It is better to be angry than to be proud, it is better to complain than to change, and to ask for help is better than to ask for yourself.

/July 2022

there is a line in the movie Farewell my Concubine: "people, you have to be on your own."

others can help for a while, but not forever.

relying on mountains will fall, but everyone can run.

when people live in the world, only themselves are the most reliable.

the most solid and stable road must be taken one step at a time, and the dream you most want to capture must be outlined one stroke at a time.

relying on parents, parents will grow old; relying on friends, friends have their own unspeakable secrets.

on the road of life, I am the savior of myself through both ups and downs.

only those who depend on themselves for everything can live this life with peace of mind and comfort.


it is better to be angry

there is a nameless young painter who makes a living by painting people.

A rich man asked him to paint a portrait of himself and promised him a reward of 10,000 yuan.

after the painting was finished, the rich man saw that the painter was young and unknown, so he cheated on paying only 3,000 yuan for the painting.

the painter was indignant, but said in a firm tone, "No sale!" If you break your promise today, I will make you pay 20 times the price in the future. "

from then on, the painter learned from his teacher again and practiced hard day and night. More than ten years later, he finally became a well-known painter in the art world.

one day, when the rich went to an art exhibition, they saw a figure in a painting exactly like themselves. the title of the painting was "thief" and the price was marked 200000.

the rich suddenly remembered the events of more than ten years ago.

he immediately went to the painter, apologized to him, and bought the painting back for 200000 yuan.

people who are really smart never compete emotionally, but only in their ability to win or lose.

A young apprentice once asked the Nebula Master, "how can I not be angry?"

Master Nebula smiled and said, "anger means power, so the best way to resolve anger is to be strong."

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when you are an inconspicuous stone by the side of the road, no one will pay attention to you. Only if you become a precious diamond in the display case will you be looked up to by everyone.

it is better to turn over than to turn over, and it is better to be angry than to be angry.

A person with strong ability has the strength to fight back all the unjust forces.

in this life, everyone will experience some setbacks or unfair treatment.

instead of paying attention to the eyes of others, it is better to grasp every minute and every second to make yourself better.

after all, living depends on sweat to win applause, not tears to win sympathy.


it is better to complain than to change

the strong are not easy to get angry, and the weak often complain.

complaining is like poison, which consumes one's will and accomplishes nothing in the end.

the ancients said, "those who respect others, people always respect them, and those who complain, people always complain."

people who often complain about life will also cause dissatisfaction from others, and life will get worse and worse.

so, no matter how hard it is, don't complain.

changing the state of mind and thinking calmly is the shortcut to solve the problem.

I have seen such a fable:

an old donkey fell into an abandoned trap and could not climb up.

the owner found it unable to work, so he didn't bother to save it and left it there to fend for itself.

the donkey also gave up hope of survival and lay in a trap waiting to die, allowing people to take out the trash beside him every day.

but one day, he didn't want to die and decided to change his attitude.

as a result, the old donkey stepped on the garbage under his feet every day to find leftovers from the garbage to maintain his life, instead of being submerged by the garbage.

finally, it's back on the ground.

Tagore said: "if you cry when you miss the sun, you will also miss the stars."

Don't cry if you can stand up, and don't complain with hostility when you still have the strength to run.

No matter how hard the days are, we have to go on, and we have to carry on no matter how tired and difficult life is.

there are no hurdles that cannot be overcome in life, only those who dare not cross them.

and the really strong never complain.

because they know that to make things better, they must first make themselves better.

if God pours cold water on you, it boils and spills it back; if life gives you color, it is painted into a beautiful picture.

when you are too strong to be afraid, the whole world will be kind to you.


it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself

as the old saying goes, "asking for help is like swallowing a three-foot sword, relying on others is like nine heavens."

asking for help is as bitter as swallowing a three-foot sword, and relying on others is as difficult as climbing nine heavens.

most of the time, only you can save yourself.

once, Su Dongpo and Zen Master Foyin visited Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou. Su Dongpo felt very strange when he saw the Guanyin Bodhisattva on the main hall holding a string of rosaries.

Su Dongpo asked Zen Master Foyin, "the world is chanting the name of Guanyin Bodhisattva, hoping to get her protection. Why does the Bodhisattva also have a rosary on his hand? whose name is she reading?"

Buddha Yin Zen Master said: "also recite Guanyin Bodhisattva."

Su Dongpo is even more puzzled, "Why does the Quan Yin Bodhisattva want to read himself?"