Hengshui Middle School "turned over", awakening countless parents: education is not for fairness, but for stratification.

/July 2022

not long ago, Hengshui Middle School turned over.

the reason is that during the winter vacation, Hengshui Middle School forces students to maintain the same work and rest as during online classes, starting early reading at 5: 50 in the morning and ending self-study at 9: 50 p.m., from five to ten every day.

not only that, the school also requires students to keep their cameras on all day.

show your hands when doing exercises, show your mouth when reading in the morning, turn on the microphone, and accept the teacher's supervision anytime and anywhere.

once a student "deserts", parents will be punished as well.

for this reason, a student could not stand it and reported the school to the Bureau of Education.

after the incident was exposed, accusations poured in, and many people pointed the finger at examination-oriented education:

"this is called evil, blindly advocating the products of the college entrance examination and examination-oriented education."

"this is all forced by examination-oriented education."

all along, there are not a few people who hate the Hengshui model, but when they begin to shout that "examination-oriented education is the root of all evil", as an ordinary parent, I want to say a few words for examination-oriented education.


as one of the most exciting and typical samples of examination-oriented education in China, what is the daily life of Hengshui Middle School?

in the eyes of those who oppose examination-oriented education, Hengshui Middle School is a "college entrance examination factory" surrounded by "iron railings", in which people give up "human dignity" for the sake of the college entrance examination.

here, the most commonly used posture for students is "running"--

running exercises, running to the classroom, running to the canteen, running back to the dormitory.

when there are seven or eight minutes before the end of the lunch break, the students rush to the restaurant, gobble up their lunch, and then rush back to the classroom to read.

so that at this time, there is always a "little yellow hat" standing on the side of the road shouting:

"Please don't run, pay attention to the safety of your feet."

but this still can't stop the students from running.

here, the commonly used unit of time is no longer "days", but "minutes", but "seconds"-

from getting up at 05:40 in the morning to turning out the lights at 10:10, every minute spent at school has been arranged.

there are only 5 minutes from getting up to running, but even so, some students spend 2 minutes reading when preparing for exercises.

many girls even adopt the strategy of "choose one of the two to eat and wash".

the electronic screen placed in the school corridor shows:

"there are only 40 days and 17: 40 seconds away from the college entrance examination."

as Southern Wind Window wrote in a report:

but in the eyes of millions of parents, Hengshui Middle School has never been hell, but redemption.

because of its existence, ordinary children have a key university "safe".

here, the enrollment rate of one college has remained above 90% for many years in a row.

every year, about 200 people are admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University. in 2018, for example, the number of students with scores above 650 in liberal arts and science is more than 1/4 in Hebei Province.

for children from well-off families, there may be countless ways in their lives to lead to a bright future.

but for those ordinary or even poor families, if they want to get rid of the current predicament, there is only one way to get rid of examination-oriented education.

Hengshui Middle School just showed them how to go this way.


some people may say that children educated for the examination can only learn by rote, and quality education can enable them to develop in an all-round way and better meet the needs of society.

but is this really the case?

Japan, which faces us across the sea, has comprehensively implemented "Happy Education" since 2002:

reduce the difficulty of schoolwork, lighten the burden on students, do not publish grades, and do not rank students.... In short, it is to "lighten the burden" for students.

but as a result, children with good family conditions make up for the lack of school education through training courses and tutoring; children with poor family conditions spend a lot of time playing games and surfing the Internet.

finally, there are a large number of "losers" who have nothing to do and are now drunk.

not only in Japan, but also in China, the reform of quality education has not been achieved so far. In Nanjing, 792 kilometers away from Hengshui, there are also a large number of "quality education pilot projects":

"No supplementary classes, no examinations, and no classes divided according to grades;

raids on schools, students' schoolbags are not allowed to appear, papers are not allowed to appear, and extracurricular guidance books are not allowed.

45 minutes a class is changed to 40 minutes, and one class a day is reduced.


the end result is a sharp drop in undergraduate admission rate.

take Nanjing No. 1 Middle School as an example. Of the Jiangsu papers with a total score of 480, there are only 20 students with a total score of more than 400. Not only no students have been admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University, but also Fudan and Jiaojiao.

after the college entrance examination, a large number of parents of Grade one and Grade two gathered at the school gate, shouting "No No.1 Middle School" and "Principal dismissed".

I can't help thinking of what the old headmaster of Hengshui Middle School said in an interview:

according to the 2019 National Education Statistics Bulletin, the enrollment rate of higher education is only 51.6%.

so where did the other half of the people who missed college after graduating from high school go?

the "Sanhe Gods" may be their ultimate destination.

in Shenzhen Sanhe Talent Market, a group of young people are gathered: they are generally born in poverty, have a low level of education, and have no skills.

"one day's work, three days' play.""it is the law of life that they practice.

eat a bowl of noodle soup worth 5 yuan a day, sleep in a bed worth 15 yuan a night, and spend about 100 yuan earned by working in Internet cafes, hair salons or underground casinos.

I really ran out of money, so I went to "open the treasure chest", that is, rummaging through the trash can to find food.

in 2020, due to the epidemic, Sanhe began to implement closed management, and the "Sanhe God" was transformed into a "bucket lifter" hovering near the factory.

they use a plastic bucket to decorate daily necessities and clothes.

once you get your salary, or feel that the work is too hard or too tired, take the bucket and run away.

there is no distinction between high and low in work.

as an ordinary person, I respect every job;

but as a parent, who wants to watch their children do nothing in a job market and a bucket all their lives?

one is a highly educated counterpart under examination-oriented education, and the other is a senior high school graduate under quality education.

it is clear who has more opportunities in the future and who can better adapt to the needs of society.


when we were in school, different children sat in the same class, as if they couldn't see any difference.

but what about after taking exams and going to school again and again?

some children enter a good middle school, enter a good university, and finally find a job with a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan.

some children graduate from junior high school and are arranged by their families to study abroad. Finally, returnees return home to enjoy an annual salary of one million yuan.

some children do not enter high school, drop out to work, and are still doing odd jobs in the labor market.

if nothing happens, their lives will never intersect again, even if they were once so close.

for example, these children are like putting oil and water together.

shake hard, oil and water may mix for a period of time, but after a short rest, they will return to the state of separation of oil and water, and a clear dividing line will appear.

When you wear one of our ice blue bridesmaid dresses, you show your beauty and your sense of style. These are the best options for the big day.

the same is true of human society.

is it cruel?

but this may be the truth about education, as Professor Chu Yin, who graduated from Renmin University of China, said:

in any country, education is used to achieve social stratification.

even Han Han, who dropped out of school in a high profile and held the banner of "examination-oriented education brings harm for ten thousand years," now has to admit:

"dropping out of school is my fault. For ordinary people, reading is the only way out."

"the barriers of all classes in our country are not completely clear, as long as you work hard enough, there is still a good chance to break through the dimensional wall and go to a higher place."

to be honest, as a parent, I not only want my child to be healthy and happy, but also want him to be able to support himself and compete with his peers.

in the latter, only examination-oriented education can be given to him.


in Super orator, Professor Chu Yin once said:

when he was a child, he was also a fan of happy education.

but when he became a father, he found that

I sympathize with this.

for tens of thousands of ordinary or even humble parents: only with high scores and high scores can the life of the next generation be a little different.

for children from families with resources and conditions, they may not need the college entrance examination.

Real money gives them different tracks, and in their world, all roads lead to Rome.

but for most ordinary children, the only way they can get to Rome is through exam-oriented education.

because they are children without umbrellas.

heavy rain is coming, so they have to run harder.