If you are kind, your soul has its own fragrance.

/August 2022

kindness is a flower in full bloom in the human heart, emitting the breath of purity and elegance from the inside out.

when everyone comes to the world, their hearts are full of fragrant flowers. After the wind and rain, some buds wither and some petals have withered. Only by keeping the truth of goodness in the bottom of your heart, taking care of it, rain or shine, can you harvest the fragrance of flowers all over the garden.

standing in the world, you should not drift with the current, plant a bunch of sincerity, keep one side of the pure land, give people roses, and have a fragrance in your hands.

kindness is like a fragrant orchid, quietly growing in the empty valley, not disturbed, not with the wind, for a long time to exude that charming fragrance, I smell the fragrance, a glance, drunk my warm fleeting time.

in the most smoky world, we all have a clean dream:

longing for a pure land that only belongs to the soul, whether it is a dream of returning to the ancient dream of the Tang and Song dynasties, or a dream of affectionate landscapes, is a kind of pursuit, quiet and harmonious, irrelevant to the wind and moon.

walking in this boundless world, we also hope that this society will be more warm and less indifferent, spend less and less of this warm and cold world, and offer and warm each other with our kind flowers. Bloom the flowers of kindness in the most beautiful water and clouds.

in this way, our hearts will inadvertently open a Peach Blossom Garden, clinging to it, free from secular troubles, free from worldly dust, which is undoubtedly a feeling of beauty.

if I can, I would like to be a quiet orchid growing on the boundless edge, not with the fragrance of the crowd, but smell the fragrance of the empty valley, whether you come or not, I am here, blooming, not waiting for anyone, not leaving for anyone.

and the kind-hearted person is like a blue orchid planted in the field, with sincerity as the soil, love as the material, and smile as the sun, planted this elegant orchid in my heart, so elegant, so beautiful.

good people use their every move to guide our faith, go forward in spite of the wind and rain, even if the surrounding has been muddy, but also plant a Dolan in the bottom of our hearts, guarding a piece of pure land in the depths of our hearts.

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good people, no matter where they are, can always shine like angels and convey warm energy to the world with bit by bit of kindness. They do not need to rely on anyone's light, they are their own sun.

in that light, it is warm, it is love, it is the most beautiful silhouette in the world.

A kind person has a compassionate heart. Do not follow the trend, do not look down on others, respect the equality of life in this world, smile at the vicissitudes of life with a peaceful heart, and watch the fleeting time with a humble attitude.

kind-hearted people have a warm temperament. Not cold, not extreme, know how to get along with others, the most important thing is comfort. Do not slander with words, do not look at each other coldly, do not hurt others, is the most basic kindness.

A kind-hearted person, like a lotus out of the mud, always believes that no matter how dirty the world is, I stick to the Taoyuan at the bottom of my heart and be the kind and beautiful myself. I am not worldly, not vulgar, and worthy of myself.

"Zhilan was born in the valley, not because there is no one but not fragrant; a gentleman practices morality and does not change his festival because of poverty." at any time, we should be that faint orchid, fragrant in secret, magnanimous, as broad as the sea, and as elegant as an orchid.

be a person with a fragrant soul, love yourself and others. If you are an angel, there will be angels to love you.