Home, the cleaner it is, the happier it is.

/June 2022

Life is what a room is like.

I used to hear old people say, "if you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?"

Home, like people, is alive. It doesn't like dirt and congestion, and it can't bear too much load.

when you keep cleaning your room, you will find that all kinds of thoughts in your heart will disappear with the dust.

as the saying goes, "money does not enter the dirty door".

the environment of a home determines one's luck, but also hides the happiness of the family.


your own appearance is hidden in the room

people are clean and elegant.

Happiness in life is made up of countless certain good things, and a clean and tidy room is one of them.

the appearance of a room is what a person's life looks like, and the state of life best reflects a person's future.

to put it bluntly, the cleaner it is, the luckier it is; the more sloppy it is, the more comfortable it is.

when I was watching a variety show, I envied Han Xue's family.

the house is very dignified, but it is very simple, there are a lot of things, but it is clean and tidy, and all the things are kept neatly.

there are special storage bags for cleaning and tidying up every room, as small as headphones and charging wires.

Han Xue said: "A messy room will affect your work status."

so, no matter how late she comes home, she will clean up the house before going to rest.

Han Xue, who has made her debut for many years, still maintains a rare sense of simplicity and freshness, which is closely related to her arrangement of the room.

A person's room hides his state of life.

it's hard to imagine that a person who can't even tidy up his room can control his life and work and do other things in good order.

Harvard Business School has done a similar study and found a phenomenon:

so if you want to live a better life, start by cleaning the room.


cleaning the room is to clean the mind

to sweep the dust, but also to sweep the heart.

the process of cleaning is the process of dealing with, selecting, sublating and discarding. It is your interaction with the environment.

and in the process, what we need to lose are those that affect our judgment and hurt others and ourselves.

for example, anger, anxiety, jealousy, inferiority, paranoia, etc.

the TV series "my Home is empty" has such a plot:

the elders of the heroine have the habit of hoarding and are reluctant to throw anything away. So their house was packed and messed up.

even if they don't have any spare space at home, they never want to change.

until Ma Yi was 17 years old, he experienced a love without a cure, and the desperate Ma Yi thought of suicide.

but, at that moment, she suddenly thought of the scene after others found out that she had committed suicide: the police would come to her disorganized bedroom, and her untidy face would be exposed.

so she planned to clean her room before she committed suicide, and in the process, she was cured.

before, I saw such a sentence in a self-control book:

the room will fall into dust if it is not cleaned, and so will the heart, the heart that is stained with dust will become dark and confused.

therefore, sweeping the floor to remove dust and learning to clean the room of the heart are also the abilities we need to have.

work at sunrise, rest at sunset, do not admire flashy, not greedy for fame and wealth, one flower a world, one leaf a Bodhi, in the rolling world, self-cultivation, contented.

every time you are at a loss about the state of life in front of you, you might as well think of cleaning the house first. When the room is clean, your heart will be clean.


the cleaner the home is, the more blessed it is

the home is clean, tidy and warm, and the family must be very happy.

Chinese people pay attention to fengshui no matter what they do. Good fengshui will get twice the result with half the effort, while bad fengshui will get half the result with twice the effort.

in fact, a clean home virtually makes family members gentle and harmonious.

as the saying goes, family and everything are prosperous.

A person's best feng shui is actually around him, which is a clean and tidy "home".

in Japan, there is an enterprise called Kamata Construction, they always clean inside and outside the company, the potted plants in front of the door are neatly trimmed, and even the corners and stair handrails are spotless.

diligent cleaning has become part of the company's corporate culture.

because the company and the factory building are kept clean and tidy all the year round, they have reaped unexpected blessings.

once a person in charge of a large enterprise drove past the door of Kamata Construction and was attracted by the cleanliness in front of him.

it wasn't long before the general manager of Kamada Construction received a phone call saying he wanted to cooperate. Then they signed a contract worth about 3.3 billion yen.

the person in charge of the big enterprise said:

what a room looks like, the happiness of the family is like.

in "sweeping Power," Guang Yang mentioned

"if your room is in a mess, I'm sorry to tell you that your" good luck "and" dreams "will slip away. Not only that, but if you let it go, the dirty room will bring you bad luck. "

Home, a place for families to settle down.

A clean room is the truest feeling of the family to life, and it also carries the flavor of home.

only in such an environment can we bring rare positive energy to our families, make women live well, men's careers go smoothly, and their children become more sensible.

therefore, the happiness of life is managed, and the first step of this management is to forge a warm and tidy home.

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May you and I both reap the fullness of life and peace of mind, so that we can live a peaceful and comfortable life.