In the new semester, the most harmonious relationship is: teachers to be good guides, parents to set a good example, we encourage!

/August 2022

educating children is like rowing, parents and teachers each have an oar. Only when both sides sit in their seats and work together, can the boat carry children to a better future.

in the education of children, we cannot rely on teachers alone. No matter how good teachers are, they cannot replace the educational status of parents. Even responsible teachers need the cooperation of parents.

educating children is never done alone by families or schools, let alone parents and teachers against each other, but for teachers to be good guides and parents to set good examples.

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in the new semester, we sincerely hope to get the support and assistance of all parents, so that we can work together to make the children's tomorrow better!


the best teachers are parents

the best schools are families

former Minister of Education Chen Baosheng said: if family education is not in place, it will not help no matter how good the school education is.

for children, the best school district room is the study at home, the best school is the family, and the best teachers are parents.

Education should be done by yourself. Don't expect anyone to help you teach your children well. The laziness that parents steal from their children today will become an irreparable regret in the future!

parents' efforts on their children today will become the backstage and confidence of their children's life in the future!


it has been said since ancient times that only the teacher Yan can become a high apprentice

Please forgive the teacher's intolerance

strict is love, loose is harm.

who doesn't want to be a popular teacher among students? Who doesn't want students to be close to themselves?

but in a child's education, there must be such a "bad guy".

maybe the teacher's merciless words hurt the child's self-esteem, and maybe the teacher's face-to-face criticism of the child will hurt parents.

however, teachers control their children the most, but love them the most; teachers expect their children to become better and better, so they are so thankless.

the days are still long. When the child is no longer a child, the world will become very strict. May he never regret his laziness, and may he be on the right path and happy all his life.

this is the affection of a teacher!


Education is never happy

Please stop making concessions to children in the name of love

while allowing children to grow up happily in the name of love, while expecting children to become pillars in the future, but education is never the best of both worlds.

allowing children to grow and learn freely and giving children the so-called happy education has precisely become the chief culprit for children to be far away from others.

there is no overnight success in the world, only persistence over time.

far-sighted parents are a little ruthless. When their children want to give up, they force them to persist, and when they want to be lazy, they force them to work hard.

parents' ruthlessness today is for the sake of no regrets in the future, and the parents' heartache today is for the sake of not being distressed in the future.


A good teacher will use his attitude towards the child

to influence the child's attitude towards learning

the teacher is the one who is not related to the students, but also wants the child to be successful.

A thousand students, there are a thousand kinds of problems, teachers have to come up with a thousand solutions, no matter how harsh and impersonal they are, they are full of the most sincere love for their students.

A good teacher may not guarantee that the child will be at the top in every exam, but through his own attitude towards the child and through teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, they can make the child love learning and make continuous progress.

the excellence of a teacher is never how many years he has taught, how many students he has brought, or whether he is a special teacher, but how much love, hope and possibility he has given.


good parents will use their own words and deeds to teach

to hold up their children's lives

educator Makalienko said:

every child is a copy of their parents, and their words and deeds are imitated by their children.

when parents are active, children love to learn;

if parents are generous and kind-hearted, children are willing to help others;

parents are self-disciplined and strong-willed.

A good education never depends on hard preaching, but on words and deeds. No matter how much parents say, it will be ineffective if they do not set a good example.

only when parents lead by example can children be imperceptibly influenced.


the encounter between teachers and parents on the road of educating children

is an encounter of love and trust

some people say: "Teachers and parents are like two oars. Only when both sides work together in the same direction, can the children sail in the direction we expect and reach the other side of victory smoothly."

it is the teacher who teaches. Children learn knowledge, discipline and rules from the teacher.

it is the parents who educate people. Children get happiness, security and character from their parents.

the encounter between parents and teachers is an encounter of love and trust. Only when teachers and parents perform their respective duties and support each other can children learn well and go far.

the goal of both teachers and parents is to make their children better. Since they have the same goal, is there any reason not to cooperate?


there are no perfect teachers and no perfect parents

We work together

there is never a perfect teacher in the world, and no good teacher can do everything. But the teacher is always doing his best for the good of the child.

No matter how good parents are, they also need to make continuous progress. There is never the best education, only to constantly explore and find the most suitable education for their children.

No matter how good children are, they also need to grow up constantly. Knowledge is unlimited, but the examination content of each test paper is limited, and what they can learn every day is limited, so never be proud.

Don't overestimate yourself, don't underestimate each other, cooperate with each other, and work together. Only when teachers and parents work together to form a beam of light can they illuminate their children's future.

agree with Uncle Fan. I remember "watching" in the lower right corner at the end of the article. Oh, for a better and better future for our children, we will work together in the new semester!