It turns out that this is the real self-discipline.

/July 2022

self-discipline is the magic weapon to create a better life.

Zhu Xi said: "if you do not work hard, your heart will be depressed; if you are not disciplined, your heart will be wanton."

people should not skip meals for one day, let alone self-discipline for one day.

but you know, self-discipline is not just about effort.

there are three principles for true self-discipline.


have a goal

Wang Yangming said: "if you don't set your mind, there is nothing that can be achieved in the world."

self-discipline is not just a struggle, but also a clear goal.

self-discipline for the sake of self-discipline, but blindly work hard, in vain, and will slack off sooner or later.

only by establishing ideals and aiming at goals can the momentum of self-discipline continue.

Zeng Guofan, before the age of 30, was an extremely mediocre person.

in order to gain merit and fame, he memorized over and over again and finally got a part-time position.

after becoming an official, Zeng Guofan lost his goal, ate, drank and played all day, and became abominable.

at the age of 30, Zeng Guofan made up his mind to make a series of plans for self-cultivation and promotion.

he embarked on the road of self-discipline according to the plan. Over the past ten years, his self-cultivation and rank have been continuously promoted.

the goal is the guidepost, replenishment point and terminal of self-discipline.

many people blindly get up early, keep fit, read books, and once have a full heart.

but because of the lack of goals, he soon returned to his original form and became depressed.

the way to avoid intermittent complacency is to set goals for self-discipline.

as long as you have an ideal in mind, no matter how tired you are, you will have continuous motivation.



in the Analects of Confucius, Zeng's ideal is very life-like:

in late spring, swim in the river with a group of people, blow on the stage, and then go home singing.

self-discipline should not only be for the sake of lofty ideals, but also balance daily life.

self-discipline, to achieve the balance of health, career, family and other dimensions.

Yu Juan, a teacher at Fudan University, used to be a strong woman who devoted herself to her career.

suddenly, she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer by a bolt from the blue. At that moment, her outlook on life changed dramatically.

in "unfinished Life", she said:

many people define the goal of struggle only in a successful career and getting rich.

but if you think about it, if you break down and your husband and wife are at odds with each other, even if you get the whole world, what's the point?

A good life created by self-discipline should not be limited to career success.

it should be physical health, family harmony, husband and wife.

the good life is multi-dimensional.

Don't neglect a long and ordinary life for the sake of short-term career and money.


often introspection

the ancients said: "the husband must examine himself, knowing misfortune and happiness is like a shadow."

without introspection, there is no meaningful self-discipline.

people who exercise self-discipline reflect daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

in the introspection again and again, correct mistakes, tap advantages, and promote growth.

Xu Pu, the first assistant minister of the Ming Dynasty, was a man of great self-discipline.

his self-discipline is reflected in meticulous introspection.

when Xu Pu was a teenager, he imitated the ancients and prepared two bottles.

when he found that he had done a good deed, he threw a soybean into the bottle.

if you do a bad thing, throw a black bean at another bottle.

in the evening, he checked the number of beans in two bottles and reflected on the gains and losses of the day.

over time, Xu Pu's personality is perfect and can be called a perfect person.

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people are inseparable from continuous and in-depth reflection.

after playing chess, regardless of success or failure, the chess player will review the game just now.

by reviewing and digging deeply into the success or failure, you can constantly improve yourself.

without self-reflection, no matter how strict the self-discipline plan is, there is no growth.

the purpose of self-discipline is growth. Growing up requires constant introspection.

those who exercise self-discipline

are not necessarily excellent; those who are excellent are bound to exercise self-discipline.

self-discipline enriches and frees people.

there is a long way to go, and spiritual practice is endless.

isn't it nice to be strict with yourself and enjoy the beauty of life all the way?