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/August 2022


1, do not wash your hair when you are full and do not take a bath if you are hungry. Wash your face in cold water for beauty and health care. No sweat, no cold water. Brush your teeth with warm water to prevent sensitivity and fix your teeth.

2. Eat rice with bran and vegetables with help. Men do not leave leek, women do not leave lotus root. Green carrots are cooked with raw carrots. If you don't eat too much, you can't sleep when you're full.

3. Keep in good health and keep your heart quiet. The mind is not pure, and thoughts are born in vain. The mind is at peace, where the disease comes from. Close your eyes and rest your mind, meditation and wisdom.

4. Tonify medicine and food, and don't forget to tonify the heart. Take wealth as grass and body as treasure. Smoke and fire, it is better not to eat. Deep-fried marinade, it is better to eat less.

5, smelly fish and rotten shrimp, asking for the life of an enemy. Food and clothing at room temperature, all spring. Don't freeze your teeth when you're cold, don't burn your lips when you're hot. Eat when things are ripe, and drink when water boils.

6. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat. Have a regular diet and sometimes live in daily life. The head should be cold and the feet hot. Contentment is always happiness, and there is no need for peace.

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7, keep in good health and keep your heart quiet.

8. In old age, one must exercise, walk, jog, practice fist and sword; do not be afraid of the cold, clean the courtyard, add interest in painting, and have a broad mind;

9, smell chickens and dance, do not be greedy in bed, grow flowers and raise birds, study books and reading articles; Yiqi singing, do not be greedy, private affairs do not read, do not take advantage;

10, physical activity, the value of frequent, good mood, long life; do not be angry, do not overwork, tea is not strong, do not learn to read.

11, do not eat violently, eat less dinner, eat less words, do not smoke; low salt and sugar, do not eat too salty, eat less fat, do not eat too much;

12, three meals a day, properly adjusted, vegetables and fruits, eat more unguarded; go to bed on time, get up regularly, get up slowly, do not panic;

13, do not drink too much, do not drill for fame and gain, do not have leisure, and be broad-minded.

14, the mind is not sick, prevention is early, mental health is good; mental balance, to know, emotional stability and fewer diseases;

15, exercise the body, move and calm, and live a healthy and wonderful life; eat and feed, eight points of fullness, and ease the viscera to dredge themselves;

16, people are angry, easy to age, properly vent people's laughter; taste calligraphy and painting, stream fishing, choose hobbies, choose to choose freely;

17, use your brains, do not tire, sleep and relax your heart. Regular, good fitness, normal life should be coordinated;

18, often rub hands, can strengthen the brain, prevent frostbite and colds.

19. No sleeping stone in summer and no sleeping board in autumn. The navel is not exposed in spring and the head is not covered in winter. Move more during the day and dream less at night.

20. Washing feet before going to bed is better than taking tonics. When you open the window at night, it smells good. If you get cold and lose your cover, it's no wonder you're not sick.

21. Early to bed and early to rise, refreshing and refreshing, greedy for room and sleep, sickness and age reduction. Grind your teeth at night and crawl in your belly.

22. Eating a pig a day is not as good as snoring in bed.

23. If you eat a sheep in three days, you might as well wash your feet and go to bed.

24, if you don't choose the right pillow, the more you sleep, the more tired you get. Sleep first, then sleep people, sleep out a great beauty.

25, head to the wind, warm; feet to the wind, please.

26, do not sleep in the alley, the most poisonous.

27, sleep without lighting the lamp, get up early without dizziness.

28. If you want to sleep comfortably, don't turn your feet to the west and your head to the east.


1. Eating taro is equivalent to injecting immunoglobulin, which enhances the immune function of human body.

2, Chinese wolfberry: chew the body fluid in the mouth of Chinese wolfberry for long life, resist arteriosclerosis, reduce blood sugar, promote the regeneration of liver cells, etc., it has the effect of strengthening physique and delaying aging

3, kneading the eyes: looking for the soft part of the hand, rubbing around the eyes and around the orbit, promoting the blood circulation around the eyes, which can be clear-eyed, brain-awakening, and cosmetic.

4. Drink yogurt frequently: the nutritional value of yogurt is very high.

5, green tea-anti-cancer, and can supplement potassium, increase the flexibility of blood vessels.

6. Eat more whole grains-corn, buckwheat, oats and millet. )

7, Tudou-I'm afraid you and I have no idea that it has the effect of liposuction!

8, Auricularia auricula-treat pneumonia, treat cardio-cerebrovascular disease, regulate blood viscosity! Can purify blood, light body and strong memory, cerebral atherosclerotic plaque.

three-character Sutra of keeping in good health:

eat onions and brain Passepartout. Eat garlic to reduce blood lipids. Mushroom meal, anti-thrombus.

eat fresh ginger and Xuezhikang. Auricularia auricula vegetables, fast fat reduction. Chrysanthemum tea lowers blood pressure.

eat chili and eliminate fat. Oolong tea is good for losing weight. Show your physique and eat potatoes.

deficiency of qi and blood, eat litchi. Grapes are sweet and replenish the blood. To moisturize the skin, cherry tonic.

often eat jujube, do not look old. Oatmeal soup, smooth skin. Eat honey and have fine skin.

radish soup is used to treat stomach distension. Loquat-Shaped Cake, for cough. Eat balsam pear, stomach fire.

eat sesame and raise hair. To calm the mind, eat jujube kernel. To strengthen the brain, eat walnuts.

eat apples to tonify the kidney. Keep in mind the classics of health preservation. If you are in good health, happiness is certain. Save it, it's useful.