I checked in with my father and the other woman, and made a phone call. Five years later, it played a key role.

/August 2022

follow me, let's take a look at today's story:


Yes, when I appeared in front of Xiang Weidong like this, he suddenly panicked.

Xiang Weidong and I began to go to court.

at the age of 13, I already know the law.

I went to court to sue him and asked him to repay years of child support.

I travel to the courts, TV stations and schools every day.

I'm alone most of the time. I don't want my mother involved. I don't want her to be hurt by anyone else.

it is also good to fight alone.

after all, I am only a 13-year-old girl, and I can win some sympathy points.

that's right. I already have some careful machines that do not belong to my age, because I have eaten too many hardships that my peers have never experienced before.

it was a time of physical and mental exhaustion. Even once, he held a court session in the morning and went straight to the examination room in the afternoon. However, I still won the provincial award.

others say that I am very good, but in fact I am just not reconciled to it and do not accept my fate, so I am pushing myself with my life.

one day, I was in class when I suddenly had a nosebleed and fainted.

sent to hospital to find out the disorder of blood coagulation mechanism, accompanied by iron deficiency nutritional imbalance anemia. The root cause is chronic malnutrition.

the doctor said, little girl, you should eat more nutritious food.

but what should I eat? My mother's savings and tuition fees are only enough to support our most basic living.

so I asked Weidong for money, not only for a gamble, but also for me and my mother to live better.


not surprisingly, I won the case.

not surprisingly, Weidong refused to pay.

at that time, he was paid 10 times as much as my mother, drove a car and lived in a big house, but unexpectedly shamelessly filed an appeal, saying that he could only pay 1/10 of the child support judgment.

in the end, of course, the court did not pass and proposed mediation to Weidong.

We sat in the same room, and he was sometimes aggrieved, sometimes shouting, like an actor.

even the judge can't watch it anymore.

finally dragged into the enforcement phase. On the other hand, he would rather give red envelopes to the relevant staff to delay implementation than pay alimony to me.

as for?

but then I thought about it, maybe.

because of some secret manipulation, it is gradually not like him. He is a man who "marries" into a wealthy family, and it is not up to him to earn more or less.

wouldn't it be better for him to pay off in a lump sum and get rid of me as long as he has a bit of autonomy?

obviously, it is not he who is angry with me, but Xu Jing.


if he can't give money to Weidong, he can only avoid me.

the gate of the TV station is not so easy to enter.

it's a good thing I'm small and skinny. I look like an eight or nine-year-old at the age of 13. I pretended to be naive and told the doorman that my father worked there and I forgot my keys.

sometimes you can muddle through.

is it funny? I never thought that one day, stunting would be my advantage.

I asked for his leader, but he covered up for him. I went to see the director again, but the office of the director was not so easy to get in. I thought of the union again.

people are pushed so hard that they can do anything.

I finally made a fuss about it. The president of the union is a gentle and compassionate man. Although I only met him once, he helped me.

Xiang Weidong was forced to bow under pressure.

he said in front of everyone that he would take me home, raise me, and arrange my life.

I knew he had tricks, but in order to expose him, I agreed.


it is a very luxurious neighborhood, and the security guards at the door are wearing high-end uniforms.

when I arrived at Xiang Weidong's home, I first called my mother and reported that I was safe.

confessed two words to Weidong and went out the door.

it's a very hot summer. I want to take a bath, but I don't even have a change of underwear.

I can only wash it and stand in the bathroom for an hour.

wait for the clothes to hang out a little bit, put on wet clothes and hide in the so-called room where he told me to stay.

at night, Xu Jing came.

she said that I was a terrible person, not a child at all, and my eyes and words were like demons.

come to Weidong for a round show and say that they are married. I should be called Xu Jingma.

I looked at him and hated myself for looking so much like him.

I told him word by word that I didn't even yell at you and wanted me to call her mother. I'm telling you, I feel sick with your last name.

Xiang Weidong's face twitched with anger.

it's a pity that he didn't hit me.

actually, I'm waiting for him to hit me before I can leave evidence.

after living for three days, I sneaked off to the TV station and went to the union president to complain pitifully that Xiang Weidong had no ability to raise him and that he didn't even buy me a change of clothes.

under all kinds of pressure, Xiang Weidong finally paid alimony.


after I got the money, I wanted to cry.

but looking at my mother's tears, I just held back my tears.

A family, someone is responsible for warmth, someone is responsible for being strong.

in fact, looking at my frail and sickly mother, I thought about giving up my studies and going out to work.

but I also know very well that the competition in society will only become more and more fierce.

if there is no oneWith a good education, my mother and I will always be at the bottom of society.

now, in retrospect, I really tried my best to read.

learn two or three points every night and never dare to relax. High school entrance examination, I entered the city's number one key high school, three years of high school, the results have been among the best.

I have to start thinking about college tuition.

at first, Weidong was only given to Weidong at one time until the age of 13, and I had to sue, appeal and enforce it. Do the same thing again.

but I learned from Weidong this time.

he preemptively called me and threatened to break my leg if I went to his unit again.


actually I'm not going to go to the TV station either.

after all, he is already 17 years old and can no longer pretend to be a child or blend in.

but the rich, the weakness of the rich. The more respectable you are, the more you need decency.

I'm going to look for him at his house.

before I went, I thought about what it looked like when I went to Weidong's house in junior high school.

there are actually some abnormal places, such as no curtains in the living room and very few daily necessities at home.

I speculate that what they let me live in is not the house they used to live in.

and judging from the clothes and shoes Xu Jing wears, they are too at home and should have come from not far away.

it could also be the same cell.

before I went to Xiang Weidong's house, I had an agreement with my mother.

I went to his house and used his landline to tell my mother that he was safe. My mother used this calling number and asked someone to check the address and the head of household. After all, post and telecommunications used to be a family, my mother is over there, and there is an old friend.

the name of the head of household is Xu Jing's father. This name often appears in the news.

at that time, I was afraid that in case Xiang Weidong imprisoned and abused me, my mother could save me in the shortest possible time.

unexpectedly, five years later, it played a key role.

I infer that Xiang Weidong and Xu Jing should live in another house in the neighborhood.


the kind of advanced community, you can't get in without a key card.

I pretended to tell the doorman that my grandfather lived here, couldn't get in touch with his cell phone, called the landline, and there was no one.

the doorman asked where my grandfather lived.

I gave the specific house number and the name of Xu Jing's father. The security guard let me in.

sure enough, nobody answered when I rang the doorbell.

I found a circle and said, my grandfather has two families. The place I went to was empty, but I couldn't remember the house number of the other one.

the doorman looked at one of my girls, anxious and aggrieved, and hurriedly told me another address.

everything is exactly what I guessed.

that is Xiang Weidong's real home. After all, he became a door-to-door son-in-law.

none of the house or car is really his own.

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I rang the doorbell under Xu Jia's building.

it happens to be Xu Jing who answered. When she recognized my voice, she naturally refused to open the door.

so I stood downstairs and asked her if she could come down to see me.

after a while, all the neighbors in the building came out to watch. Love to gossip, regardless of high or low.

when someone asks me what happened, I will repeat to you what I have told Weidong and Xu Jing over the years. As a result, more and more people surrounded me inside and outside.

half an hour later, Xu Jing went downstairs with a black face. After a while, the police car came and tried to arrest me in the name of disturbing public order.

in front of the police, I said that Xu Jing was a mistress and that her husband, who cut in the door, abandoned his wife and daughter and refused to pay child support for the sake of fame and fortune.

I don't feel ugly, I just feel pain.

it is said that Xu Jing's old mother was so angry that she had a heart attack.

in order to make peace, Weidong finally paid the money.

in fact, Xiang Weidong only gave part of it.

but I don't want any more.

looking at the back of him swearing away, I don't want to waste my time and energy on garbage.

I have to take the college entrance examination, and there are too many important things to do.


my college entrance examination scores are all right. I can go to Beijing and Shanghai for the top 3/1000 of the provincial rankings.

but I didn't go.

first, it is because the cost of living in first-tier cities is too high. Second, my mother is more and more dependent on me. I don't want to be too far away from her.

I chose the first university in the province, the best journalism major.

Yes, I chose the news. This is also one of my selfishness.

if I study journalism and stay and work in this city in the future, I may become a colleague of Xiang Weidong. There was an obsession in my heart at that time, and I felt that since he wanted to erase me, I had to keep appearing in his life.

on the volunteer form, I only filled in one school and one major, and chose not to obey the adjustment.

it's not that I'm blindly confident, but because I know my score is too high.

how to describe college life.

like a clock wound up, I dare not stay for a moment.

in addition to learning professional courses, I joined the student union and worked as editor-in-chief of the Communist Youth League newspaper. Of course, the most important thing is that I have to work to earn money.

in those years, I handed out flyers. Worked as a part-time worker in milk tea store and convenience store. Worked as a campus agent for newspapers and electrical appliances. He also went to the small commodity market to wholesale daily necessities and went back to the school to sell them at the door of a dormitory.

of course, I have also been a tutor.

years of malnutrition have led to my poor resistance.

I have asthma. If I suffer from a little cold, I will have a high fever. But no matter how sick I am, I won't ask for leave. My daily schedule is accurate to the mark.

at that time, my only entertainment was playing Dota.

because in the world of games, everyone is created equal and the world is the same.


boyfriend says you don't have to spell it that way.

Yes, I'm in love. But there is very little time for my boyfriend.

when he broke up, he said, 'every man is afraid of you if you spell it like this.

I am not very sad, because I know that I am not from the same world as him.

I have tasted too much without money and seen the real power of poverty.

and he will never understand: a child without an umbrella can only run hard.

in my senior year, due to economic pressure, I hesitated again and again, and finally gave up the postgraduate entrance examination.

I was sad for a long time, but when I thought of my mother, I thought it was worth giving up and sacrificing. It's not a pity that my mother can live a happy life earlier.

on the eve of graduation, I successfully joined a media company with both written examination and interview results.

is a position in media marketing, so busy that there is hardly a chance to catch your breath.

in those years, I only slept two or three hours at night. Take a nap in the car between running clients during the day.

but the harvest is also proportional.

the next year, my performance began to blow out and I bought a car. In the fourth year, I bought a house in this city.

at that time, there were only two things on my mind, that is, making money and making my mother happy.

I took my mother to see the sea.

she said, facing the sea breeze, my mother is really happy.