they all have the illusion that illness and death only patronize those who are dying, but they are not.

A few years ago, Yu Juan, a female doctor in Fudan, had unhealthy habits such as long-term overeating and lack of sleep.

Breast cancer was diagnosed at the age of 32. Four months after fighting cancer for a year, he regretfully left the world, leaving a baby of more than 2 years old.

at the end of 2019, 35-year-old Gao Yixiang suddenly left at work at more than 1: 00 in the morning, leaving a girlfriend who was talking about marriage.

on the first day of 2021, 25-year-old Barala Little Devil actor Sun Qiaoyi also left, letting her mother taste the bitterness of a white-haired man to send a black-haired person.

Dutch philosopher Spinoza said:

in this life, people can have no money, can not stand out, but can not be sick, can not be without health.

with health, you can love what you love, ask for what you want, go the way you want to go, accompany the people you want to be with, and live the life you like.

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having good health is the greatest blessing for yourself and your family.


taking care of yourself is more important than anything else.

Life is a spiritual practice. On the way of spiritual practice, we should keep our mouth, be qualitative, be good, not let go, do not act arbitrarily, improve day by day, and sharpen oneself.

watch your mouth, don't speak freely, and be careful with your self-cultivation.

manage your emotions, act willfully, and be cautious.

take good care of your health, do not live at will, and become your own self.

taking care of yourself is really more important than anything else.