In the second half of life, be less angry and live well.

/August 2022

Schopenhauer once said:

be kind to yourself and start with less anger.


getting angry will hurt yourself

No matter who you are angry with, it will always be yourself who gets hurt.

colleague Xiaoqing has a bad temper, is very sensitive, and is always angry because of trifles.

she is always hostile for a long time, and her colleagues and friends are far away from her.

her body is also going from bad to worse, her heart is always uncomfortable, and she will have a little migraine. When the doctor learned about the situation, he warned her to lose her temper as little as possible and go out more, in addition to paying attention to sleep and diet. Otherwise, it is easy to aggravate the disease.

so Xiaoqing began to rein in her temper, adjust her mood, and no longer hurt herself with anger.

gradually, she recovered her health.

she said, "the body is the most honest. It will tell you where you are suffering and where you need to adjust." If you get angry about trifles, you will hurt yourself. The most important thing is to be good to yourself. "

being angry will not solve any problems, but will make you feel bad because of negative emotions.

punishing yourself with other people's mistakes is the stupidest behavior.

everything is open, open and open.

there was a news that a female passenger kept scolding the HNA flight for four hours.

when she was at the terminal, she scolded the staff, and when she got on the plane, she scolded the stewardess. When others ignored her, she scolded her more and more fiercely.

the staff communicated well with her, so she asked at the top of her voice, "Why don't you open it?"

No matter how the staff responded, she kept talking.

the people around her didn't like it, so they persuaded her. Instead, she became more arrogant and got into a fight with her male companion.

as soon as the last incident broke out, the plane was delayed for another three hours.

and the woman, her companion, and the person who persuaded the fight, a total of five people, were finally brought into the police station.

impulse is the devil, which makes people lose their minds and does not benefit themselves at the expense of others.

those who can smile and ignore a lot of things are the really smart people.

Cai Kangyong once said:

to let others go is to let yourself go.


it is better to be angry

Zhang Xiaofei has acted for more than ten years and has always been a "little transparent" in the entertainment circle. During this unseen time, she received a lot of cynicism.

when she went to the crew for an interview, the producer said there was something wrong with her appearance;

her eyes were injured and she was scolded instead of being cared for: "what a big deal, don't be so delicate."

participate in a variety show, be looked down upon by her partner, bully her without fame, change the script at will without communicating with her, and she can only swallow it.

after so many years of precipitation, she finally got out of the circle at the age of 35 with a film "Hello, Li Huanying".

Zhang Xiaofei is popular, and brands and endorsements are becoming more and more high-end.

the person who once bullied her also apologized.

those who despise her dare not say a word now.

it is better to be angry than to be angry.

Don't be angry, don't be angry, don't be negative.

devote all his time and energy to himself, and let him go with all the gossip, foul language and gossip.

Zhang Xiaoxian once said:

you should be better than before. Don't always look back at the people who hurt you.

use angry time to precipitate yourself, and when you are strong, the past will no longer matter.


be less angry, live a good life

for the rest of your life, care less and be more calm.

Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United States, was very angry when he was young.

once he was unlucky to play cards with his family, and all the cards he drew were very bad, so he began to get irritable.

after a while, he was about to lose, so he lost his temper, dropped his card and left angrily.

when the mother next to him saw it, she went to comfort and educate him:

"since you want to play cards, no matter whether the cards are good or bad, you must play them." Feng shui turns in turn, and no one is a victorious general. Life is the same, except that it is God who deals cards. No matter whether the card in your hand is good or bad, you must face it. You can't change the size of the card, but you can control your temper. "

after listening to his mother, Eisenhower decided to get rid of his temper, accept the unhappiness in life, face life positively, and eventually become president of the United States.

in this life, learn to control your emotions in order to control your life!

some people say, "the real blessing is actually a person's quiet breath."

Let go when it's time to let go, calm down when it's time to be calm, and relax your mind when it's time to be tolerant.

get rid of your troubles and throw away your sorrows.

less angry, a little more happy.

A good temper is like a sunny day, there is light everywhere, so that you can bring your own light.

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learn to live in peace with emotions. I am not angry when others are angry. This is a state of life.

the second half of life: be less angry and live well.