Good upbringing is your best business card.

/July 2022

the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, "breeding is the second sun for educated people."

upbringing is the state of moral cultivation shown in the way people behave. It is the result of social influence, family education, school education and personal cultivation.

when it is said that a person is educated, it not only shows his external behavior beauty, but also because the person's connotation and moral character are admirable.

upbringing has nothing to do with one's status.

there are also unruly and unruly people in the first class of airplanes; those who drive good cars and live in luxury houses are also fierce and unreasonable; those who are ordinary and humble are more polite.

where on earth does one's upbringing come from?

first of all, it comes from the words and deeds of parents. Parents are the children's first teachers, and the family is the children's enlightening school. Good etiquette and educational words and deeds nurture people for a lifetime.

on the bus yesterday, I heard two young mothers talking about educating their children.

one said, "I often tell my son that if a classmate bullies you at school, you must not be angry or give in!" The other is even more powerful, saying: "I tell my son every day that when a classmate comes to you, you just pick up the bench and hit him, smashing the accident to let your father bear it, the worst thing is to lose money!"

these words surprised people around them looking at each other. However, in today's era when thousands of families dote on their children, it is not uncommon to "encourage" and encourage them. Isn't this kind of education worrying?!

upbringing and culture are two different things. Some people are very educated, but they are very uneducated; some people do not have high academic qualifications, but they are very educated and well-behaved.

A person's upbringing comes more from his own self-cultivation. Learn to understand, understand self-discipline, strictly abide by the bottom line of life, follow the principles of life, abandon vulgarity, pay attention to civilization and elegance, is the yardstick of our life.

upbringing determines a person's level of life. Good upbringing is never achieved overnight, let alone be able to dress up, but the cultivation of character, the pure beauty of the soul, the accumulation of culture and the formation of habits.

some people never pay attention to their own image, no matter when and where, they always like to talk casually, talk nonsense, stand without standing, sit without sitting, dress badly, spit everywhere, and turn a blind eye to other people's aversion at all. What kind of education is there to speak of?

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Hans. Grimershausen said: "the mind of a man without breeding, knowledge and practice is like a field. Even if this field is naturally fertile, it will not bear fruit without ploughing and sowing."

upbringing is the embodiment of personal quality and connotation, which can give people kindness and friendliness, love and respect.

upbringing is reflected in every word and deed and every move in daily life. A smile, a seat offer, a thank you, are all upbringing; picking up a piece of waste paper on the ground and forgiving others for an unintentional harm are all upbringing.

A well-educated person, his every move and every bit is the best interpretation of upbringing.

good character is the true wealth of the heart, and it is good breeding that sets off this character.

if upbringing is a gorgeous dress, then if people have it, they will become extremely beautiful; if parenting is a gorgeous flower, then the world will become a better place if it has it.

strive to improve your upbringing and make your image more beautiful and brighter!