It is not the house or money that determines the happiness of the family.

/June 2022

home is our strongest backing;

home is our strongest backing;

home is our most difficult concern!

what is home?

Home is the warmest place,

contains our lifelong lovers;

Home is the sweetest love nest, and

will always be the driving force for us to fight for it!

for the sake of our home,

ups and downs, we rise against difficulties;

when we encounter thorns, we gnash our teeth to support;

rough life, we never relax.

if you build such a home,

you will be happy all your life! 01

there are good wives in the family

all say good wives, prosperous third generation!

the family has a good wife,

the marriage is sweet, the family is harmonious,

the environment is warm and comfortable.

having a good wife,

will be a man's greatest wealth!

A happy family,

A man must know how to take care of his wife and

his wife knows how to take care of the family.

A man gives love to his wife, and his wife gives warmth to the family.

A man loves his wife, which is a man's greatest wisdom;

a wife loves his family, which is the truest expression of a woman.

A good man will spoil his wife.

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give her support and let her grow up.

make her better!


good family style

family style,

is the most expensive property of a family,

determines the direction of a family, and

is the root of whether a family is prosperous or not.

parents build a good family style,

children have a good life.

it is better to teach fish than to fish.

family style is the best inheritance!

A family with a good family style,

parents are diligent, moral integrity,

words and deeds, immediate results!

parents have the greatest influence on their children's education,

parents' words and deeds, children have to learn one;

parents' behavior, children will emulate.

A family with a good family style,

parents must have good rules, and

children have a good future! 03

the way to run a family is to live in harmony up and down


if the family is not harmonious and always quarrels, how can


if the family members always quarrel and fight each other,

how can they be happy?

A harmonious home,

is earned by each other's efforts.

needs everyone to be tolerant;

needs every heart to hold a family.

talk and laugh, do not hold grudges,

have modesty and concession, and be considerate.

such a home,

will be the best harbor for a tired heart,

will make us struggle outside,

invincible, high morale!

A good wife is cherished by men;

good family style is created by parents' self-discipline;

good atmosphere is created by family members.

A family,

includes you and me, occasionally there are frictions.

requires us to understand, tolerate and understand each other.

We are in the same boat, and the family work together!

husband and wife are of one mind and marriage is plain sailing;

Family harmony and family prosperity from generation to generation!