How many of the five "micro conditions" of longevity have you won?

/August 2022

if there are many long-lived people in the family, you probably have the longevity gene.

in addition to genetic factors, longevity and health can also be achieved through acquired lifestyle.

the following five longevity "micro-conditions", you have won more than 2, indicating that your health is better than your peers;

if you have won more than 4, it means that your chances of health and longevity are very high!


slightly fat

regardless of men and women, old and young, most people regard thin as their beauty. In fact, being slightly fat is the healthiest figure.

according to a study,

when people reach middle age, they should not be too thin, and their thin bodies often show morbidity. A slightly fat person, with good fortune, vitality and beauty, is the healthiest figure.

only accept the changes of the years, accept the changes of the body, this is the most beautiful appearance.


A little sweat

nowadays, many people are afraid of the heat and don't want to sweat. They don't go out from morning till night. They just want to stay inside and turn on the air conditioner.

do not know that there is a saying like this: usually sweat less, disease is easy to find!

the body sweats a little, and the toxins in the body can be excreted through the pores, which is equivalent to a thorough cleaning of the body.

sweating little or no sweating at all, qi and blood is easy to accumulate, indigestion, but also affect the quality of sleep at night.

it is worth noting that for some people, sweating is not the best state of exercise, which may lead to collapse, asthma, chest tightness and so on.

go too far, and slightly sweating and feeling tired are the best.

people who are inconvenient to go out might as well take the initiative to "sweat" indoors: drinking hot water before exercise, sitting still for an hour, basking in the sun for 15 minutes, etc., are all tips to make the body sweat a little.



Laozi has a famous saying: vulgar people are obvious, but I am alone.

A lot of people are trapped by chicken feathers all day long and suffer from trifles. In fact, they are just worrying about themselves.

Micro-stupidity is not really stupid, but a kind of broad-minded.

share a story: there are two patients with cancer. A man had good ears and heard from the doctor's conversation that they had only three months to live.

the other person is a little hard of hearing, not to mention eavesdropping on the doctor's conversation, that is, if you talk to him directly, he can't hear you clearly.

strangely, not only has he lived for three months, but now it has been two years, and he is still alive and well.

in life, sometimes you do need to be smart, but less confused.

people who worry most live the most tired. the more they struggle, the more troubles they have; the more they criticize, the more restraints they will have.

people who are slightly foolish tend to be leisurely and complacent. they know the wisdom of confusion and deal with the complicated world with a big and foolish mentality.


slightly hungry   I have heard the health maxim of a nearly 100-year-old grandmother: "Don't stay out of breath overnight, eat seven percent full." Confucius also advocated: "eat not to be full" and "go on a diet to calm the stomach".

Seven percent full, three percent hungry, so that the body gets the right nutrition, but not overburdened.

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A study shows that when the human body is hungry, the pituitary gland reduces the secretion of death hormones, which is also good for the intestines and stomach.

the great poet Bai Juyi is a man of moderate diet.

he eats more vegetarian food, eating as light as possible, and eating half full; although he likes to drink, he will never drink too much and stop drinking until he is slightly tipsy. Don't eat too much, don't drink too much. To be a man, you should know not only contentment, but also unfulfilled wisdom.



agree with one sentence: laughter is the best medicine.

one more roar, the body will accumulate more grievances, but one more smile will prolong life.

some studies have shown that

A smile is less than ten years, and it is not empty talk.

attaching importance to health means emotional stability. Live seriously, but not seriously; don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes, don't quarrel with others, stay angry for the night, and don't stay angry. The most important thing is a healthy body, the most important thing is to live happily and happily.

smiling can drive away sadness, heal people, and is the most powerful weapon against depression. Laughter is good for physical and mental health, and the more you live, the younger you get.

love health,

is the expression of love of life.

May everyone be physically strong,


enjoy a beautiful life

the above tips for prolonging life,

how many tips have you achieved?