Heart, keep it simple; people, be confused

/August 2022

Feng Zikai said: "not confused, not trapped in love, not afraid of the future, do not think about the past, so, safe."

there are always too many choices and difficulties in life.

you might as well calm yourself down, keep it simple and confused.


Heart, keep it simple

people live a lifetime, learn to put down some things, do not care too much about gains and losses, in order to live more easily.

singer Li Jian is a person who lives a leisurely and self-determined life.

when he was very popular, he had creative differences with the people on the team, so he quit Shuimu years and chose to fly solo.

after that, he found a courtyard to live in, and every day he read, listened to music, played the piano and wrote songs.

for him, success is not the highest standard of life.

he said:

"I think life is too short. I should have more fun in life, not in time." If people want to enjoy today, they should not have too many plans for the future. They should live in the present.

A lot of people's troubles come from self-definition and self-design.

when you design yourself, life will not be what you want, and troubles will follow. This is not chicken soup for the soul, this is my personal experience. "

Music is an expression of his emotion.

he likes to get musical inspiration through nature, thinking that if people live in the city for a long time, they will feel noise everywhere, but the sound of nature is often very beautiful and comfortable.

he is not unworldly. He often likens himself to a "life hedonist". He also likes to eat, drink and play, feel seven emotions and six desires, and pursue the quality of life, but he just does not want to be held hostage by some unnecessary desires in life. Live a pure and simple life.

later, he returned to the stage and became popular again. Many people said that he had a unique charm, but in fact, this charm came from his years of practice and precipitation.

be a simple person, stick to your own ideas and principles, and don't have to go with the flow.

the most lossmaking thing in the world is to worry about what hasn't happened yet and regret the past.

the famous writer Lin Qingxuan once said, "nine out of ten things go wrong in life, often thinking about one or two, not thinking about eight or nine."

everyone's life cannot be plain sailing, let alone everything goes well, but simply face life and think more about the optimistic side, you won't be sad every day.


people, a little confused

cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice, and confusion is a skill.

when I went out for a party with friends the other day, I heard Minmin chatting with her mother on voice.

she said, "Mom, where are my new pink clothes?" And I can't find my keys. "

her mother replied, "I can't find it when I just bought it. I'm still so confused when I grow up." I found it and put it on the bed for you. "

she said, "Oh! Thank you, Mother. It's good to have you. I kind of want to eat your roast chicken wings. "

her mother replied, "Ha, you know you love to eat, and I'll cook it for you when I come back."

I heard something strange next to me, because Min-min was never vague, but she didn't expect it to be different at home.

when she saw my doubts, she said, "Old people want their children to pay more attention to her and let their mother know that it is also a kind of happiness that she can still take care of me and help me."

after listening to this, I immediately understood that this was "confused" and that she wanted her mother to feel needed.

"Cai Gentan" said: "to hide ingenuity is clumsy, to use obscurity, to combine clarity in turbid, to bend for extension, and to really involve in the world, one of the pots and the three grottoes of hiding."

means that even a wise person should hide his edge and show a clumsy appearance. People who understand in their hearts should also know how to pretend to be confused.

if people live too seriously and too sober, they will be very depressed instead of being confused and happier.

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choose confused people, not really confused, but know that this is good for themselves and others, is a kind of heart-to-heart kindness.

Zheng Banqiao once wrote four words on the Yunfeng Mountain Monument: "it's rare to be confused."

confusion is a kind of realm.


gains and losses all follow fate

A person's mind is at ease

the CEO of a listed company once said, "before 2000, I saw that the CEO of many large foreign companies were young people, and the pressure was so great that they wanted to commit suicide many times."

there is also an industry leader who said: "success is not a panacea. Standing at the window looking at the lights of every house, I feel infinitely desolate and want to jump."

Why do many rich people make a lot of money but are not happy or even depressed all the year round?

the reason is that when you have too many desires, you naturally can't see what you have in front of you.

if a person pursues worldly success too much and wants to have more, he will be farther and farther away from his real needs.