If you have children, be sure to look at these nine father-daughter cartoons, which can be called life textbooks.

/August 2022

in a family,

mothers often give their children emotional comfort, and

determines the child's physical and mental health.

but what the father can bring to the child,

is rational thinking, and

affects the child's character and values.

what if one day,

the child asks you


what if some students in the class don't like me?

Why should I do housework?

Why can't you eat in the library?

which is more important, other people's suggestions or your own ideas?

what's the use of being kind?


Dad's answer is very important.

if you don't know how to tell your child,

be sure to look at the father's answer:

author Meg Mick once wrote:

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"compared with anyone else, the father is the one who can lay the track of his daughter's life and the real 'backing' of his daughter's life."

the road to the future is rough and muddy.

what we can do is to let children still love life and run towards tomorrow after seeing the truth of life.

give him more company and guidance, less neglect and picky.

only in this way can a child have the confidence on his face, the upbringing rooted in his heart, the self-love in his bones and blood, and the bravery engraved into his life.