Heterosexual intercourse, the three most common lies told by men, which one have you heard?

/June 2022

in heterosexual relationships, men can't help but make affectionate promises to the women they like in order to prove their loyalty to the relationship.

the moment the promise was made, they all firmly believed that they would not go against their original intention. But few people can really fulfill their promises, and most men end up turning them into the most beautiful lies.

and these people answer the phrase we often say:

"A man's mouth is a liar."

the following three sentences, many men like to say to women best.

in order not to get hurt, a woman must always stay awake, know how to tell the truth from the false, and think more about these three words, whether she is telling the truth or a lie.


I will be nice to you all my life.

the easiest sentence to capture people's hearts and the most hypocritical sentence is:

"I will be kind to you all my life."

this sentence, when getting along with the opposite sex, men often say to women.

all affectionate women will be moved by it, and the man's remark seems to give them the biggest sense of security.

it's just that they indulge in love words on the spur of the moment, but forget this truth:

for such a long life, there are very few people who can be loyal and determined.

emotion is a long process of spiritual practice, and in this process, you will inevitably encounter all kinds of accidents. If you don't really feel each other's sincerity, don't take some words and things too seriously.

it's like a story I saw on Zhihu.

Miss Wang and her fiance have known and loved each other for ten years, and they have done what all couples do.

have lived together, met both parents, and even know where each other's birthmark is. But the night before the engagement, Miss Wang saw her boyfriend hug another woman into the hotel and open a room.

Miss Wang can't figure out how they, who have always been so close to each other, have suddenly come to this point.

on the day of the breakup, she asked her boyfriend, "didn't you say you only love me?" And you say you'll be nice to me all your life? "

my boyfriend didn't say anything, and his silence made Miss Wang think all of a sudden:

"feelings sometimes really mean things that change, and I can't afford to gamble for a lifetime."

things are changeable, love depends solely on a man's verbal promise, then forget the sentence "I will be good to you all my life".

in this world, many words are only suitable for listening. You need real practical actions to support your life. Women still have to learn to support themselves, love and strengthen themselves, because you are the only one who can remain the same for a lifetime.


I raise you

in the movie King of Comedy, Liu Piaopiao wants to go to work, but Yin Tianqiu doesn't want her to go, so he says to her:

"I support you."

this sentence is regarded by many women as a belief in love and as a test of whether men really love themselves.

many men, like Yin Tianqiu, often say this to the woman they like.

"I don't want to go to work today."

"I'll raise you."

"this work is too tiring and troublesome."

"then resign and I'll support you."


Women are really easily moved by such love words, but when you calm down, you will find that these words are OK, and it is really difficult to put them into practice.

I raise you, which means that this man should not only be able to meet your daily needs, but also keep you safe in your daily life. Also take care of your spiritual needs, support all your ideas and hobbies, and let you do what you want to do.

instead of asking you to quit your job and go home, wash clothes and cook, take care of your family, wait on your parents-in-law, and be an aged woman all your life.

I raise you, this sentence is a man's responsible attitude towards a woman's life, from material to spiritual.

however, in reality, few men can do this.

if one day there is a rift in your relationship, you will find that you will be so weak and weak that you may not even be qualified to negotiate terms.

as the saying goes: at first, the sentence "I raised you" was sincere, and the later "I don't want you" was sincere.

as a woman, you must remember that no one in the world can afford your life, and only you are your own safe haven forever.

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I will listen to you

. The implication of this sentence is that no matter what happens in the future, I will stand by you, accommodate you, tolerate you, and spoil you.

give you a blatant preference and choose you unswervingly.

just such a good man, it is also a matter of probability, not every woman can be so lucky.

when cousin and brother-in-law fall in love, they talk about getting married in the future.

cousin said she wanted to hold two weddings, one for the man and one for the woman, and the brother-in-law said it was up to you.

my cousin said to travel with the money received from the wedding, but my brother-in-law said it was up to you.

cousin says she doesn't want to live with her parents, but her brother-in-law says it's up to you.

however, when you really get married, there is only one wedding. After the brother-in-law received the money, he never gave a penny to his cousin. Honeymoon trip, but also under the opposition of my parents-in-law.

I'll listen to you in the future, which is probably the most demagogic of all love words.

many men like to say this to women because they want to be obedient in front of women.The image of a mature and sensible good man.

but in reality, many men are male chauvinist, like to make their own decisions, and will not discuss with women at all.