If a man has a thousand calculations, it is not as good as heaven to have a calculation.

/July 2022

there is a short story:

Dogs are deeply in love with foxes, but they meet death.

death said: "you two can only live one, you guess fist, the loser will die."

at last, the fox lost.

the dog hugged the dead fox and said, "We agreed to go out of stone together, but why do I have scissors and you have paper?"

in this world, no matter how much one can calculate, it is not as good as heaven.

Heaven is conscience, morality and conduct.

sometimes, when we lose it, we will go against heaven, be punished, or even suffer bad luck.

but when we stick to it all the time, we get a lot of shelter, good luck and opportunities.


people must be blessed by goodness

in life, we often agree that we must be kind. But we do not recognize it, and good intentions will be rewarded.

in fact, a person's kindness may be misinterpreted and misunderstood for the time being, but in the eyes of God, he will never fail a truly kind-hearted person.

as there is a saying in Zengguang Xian Wen: "people who are evil are not afraid of heaven, and people who are good and good are not deceived."

there is such a story.

Liu Bowen, the founding hero of the Ming Dynasty, once went on his way in summer and was so thirsty that he happened to pass by a house, so he asked the hostess for water.

as a result, the hostess scooped a ladle of water, but sprinkled a handful of blighted grain husk in the water.

I was already very thirsty when I was on my way, and I had to be teased by the hostess like this, but it was the only family around for miles, so Liu Bo-wen had to drink slowly while blowing.

after a good rest, the hostess learned that he would look at feng shui and asked him to help choose a place. Thinking that the hostess had done this to herself, he pointed to a place.

more than ten years later, by coincidence, he passed by that place again, only to see that the rich children of that family were filial, which was very strange.

then the hostess recognized that this was the gentleman who gave her feng shui advice, thanked him so much and invited him into the house.

during the banquet, Liu Bowen asked why you had soaked the grain that year, when the hostess smiled and explained:

in those days, you were in a hurry and sweaty. If you quench your thirst, it will not only not quench your thirst, but also make you sick, so Satsugu makes you breathe slowly and drink slowly.

after listening to the hostess, Liu Bowen realized that he had misunderstood and sighed: the good home does not need to look at fengshui, where is Fuxing treasure land!

never doubt the meaning of kindness.

because a person may bring trouble and trouble to himself because of kindness, or may not get a good reward for the time being.

but you always have to believe that nothing in this world can escape cause and effect.

if you sow a good cause, there will be consequences, and if you have a good heart, you will form a good karma. Your kindness may be lived up to, but heaven will live up to it.


there is such a story.

Yan Shu, a famous writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, was recommended to Emperor Song Zhenzong as a child prodigy when he was 14 years old. The emperor summoned him and asked him to take the exam at the same time as more than a thousand Jinshi.

as a result, during the exam, Yan Shu found that he had just practiced the exam ten days ago, so he told the truth to Emperor Zhenzong and asked to change other questions.

so Song Zhenzong admired him so much that he gave him "Tongjinshi origin".

when Yan Shu was in office, the world was at peace. As a result, officials of all sizes in the capital often visit the suburbs or hold various banquets in the restaurants and teahouses in the city.

one day, Zhenzong promoted Yan Shu to be an official of the Eastern Palace who assisted the prince in his studies. The ministers were surprised and wondered why Zhenzong had made such a decision.

Song Zhenzong said: "recently, the courtiers often visit and drink banquets, and only Yan Shu studies behind closed doors. With such self-respect and prudence, he is the right person for the Eastern Palace official."

Yan Shu Xie Enhou said, "in fact, I am also a person who likes to play and dine, but my family is poor." If I had money, I would have taken part in the banquet. "

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many times, we always do not have the courage to be honest, especially in the face of right and wrong and gains and losses, we always think that this will cause losses to ourselves.

in fact, the more you tell the truth, the more others trust you. The more you do something, the more others will recognize you. The more you do not deceive, the more you can get unexpected good luck.

the rarest quality of a person is honesty.

sometimes, if you tell the truth and take sides with the truth, you seem to lose a lot of immediate benefits.

but people who are really honest have nothing to lose in the long run.

as Mr. Lu Xun once said, "the quality of a great personality, the important thing is a sincere word."

honesty is the best character. The more honest a person is, the more reliable, responsible and trustworthy he is.

on the contrary, the more hypocritical and concealed it is, the less trustworthy it is, and even after the truth is exposed, there is no foothold.


people strive for excellence

there is a saying: "in life, three points depend on luck and seven points on hard work."

the most important thing for a person to be successful is not talent and talent, nor luck and opportunity, but your own efforts.

sometimes we don't try our best and blame God for not giving us luck. Sometimes, when we don't do our best, we blame God for being unfair to ourselves.

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, was a very stupid man when he was a child. Although he was sent to a private school at the age of 6, he took the exam seven times in a row and did not take the Jinshi exam until the age of 27.

in fact, when it comes to talent, he is the least talented.But with extreme diligence, he completely changed his fate.

there is a story.

one day, when Zeng Guofan was reciting at home, he came across an article that could not be memorized. There happened to be a thief hiding under the eaves of his house, ready to steal after he had finished reciting the book.

but Zeng Guofan memorized it over and over again for an hour, two hours, three hours, but he couldn't memorize it all the time.

later, the thief couldn't wait, so he jumped down from the beam and said to Zeng Guofan, "you fool, you can't memorize it so many times, I can't hear it."

as he said, the thief memorized the text that Zeng Guofan could not recite fluently and left angrily.

there is another story.

when Zeng Guofan was reading the 23 History, because his reaction was not fast enough and his comprehension ability was very poor, he formed a habit every day:

that is, one sentence doesn't make sense, if you don't look at the next sentence, you can't read it today, you'll read it tomorrow, you won't be good at it this year, and you'll read it again next year.

so with this persistence and perseverance, he finally spent three years reading the "History of 23" that other people only need to understand in one year.

there is a saying: "diligence can make up for clumsiness."

in fact, whether a person can get things done depends to a large extent on how much effort, effort, and even effort he has put into it.

even if you lack some talent, you can make up for it through acquired diligence. But if you don't work hard, you'll never get the good grades you want.


there is an old saying: "A man has a thousand calculations, but heaven counts."

there are many places in this world that are beyond the reach of human beings.

when you are kind, people may misunderstand you, but God will bless you.

when you are honest, it may seem bad for you, but God will treat you well.

when you are diligent, it may seem clumsy, but heaven will favor you more.

there is another saying: "it is up to man to plan things and to get things done in heaven."

the person of the former is yourself, who only wants to achieve goals and results, and the latter, who is also yourself, is yourself who is more kind to the people and more sincere in doing things.

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